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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I can't believe i have been off blogsville this long. It amazes me how time flies sometimes. I know it's so late, but Happy New Year dearies. I have missed you guyz too much. Its funny, i always blog in my head, but it never ends up here. There should be a app for that right? lol

Thanks for checking on me. I know how busy life gets sometimes, but you guyz still took the time to see if i was still on this planet. I appreciate you all. Thank you plenty plenty. God will continually bless you. I heard a few of you are engaged now, married, have kids, graduated, promoted, new jobs or preparing to finish school.... Congratulations to you all. Progression is really the key of life. 

Those of you who haven't accomplished much, its okay. There is time for everything. You will not carry last in 2013 lol. Amen. A lot has happened since May 15, 2012 ( since i started blogging in my head that is lol). There has been disappointments, joy, sorrow, happiness, sadness, excitements.... i guess that is life anyways, but i am still thankful to God. I am alive, i am healthy, my brownskin still glows lol. 

I hope you guyz are okay as well. It feels good blogging again. I need to stop blogging in my head right lol. I am working on it. I pray 2013 brings you love, happiness and most importantly peace of mind. Please be good for goodness sake, it really pay off sometimes. Take care people :)   


Priscy said...

Yay!!! she's finally here... thank God for your life and all the things happening around you.

I pray the disappointments turn to proper appointments and the good things will be doubled for you IJN, as for the sorrows, the old man above has turned them into dancing already!
Blessings my sista. happy new year to you.

Prism of an Immigrant said...

Welcome back n Happy New Year

Toinlicious said...

Welcome back!!!!

Myne said...

Happy New Year, it's nice to read from you again.

Unknown said...

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Nikkisho said...

Welcome back :) Happy new year!

1 + The One said...

Welcome back BSNC! Soo lovely to read your post!

and Happy New Year as well!

I hope all is good and I pray that 2013 will be much more greater and fulfilling than 2012..

Lots of love xx

doll (retired blogger) said...

happy new year to you and great to know you are still kicking it

jhazmyn said...

BSNC is in d house :D...welcome back and a Happy New Year to you too

BSNC said...

@akua yes oh i am here. awww thanks for your warm words and prayers. God bless you more.

@Prism of an Immigrant hey *waving* thank you and a prosperous New year to you as well

@Toinlicious thanks sweetie and thank you so much for checking on me multiple times. I will try to be a good blogger this year lol. as in TRY..

@Myne *waving both hands* how have you been our writer lol? Thank you, i wish you all the best this 2013.

@Maylene what a lovely comment. Thanks a lot. I hope to write more post in the future as well :)

@Nikkisho my sugar banana thanks for checking on me multiple times too. You are too much oh our doctor. hope you are good?
Thank you i wish you all the best this year :)

@1+ the One, the one with the one name in the whole of blogsville hehe. I appreciate your warm wishes and prayers. God bless you dear. May 2013 be your year of favour. Love always :)

@doll our wife when did you become a retired blogger. I have missed a lot then. How is oga? Hope married life has been blissful and full of joy and happiness because that has always been my wish for you.

Happy new year dear ;)

@jhazmyn oh how i have missed you and your hilarious post. Yes i am in the building lol. Thanks dear and a prosperous new year to you and your family :)

dayor said...

Welcome back dear...finally "no mOre blogging in your head"

Here's to a beautiful 2013

A-9ja-Great said...

I just hope you're back fully.We missed you!

lohi said...

Happy new year boo!!!!

Molara Brown said...

I hope you are fully back oh and disappear on us again...glad to know everything is all right with you.

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Enkay said...

BSNC!! Looks like we're many who have gone AWOL on dear blogville. I hope 2013 will see more of us here o!

Happy New Year!

~Sirius~ said...

BSNC! Happy new year dear! Life as we know it has taken its toll on our blog life. Good to hear from you. Hopefully more blogging online and not in our heads. Take care dear.