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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hello beautiful people. Goodness gracious I can’t believe I have not been here since July. How time flies. How have you guyz been. Hope you are all good.
Compliments of the season oh. Merry Christmas and Happy New year in advance!!!. I have been so busy with school and work. I just had my break in school this Wednesday here and the next day I increased my hours at my job. I was even supposed to work today (Christmas day). My mum simply said that she was going to disown me. I had to respect myself ( joke na joke) and this lady wasn’t playing . Considering that I had to work last two Christmas. What is the one going to cost me… My last name is not work ( abeg there is time for everything oh).

I spent Christmas with my family this year and I actually enjoyed myself. I forgot how nice Christmas used to be. I have gotten so caught up, I almost forgot how to have fun. I need to work though; the bills will not pay themselves. If only the bills could say bsnc bone I gat you this time (a girl can dream now abi ).

Today was wonderful mehh. I really had fun. We cooked fried, jollof and coconut rice, vegetable, egusi and gbanga soup, pounded yam, eba and starch three types of salads, pepper soup 2 types with fish and goat meat, baked turkey and chicken. Then the icing of the cake chin chin, buns and cake. There was food everywhere. My little cousin was like aunty your house looks like a buffet (kids..lol). I didn’t eat too much though. I am working tomorrow oh and I don’t want my client to drive me away from his house (Only God knows what I would have done to the poor man’s toilet, I sabi respect myself abeg). Meanwhile others were eating like they were on gun point. Like someone is pointing a gun at them and saying if you do not overeat I will shoot you. Ahn ahn take it easy now. I mean it’s not that serious, the food is not running away na..

That was my Christmas oh. I enjoyed the food, I enjoyed the gist. My brother was cracking me up with his stories. I am cracking up right now just thinking about it( maybe I ll gist you guyz soon). I loved my presents. Christmas was a blast this year. Although I miss Christmas in Naija, but it seems this year we brought the Naija spirit to yankee. It was fun while it lasted sha.

Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as mine. Have a blessed week people. I missed you guyz sha. One love : )

PS: I have a new car oh. We give God the Glory. Even though Nightrider is gone he will always been in my heart. That was one car that understands me lol.