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Sunday, January 31, 2010


He drank the water like his life depended on it. It cooled his throat and quenched his thirst. He savored each moment and took every drop in. This was the same water…….

He just started boarding school a few months back. He has always wanted to go to boarding school. Tired of his parents treating him like a chil and tired of his siblings constantly picking on him because he is the last born of 5 children. Here he had his freedom, he could do whatever he liked, sometimes with limitations because of the school rules and regulation. Still he was given a little respect here. He was enjoying his life as a boarder that was until….


Until the water system started malfunctioning. All the taps in the school stopped working and he didn’t fetch water that morning because he was running late to class. He went back to his dormitory to take a nap, but it was in a state of chaos . He asked his bunk-mate ( he was also his closest friend then) what all the commotion was about. His bunk-mate went on to tell him about the water situation. All the taps in school stopped working a couple hours ago and people were already getting worried. He was like is that all. He didn’t see it as a big deal, after all it was just the first day. Maybe they will fix it before the next day.


Now he too was getting worried . He was glad that it was Saturday already. It was 7am in the morning and him and a couple of his friends decided to go look around for water. The school is very big, like a town of its own. There is a path in the school that leads to another town, but its quite a distance. They walked around with their buckets and keg for what seemed like forever, still no luck. They went back to their Dom tired, weak and still very much thirsty.


They embarked on their journey again, hoping their attempt will be fruitful this time around. They have already walked past their school to this other town without even knowing. They got to this small house and begged the inhabitant for water. The old lady who lived there said she they was also scarcity of water in their area, but she could spare them a little drink. She gave them a little cup of water to share. There were four of them, but the water was finished when the cup got to him. He looked inside the empty cup and then at his friend( bunk-mate) who took the last gulp. He was too tired to say anything. He felt like crying, but there was no need for that. They thanked the woman and returned to school.


Back in his dormitory. Everybody has said their good nights and was preparing to sleep. He was still too thirsty, he couldn't sleep. At least his friends drank something that day, he needed something to drink too. He laid down on his bed for a couple of minute staring at the ceiling. thinking about his next move. He had an idea, if him and friends were not successful with their water pursuit, what about other student. With his little cup on his hands and his game plan on his head, he proceeded with his strategy. He walked around five different rooms in his dormitory ever so lightly( like a thief in the night), kicking each bucket or keg gently. If it was heavy, it meant they had water in their cans and vice versa. He kicked a bucket which felt heavy, but he couldn’t move the bucket out because the owner chained it to his bed with a padlock.( lol na wa for people sha). He came back to his room with an empty cup feeling frustrated. Just then, he saw a cockroach go under the bed, and he bent down to kill it with his shoes. He bent down and killed the cockroach, but in the process he moved his bunk-mates bucket and it felt really heavy.

He couldn’t believe it. All this time they have been going out, looking for water everywhere possible and his bunk-mate had a bucket full of water all along. He put his cup inside the bucket and brought out a cup full of water. He drank the water like his life depended on it. It cooled his throat and quenched his thirst . He savored each moment and took every drop in. This was the same water his friend refused to give him the other day at the old lady’s house. He was going to tell his friend what he thought about him the next morning. He helped himself to another cup, but he couldn’t help but notice that the water tasted different. There was something about that water. He gently brought the bucket out, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Right there, inside the bucket was a socked towel and boxers. Which must have been there for ages and has seen better days. He just stood there, staring at the bucket. I think you all know what he did next...lol

i know its not febuary yet, but happy new month people. hopefully i ll see you guyz soon. Have a good one.

Friday, January 29, 2010

ITS 2010 BABY!!!

Hello beautiful and handsome people of Blogs Villa. I know I have been a bad bad chic, I need to be spanked..lol. Happy New Year people, how has 2010 been treating you guyz. Hope everybody has been good. I know say una do tire for me already, but its not my fault jare.

I knew this year would be krazy, but not this soon. Its not even about work anymore, school has taken up all of my time( well its an accelerated program. What do I expect). I have to quit my job in the process. I never believed I would do it anytime soon, but yea I QUIT. It was really hard for me to quit that job. I was so attached to the peeps I worked with, but I gats to do what I think is right. It was right at that moment, but now that my account is blazing red, I don’t know again o( I for think twice about this thing sha). Well I am hopeful and optimistic, something good is around the corner. I just have to figure out what corner or better still use a GPS to find it…

School started like the first week of the year and they claim we have no break till Christmas week. Is that their idea of a joke because I am not laughing, I am not finding it funny one bit. In fact the way I walked around a few weeks ago feeling all sad and blue, you would think someone stole my baby, nightrider. It was so bad that someone said good morning to me and I was like what is so good about this morning. Since when did I start saying that. Its not me to say something like that ( I tire for myself, wetin dey do me sef. Na me first go school, what is it. I need to relax). I felt so bad afterwards, I told her I was trying to see how she would react.( i need to stop telling artificial lies o)

Well clinicals started already and of course something happen. People are funny sha. Okay the first incidence, I was working with a lady who was close to or about 300 pounds and I was suppose to transfer her to a chair.( shuoo me transfer who, am i transferring her or is she transferring me. no it will not walk) I couldn't’t do it alone so I asked this guy who happened to be passing by for help. I guess he is a physical therapist or something of that nature. Anyways I asked him to give me a hand and this dude said he can do it by himself.(dem know super man, ah please be my guest) Okay fine, no wahala. Dude embarked on his journey of carrying this lady. He lifted her from the bed with ease. I must say i was impressed, but within a couple of seconds this dude and the lady were on the floor. Like flat on the floor( it was a funny sight though). I don’t know how I refrained myself from laughing. Thankfully the lady and the dude were okay, but he said he hurt his back or something. I know its kind of my fault sha or is it my fault…

Second incidence the babe was trying to wash a patient up in the bed because the lady is immobilized. She prepared her water, brought soap, wash cloths, towel…. All the necessary things you need to give someone a bath . She washed her front nice and clean. Time to wash her back. Lets just say the babe forgot to follow safety procedures and the poor lady was on the floor. The lady on the floor was too shocked to react, but the babe was crying( as in better cry, sit down on the floor, hands on top head kind of cry). I really don’t know what happened to the babe because they said that was her first day on the job. Thankfully the bed was close to the ground, so the lady was not injured. One has to be very careful.

I finally saw twilight this week, yes I know people are talking about the part two or have even stopped talking about it.( abeg free me jor..). Anyways I see what all the hype was about, the movie is interesting. I can‘t wait to see the part two now, hopefully it comes out on DVD soon. Yes I also saw AVATAR with my cousin and his American friend. The dude was asking us If the movie reminded us of home because of what they wore and the fact that they were living on trees. Yea he got jokes alright( stupid boy, hisss). The movie is really nice though, you guyz should go see it and in 3D too. Abeg who has since Dbanj new video, the fall in love song. Mehh that guy needs to be flogged, ahn ahn what is that. I thought it was going to be a wedding scenario or village setting. They need to make another video, they should take note from that ekaette guy’s video( na who give my house girl belle.. Oh lord help me o…lol)

I know this post was totally random, its not my fault. I am using my spare mojo, since I can’t find the original. I heard Nice Anon left Blogs ville headquarters by air. She was last seen boarding northwest airline with a bottle of lacasera and gala. I actually loved her blog and I never got the chance to tell her. She is so funny and real, always giving us the full gist. Even during the recession, she did’t cut back on her gist, she dropped the gist like it was hot. Even though I am not here as much as I want to, I am definitely going to miss you nice anon. I know Blogs ville will too. I wish you all the best this life has to offer

Happy New Year once again blogs ville. Wishing you guyz all the best this New Year. I hope it will be great for everybody.