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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hey peeps. How have you been? Hope you are enjoying the year and the month of love.  I have been okay. Getting used to my new town and new job. I would say it’s still the same old me, but I think I have changed a little as well. Old me doesn’t want the new me to take over, so I am kind of undefined at the moment. ( I know I can be weird sometimes lol)

Well the year just started, so I hope there is more to come (good things that is). I am already working on that. I am Anglican, so I acknowledge lent. Lent lasts for about 40 days, and you are supposed to give up something you like for that period of time. Some people give up make up, some give up meat, some give up soda’s and so on.. 

Well this lent I gave up Rice!.  Yes it’s just rice, no big deal right… Boy was I wrong. You see i grew up eating rice at least 5 days a week. It’s one of the most common food components in the world. To say the least, it has been so tough. I have an idea how addicts feel now. It’s not even up to 10 days.  I even have a  rice-is-the-enemy-song, I made up.  Like I even dream about rice ( yes it’s that bad lol) The annoying part is that when I go to my family or friends house, all they offer me is rice (like seriously do people not cook none rice meals anymore).   What did I get myself into, I shall overcome.

Have a love filled month people. Take care and stay healthy.


A man and wife attended church one evening, and the wife decided that it was time to stop her husband from sleeping in Church. So, she took her hat pin and decided she would poke him every time he fell asleep. Right about the first time he falls asleep, the preacher asks, "And who created the Universe?" The wife poked her husband and he awakes and yells, "My God!"

The second time he falls asleep, the preacher asks, "And who died on the cross for you?" She pokes her husband and he screams, "Jesus Christ!"

The third time, the Preacher asks, " And what did Eve say to Adam after she bore him his 99th son?"

The wife pokes her husband and he jumps up and yells, "By God, if you poke me with that thing one more time, I am going to break it OFF!"