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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey beautiful people. How have you guyz been? Well I have been okay. God has been good to be. I can’t complain.

So you guyz actually turned my wine back to water ( from my last post). Chai meaning I be the maga abi( na wa oh..lol) . Don’t mind me jor. I saw the NBA award. Congratulations Nice anon, babe you deserve the award. I was hopeful sha no doubt ( make I talk truth and let the devil be ashamed..lol). Congrats dear and I was truly honored you shared the award with me. You are far too kind and congrats to the nominees and winners.

Let me also use this opportunity to thank the organizers, wow you guyz did an amazing job. Putting all this together could not have been easy. I was trekking through blogs ville the other day and I saw some negative comments about the NBA awards. You guyz should give them a break now( all this bad belle people, coolo coolo temper) . Did you think it was easy to organizer this kind of award. They took time out of their own life (yes they have their own lives, I know imagine the imagination) to organize this award. Show a little gratitude. Please don’t take the fun away. To the organizers, God bless your hearts.

This morning I got a text message form VSNC. She wanted me to buy her this chair before 10am because she will be at work at that time. I got to the store a little bit late and it seems they brought all the chairs. I felt so bad, but not before I saw this old lady ( 80ish or there about) hiding one of the chairs behind this cabinet. I walked around like I didn’t see her. She looked around making sure nobody saw her. I waited at a corner till she walked away. Then I made my move who said old people are not smart. This lady hid the chair nicely. If I didn’t see her keeping the chair there I would have just simply walked passed it. It took me a while to bring the chair out, but I succeeded. Whew!!! What a relief; now VSNC can let me be. Did I mention that the chair was on sale.( like 50% discount) VSNC wanted that chair so bad.

I took the chair straight to the cashier. I didn’t even bother checking for anything else. I just wanted to buy the chair and go continue my mini vacation in my house.( I called VSNC and told her I got the chair) I got the register and there was a small queue. Of course the old lady was ahead of me..lol. I thought of waiting till she leaves the store, but I was like what is the worst that can happen. I stayed in line next to her. She smiled and said hi to me, I smiled back and returned her greeting. Then she looked at my hand and she said what a nice chair you got there. I am going to get one too. The cashier was like you are so lucky, that is the last chair in the store. The old lady looked at me again and said; where did you get that chair from. I told her I saw it the chair at a corner. I was like someone must have hidden it or something, but I found it.( lol I know my mouth)

And she goes that is my chair. I was the one who kept it there. I did not know what to say to say. She repeated what she said and attempted to take the chair ( which kind wahala be this now and I called VSNC already). I was like. Mam I am sorry, but I need to buy this chair. This time she held the chair and tried to take it away from my hand. I told again, politely that I really needed the chair and this old lady called me a B****t. ( Jesu Christi! Say what now). I firmly grabbed the chair from her and this old lady hit me with her cane (as in hard). That was when the security and the cashier intervened. No be small thing for chair matter oh. Chair that she did not pay for. I sha brought the chair eventually. The old lady called me every name in the book when I was paying for the chair. Now I feel so bad, but she was trying to be smart, I simply showed her that I was an African tortoise..lol

Another reason I feel so bad. So there is this guy, a friend of mine. I met him a long time ago through a friend. Since 07 – 08 the guy has been trying to take our friendship to the next level, but I am not feeling the guy like that. I tried to look at him that way, I try to like the guy, wosai, nothing oh( no electric current) I don’t want to be a relationship with someone because I feel sorry for them ( warahell is that). Throughout 09 the guy did not call, text or email ( the guyz bone me finish..lol). I was like finally, I am so glad he moved on. I don’t want to break someone’s heart oh. I know how it feels( mind ya bizness, no gist…lol). Anyways this weekend the guy send me an email and he attached a song to it. He was like everything I have been meaning to say to you is in this song. The song was Bob Marley’s song “ Waiting in vain” . Anybody who really knows me knows that I relate to songs so well. The song touched my heart mehh. It was like he was saying the lyrics to me plus I LOVE BOB MARLEY. I played the song for a while and then I replied him with another bob marley’s songs “ three little birds”. My friend said I am mean..lol. Shuoo what was I suppose to do now. I can’t lie to him now.

Thank God my grandma is here to cheer me up : ). She is not staying with us this time, but she is like 30 minutes away. My grandma story for another day jor, and yes I got my job back!! ( yup yup..lol). Imagine stress on top stress. Thanks for nominating me again people. I know I don’t blog as much, I really wish I could.

Someone will be like how does the title relate to the post. Abeg lemme jor..lol.Have a wonderful week ahead people.