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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Wow it has been a while. Whatz cracking y'all. How are you finding this cold weather, this fall season has stripped down most of the trees. Now they are all butt naked. (poor trees). Okay before some of you crucify me. i can explain, you see what happened was ummm... like you know.... so umm you see... Abeg joh its school o, school is strumming my pains with his fingers... killing me softly with his works, killing me softly... Work is there too o. Its not easy at all, but like lemar says there is not much justice in the world. It is well, but on the real though, it has been a crazy month.

I was sick for like a week. Me who never gets sick, for some strange reason i thought i had the swine flu. Thank God it wasn't the flu, the doctor said i wasn't eating right, i was slightly dehydrated ;as a result, it was easy for me to get sick. His prescription; rest, sleep, and eat well.. like that was going to happen. i had 4 exams back to back that week and 2 papers due. It was hell, but i am better now. Buttercup was checking on me every single day( she is such a sweetheart sha), robby scribbles, dante, trybes and GNG thanks alot for your messages. I told you guyz, American sickness gat nothing on this african blood. Thanks guyz, really...

What have i been up to, lets see hmmm.. Reggie finally left o. Yes he did, i didn't feel anything until a couple minutes to his departure. We just stood there at the door looking at each other, i realised that i am really really going to miss this dude ( yea yea i finally admitted it and i yea said really twice, sue me...lol)

reggie: It was a pleasure getting to know you bsnc, i am going to miss you pretty lady ( yes he said that, you should have seen the way i was blushing, goat...lol). You made my stay worthwhile. (story story..) I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, you deserve it. ( awww i do joh...)

bsnc: likewise, i wish you all the best too. We will miss you.

reggie: who is we, so you are not going to miss me.

bsnc: okay, you will be missed.

reggie: hahaha, gurl why can't you just say what you mean. Forget it, can i get a hug at least.

Before i could give him a reply, he closed the gap between us and took me in his arms. It was... what is the word i am looking for.. wow, yea wow. You know all those stuff you read in the novels, BETTER...lol . (It felt good sha, and we were just hugging o. imagine... imagine.. chai see all of una, spoilt people). Just know that they are hugs and there is reggie's hug. He gave me a peck on my cheek. It took all the will power in me not to do something to him ( i know, too much film...lol). He looked at me like he was going to say something, but he swallowed whatever he was going to say and moved away for me.

reggie: i know you are going to miss me ( he opened the door). Take care lady.

bsnc: yes i am going to miss you a teeny little bit.

reggie: i know...

That was how reggie walked away from my life, i mean the apartment. i mean.. yea you know what i mean jare. I felt his absence within hours, wow i guess i was kind of liking this American boy. Did you guyz know that he was never engaged. I wonder why he made up that story... oh well reggie is gone, he gave me something to blog about and think about too, sometimes sha, okay maybe 4% more than sometimes..

I saw resident briefly, for like a second. I didn't have time to talk to him, so sorry o.. no gist on resident again( no be my fault na abi)..

I am thinking of wearing this MC hammer costume for Halloween, that is if i am still going out. what do you guyz think. pa na na nana can't touch this ......

Thanks for your comments from my last post, i will try to blog more often. I have gist for you guyz, but this dayz... i don't know jare. Hope you guyz are good though.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


See una wan hear gist about resident, resident ko, resident ni...lol. How are you guyz doing. I am suppose to have a group discussion(study group) today,but the bunch of hyenas seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. The first thing that came to my mind was blogsville(my sugar bananas) and blog i must. I didn't see the resident guy, i have not seen him since that day. Sorry that was a false alarm..lol. I know some of you wanted gist( una too like gist jare....lol) What have you guyz been up to. how has the month been; great, so far so good, same old same old or not too good..... Don't worry you will be okay.

I have have been meaning to gist you guyz about reggie( i hope its not an expired gist now..lol). Reggie is moving out this month or so he says.. Should i be happy or am i happy.. Hmm i don't know. I guess i was kind of getting used to him, maybe i am going to miss him. Just a tiny little bit though. Gosh i went to this Naija independence day party this weekend, it was really nice, but people are funny sha. Okay let me gist you guyz about reggie, no let me gist you guyz about the party. Reggie, the party, reggie, the party....... okay hold up. mi ni mi ni maini mo father has a donkey.....

Mr. S threw a mini-party for HGF in his house. It was okay i suppose, there were about 10 people there including reggie and myself making it 12. There were about 7 females,3 dudes and a little boy. Everybody was drinking and eating, i was doing the eating part sha( those peeps mix some kind drinks wey i no understand, I know myself abeg). A couple of minutes later, someone brought out this little stereo and a few of the guest were having their freek on in the dance floor. One of the babe dragged me to the dance floor ( i am good at most thing, but dancing hmmm no comment), i do what i always do when i am on the dance floor, my one-two step church dance, i move my head,wiggle my butt a little, sometimes it cooperates and moves..lol( yea my butt has a mind of its own, if it doesn't want to move, it wouldn't. im no like gragra at all ). Talking about butt my mum told me recently that my butt is getting bigger oh. what am i suppose to do about it( abi she want make i tug in the yansh, see me see wahala o)

Anywho i was doing my little dance when i felt one of the babe grinding behind me( shuo wetin this hippopotamus dey do behind me). I excused myself and told the babe i had to sit down for a while. I sat down next to reggie, he was laughing. I was like did you see what just happened? what was that all about?.... He went on to tell me that out of the 7 chics there, 6 of them were lesbians( you say what now.. les who, les what....)

bsnc: wait hold up are you trying to tell me.... but what you mean is.... so they are alll... okay i think i get you

reggie: te hehehe. Yes there are, i thought you knew.

bsnc: How am i suppose to know, do i look like a psychic

babe i was dancing with: hey girl, don't you want to dance with me.

bsnc: I am feel kind of tired ( yawnnns)

dancing babe: Are you scared of dancing with me, i am not going to bite you. I am trying to have fun here.( yes i am scared of you oo aaah, na be only bite, abeg take ur fun go one corner biko)

bsnc: I don't really want to dance and besides you know i... i am... i am you know... i am straight. Like i really like boys, a whole lot. I can even begin to describe how much i like guys.

dancing babe: hahaha you are funny, but you know there is always a first time for everything.

reggie: bsnc are you serious. You like boys, i wouldn't have guessed. I thought you like girls.( look at this idiot, this dude is a goat o, big one for that matter.. cute too lol)

bsnc: to dancing babe; thanks but i will pass. .... to reggie; you know you are full of it right.

reggie: if you say you like boys, how do we know. Proof it right here and now.

bsnc: i am not going to proof anything to you. Its either you believe it or you don't.

dancing babe: yea i will like to see this too.

what is wrong with this lunatics. I ignored them for a while, but i was like what the hell. Okay here is your proof (gen gen ). I stood up and danced with the 3 year old boy for a couple of minute and i went back to my seat.

reggie: hahaha wait what was that all about. anybody can dance with a little boy, that right there is nothing.

dancing babe: yes i agree with reggie

What do these people want from me today ehn. I excused myself, went to Mr. S room and told him i have to leave early because i had an emergency at home. He was like okay you can leave.( oh lord you just know my situation sha) I went back to the lunatics and told them i was going to get something from my car. I was gone before they could figure out why i took my bag along with me. The next day at work, reggie was like why did you leave like that yesterday. He went on saying he had this feeling that i was a lesbians, but now he knows for sure i am bi-sexual. I would have argued with him, but what is the point. My grandpa used to tell me there is no point arguing with a mad man because people get confused in the process( who come be the kraze person inside). In this case, reggie is a nut case period.

I just realised undercover07 went to the same naija independence party i was talking about. So i might have seen this babe on saturday sef. I will gist guyz sha.

Take care people and please be good for goodness sake

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Gosh I don’t think I have ever been this busy. It is not any easy something jare ( make person no go kraze..) . How are you guyz doing. Hope you guyz are good because my own case is different, I am soo tred and I still have a lot on my plate. I am leaving everything in God’s hands sha.

Where do I start from now, hmm let me see….. a lot has been happening at my end, school has been demanding, I started clinicals, work has been okay, I have been er…. undefined…. What else hmm yea Nigeria is 49. Happy birthday 9ja.. Yea buttercup told me. She did, I am going to miss you and Chari soo much, your blog was very unique. Thank God I had the opportunity to be your chat buddies before you guyz ran away ( run away couples). Consider yourselves stalked. .lol (that is if I get the time self…)

Yesterday in class our prof was asking us the importance of Red bull ( the drink). People were giving intelligent answers. For some strange reasons, she decided to pick on me. She goes; bsnc what do you think, and what did I say. An educated person like myself. I said Red bull gives you wings. The whole class was roaring with laughter, I was ashamed of myself, kia who says that ehn hissss… I tire for myself jor
They finally changed our French speaking teacher; I should be happy right, NO... My new professor is one of a kind I tell you. This guy relates everything to sex. Like seriously... He is talking about the different forms of cancer, then he goes; you know when you have sexual intercourse….., he is talking about exercising, and he goes; you know the act of sexual intercourse……, he is talking about brain tumor and he goes.. yea you get the picture…. LIKE IS HE FOR REAL. Yea that is my prof, in fairness to him, he is a good teacher. I guess I have to get used to it.

Clinicals was good, that was until some doctors and my instructor almost embarrassed me. How, you say? Well let’s talk about those doctors( abi na nurse.hmm I no no again). Okay when we start for the day, our instructor tells us to go where the nurses or doctors are holding their meetings before the shift starts. There I was, trying to be a good student, jotting down on my note, nodding my head to whatever they were saying, like I knew what there were talking about ( I was lost oo). One of the doctors looked at me and asked me a question, I froze, everything was in slow motion. I know he said something, but all I heard was bleeeeee( you know how people sound when they talk in slow motion in those movies… yes that was what I heard). My mouth was dry all of a sudden, saliva no let me swallow sef, I remembered I have not eaten that morning, I was hungry all of a sudden, headache follow the matter too. I looked at my classmates for motivation; those baboons looked the other way (may God not punish them o). I wanted to impress this people, but I didn’t even know what they were asking. I said the first thing that came to my mind. I was like “excuse me I have to go pee” and those idiots (my classmates) were laughing. ( I don’t blame them at all) . That was how I left them sha.

During our break, I was kind of angry with my classmates, so I refuse to sit down with them. I was sitting by myself, drinking my apple juice when this guy sat next to me. We talked for a while, he said he was a resident there, he is a Nigerian and he heard when I told the doctor I was going to pee (of all the things, na that one im hear oo yeye boy lol). He said my words kept on replaying in his head and he was laughing all day. What was so funny about been embarrassed, ehn….. I noticed someone coming towards our direction, It was my instructor. She sat down next to me and she was like bsnc you don’t have time for all this now, you should be sitting with your classmates. She turned to the boy( come to think of it, I don’t even know his name sef) and she was like you are a resident here, you don’t have time or money to spend on her. You guyz should focus on what you came here to do. After her seminar or what ever she calls it, she took me to the other table with my classmates. I was too surprised to say anything o( shuo una don see this kind thing b4, wetin concern carrot and dodo).

I will gist you guyz about work another time jor. I will try and make my blog rounds, I know I have missed a lot. I wish I could blog more often, but you guyz know everything now. Besides i seem to be depressing most people this dayz...lol. Blame it on life. I just tire, Body no be fire wood o. Mehh this flu shot is making me sick o( who send me message), I thought this flu shot was suppose to prevent the flu not the other way round. Happy new month y’all.