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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hey fam, what it do? I am just tired jor. I should be on spring break, but its more like spring catch up and the week is going by so fast. I wish it could slow down a little. I still have a lot of work to do. Yea story of my life...

Yes I am still on twitter. I couldn't leave, I am tired of fighting it jare,i ll go with the flow. I spoke to one of my closest friend this night, i remembered one incident i had with him. I couldn't stop laughing, so i decided to share..

I have known this guy for almost 14 years now. He is a few years older than me. He is one of them cream, aje butter type. Travels to yankee steadily, when i used to think yankee was 5 minutes to heaven. Dresses extra fly, rarely speaks pigin,top school, uses fork and knife(person neva see before hisss..lol)... you know now cream boy. He stays a few blocks away from my house. Chills at my crib once in a while. Actually he is a friend of the family( abi na family friend).

Anyhow dude chills at our crib on the regular. He has alot of sisters, i have alot of brothers. He comes to my crib to feel sane. I don't really go to his place though. Lets just say at a point in my life, i had phobia for girls( as in too many chics in one place *shivers*). Please don't ask..lol. And i later went to an all girls boarding..lol. Yes i know, what can i say. I grew out of it. Anyways me and dude became very close.

I picked up some slang's from my neighbourhood and the guyz around me. I used them on him to perfect my pigin( lol see my accomplishment in life, to perfect pigin..smh). This dude started calling me razz babe(shuu ). He will go, where did you learn that word for, you are becoming razz, will you talk like that in front of your old man( yea popsie no like pigin at all, dude was a lawyer now. lol that one is another story sha).. blah blah blah ( abeg free me jor, na you born me kmt). Dude worried my life for a while sha.

One day we were alone downstairs talking about random stuff.I wanted to tell him a joke, but i told him i cannot tell the joke in English. You know they are some jokes you cannot tell in English, its way better in pigin...lol. He started again with his razz this and razz that( i send the idiot..lol). I told him the joke anyway, next thing dude was laughing so hard he almost fell of the sofa. Then i heard three explosive sounds all at once. I was so scared, i jumped out of the sofa. That sounded like an atomic bomb or something...lol. Then i realised what just happened. I stared at him for a couple of seconds. He looked away like nothing happened. Then i was like did that just come out from you?....hahaha. Gosh i laughed so hard my tummy ached. Dude was so embarrassed, i couldn't stop laughing. He didn't show up at my crib for a week( for someone who practically lived with us)..lol

Next time he saw me, he never insulted or laughed at me. He acted like nothing happened and i let it slide. That was almost 11 years ago...lol. He thinks i have forgotten about it. I will surely bring that up one day..lol

oooo i still can't sleep : ( . Take care people. Have a nice week ahead. My birthday is next month. I don't think i want to celebrate it( don't ask), i ll convince VSNC to celebrate it alone.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mis pensamientos

Blogger, Blogosphere, Blogspot. I tire for myself. I can’t believe I have not blogged since January kai, . Yes I have been busy with a lot of stuff, but that's no excuse to abandon my blog. I know, I know and to think I was tweeting my life away.

Yes its unfortunate, but I joined twitter. I went against everything I believed and joined that so called site twitter. I was jejejely minding my own business oh when scribbles( robby ) told me about twitter. To sum it up, he said its not really a big deal to join and the site is cool. I was like okay i am in ,so i carried my two left legs and two right hands to join the site. If i only i knew..

He was right. The site is sooo cool. Most bloggers are there( I wouldn't call names, but una know una self..lol).I got to meet new people and some of the anonymous who came to my blog. Most bloggers are not anonymous there. Bloggers are cute sha..lol. The first three days wasn't bad, infact it was really cool. I was trying to get used to the tweet Ville.

A week later, I was hooked. Twitter first thing in the morning, last thing at night. Come to think of it, it sounds so familiar…. Yes of course. It was just like blogger when I first started…lol. Insomnia sets in, tweet 4 hours at a stretch and you may wonder what I tweet about..lol. How do I say this. Absolutely nothing, a whole lot about everything and something with nothing in particular…lol. Are you with me? Good. So why am I addicted to the site you may ask? good question. Wish I could answer that...

My second week on twitter and I have over a thousand tweets, no its not good. For that reason I am taking an AWOL on twitter until further notice ( that is if I am strong enough..lol). Twitter is now like Iya Basira… remember that styl plus song. Yes exactly that one( God forbid bad thing), I shall overcome jor. Wait why am I talking about twitter when I should be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of blogging. You see, my point exactly.

Wow I have been blogging for a year. Isn’t that amazing. I was hoping I get to my 100th post when I get to my blog anniversary. I guess that is not happening anytime soon..lol. Its been a year. I have over 100 followers I really appreciate{ i do : )} and the loyal and wonderful people who thinks my post are commentable. Thank you. You are far too kind.

I apologise about my last post..lol. I know it was kind of disgusting, but funny..lol no?. That incident actually happened to my cousin who passed away exactly one year this week. I blogged about him last year. I was just trying to remember the happy memories I have of him. He was such a wonderful human being, RIP big guy. I love you, miss you and please don’t drink all the wine in heaven oh.

I guess this is a post. I know you guyz were expecting a story ( una too like story jor). I was going to tell you guyz one though. Another time then. You guyz should take care now. Hope you guyz are good though : )


What a woman says:

"This place is a mess! C'mon!
You and I need to clean up!
Your stuff is lying on the floor
and you'll have no clothes
to wear if we don't do laundry right now!"

What a man hears:

blah, blah, blah, blah, "C'MON!
blah, blah, blah, blah, YOU AND I
blah, blah, blah, blah, ON THE FLOOR
blah, blah, blah, blah, NO CLOTHES
blah, blah, blah, blah, RIGHT NOW

PS: check this site when you have the chance. Its about fashion..