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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mis pensamientos

Blogger, Blogosphere, Blogspot. I tire for myself. I can’t believe I have not blogged since January kai, . Yes I have been busy with a lot of stuff, but that's no excuse to abandon my blog. I know, I know and to think I was tweeting my life away.

Yes its unfortunate, but I joined twitter. I went against everything I believed and joined that so called site twitter. I was jejejely minding my own business oh when scribbles( robby ) told me about twitter. To sum it up, he said its not really a big deal to join and the site is cool. I was like okay i am in ,so i carried my two left legs and two right hands to join the site. If i only i knew..

He was right. The site is sooo cool. Most bloggers are there( I wouldn't call names, but una know una self..lol).I got to meet new people and some of the anonymous who came to my blog. Most bloggers are not anonymous there. Bloggers are cute sha..lol. The first three days wasn't bad, infact it was really cool. I was trying to get used to the tweet Ville.

A week later, I was hooked. Twitter first thing in the morning, last thing at night. Come to think of it, it sounds so familiar…. Yes of course. It was just like blogger when I first started…lol. Insomnia sets in, tweet 4 hours at a stretch and you may wonder what I tweet about..lol. How do I say this. Absolutely nothing, a whole lot about everything and something with nothing in particular…lol. Are you with me? Good. So why am I addicted to the site you may ask? good question. Wish I could answer that...

My second week on twitter and I have over a thousand tweets, no its not good. For that reason I am taking an AWOL on twitter until further notice ( that is if I am strong enough..lol). Twitter is now like Iya Basira… remember that styl plus song. Yes exactly that one( God forbid bad thing), I shall overcome jor. Wait why am I talking about twitter when I should be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of blogging. You see, my point exactly.

Wow I have been blogging for a year. Isn’t that amazing. I was hoping I get to my 100th post when I get to my blog anniversary. I guess that is not happening anytime soon..lol. Its been a year. I have over 100 followers I really appreciate{ i do : )} and the loyal and wonderful people who thinks my post are commentable. Thank you. You are far too kind.

I apologise about my last post..lol. I know it was kind of disgusting, but funny..lol no?. That incident actually happened to my cousin who passed away exactly one year this week. I blogged about him last year. I was just trying to remember the happy memories I have of him. He was such a wonderful human being, RIP big guy. I love you, miss you and please don’t drink all the wine in heaven oh.

I guess this is a post. I know you guyz were expecting a story ( una too like story jor). I was going to tell you guyz one though. Another time then. You guyz should take care now. Hope you guyz are good though : )


What a woman says:

"This place is a mess! C'mon!
You and I need to clean up!
Your stuff is lying on the floor
and you'll have no clothes
to wear if we don't do laundry right now!"

What a man hears:

blah, blah, blah, blah, "C'MON!
blah, blah, blah, blah, YOU AND I
blah, blah, blah, blah, ON THE FLOOR
blah, blah, blah, blah, NO CLOTHES
blah, blah, blah, blah, RIGHT NOW

PS: check this site when you have the chance. Its about fashion..


Random One said...



I'll be back.

Miss Natural said...

i really thought id be first...bsnc you are back, thank Jesus lol. ps that post was nasty lol but i can see what a good memory it is. stop twittering, its silly lol...and well come back to blogging with a good story( i know, pot calling kettle black). i am so going to beat sir scribbles up for making you join twitter!

Anonymous said...

been on twitter for a while but i think i have tweeted only 2ce!!

F said...

I still haven't joined the Tweet Brigade and this hold it seems to have on its followers (pun intended) is discouraging me even further... The thing dey resemble jazz small small...

Just went back to read the story... LOL! Imagine how sad the friend must have been to look at that water he probably used weeks ago, knowing there was nothing to drink at that time... Memories like that make remembering lost loved ones soooo cheerful! Like my Grandma and her road rage... lol

Anonymous said...

Twitter and the EVIL things it brings
i know exactly what ur talking about
May the souls of the dearly departed RIP
nice to have u back!

Anonymous said...

LOL.. 1000 plus tweets in two weeks.. I want to be like you o..

Anonymous said...


Azazel said...

nice nice post hun

iphyigbogurl said...

you ran away from us.... :(
welcome back!

twitter is the devil!!

i have been on it since last year...and i have about only 8 tweets... lol

it hasnt captured me yet...
but i see people who update every 5 mins. for real.lol

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

The twitter bug has captured you too. Discouraged from joining that site. Have a lovely week

CaramelD said...

Miss you :(

BSNC said...

@repressed one lol okay i am waiting oh.

@miss natural yes it was a nice memory. I am trying to slow down with the twitter thing. Yes i missed blogsville :D
Please do..lol

@pink satin lol twice, then you are not really into it..

@F lol serious jazz..
yes trying to keep the happy memoris alive. lol please i need to hear that story..

@sweetness lol are you sure. Thanks you babe. Amen...

@DB lol don't encourage me jor. Please its not a good thing.

@temite lol what are you shaking your head for now.

@azazel thanks, i have to come back with sth better : )

@iphyigbogurl i didn't run away oh. I was so busy, then twitter came into the picture. I am back though :)
hahah 8, wow. yes they do * hides face*

@the girl with the red hair lol don't be discourage. i guess it depends on the individual. You too dear : )

thanks people : ))

BSNC said...

@caramelD awww i missed you too dear. I even looked for you on twitter. why am i talking about twitter again :(

shorty said...

Hallelujah you don come back. Yes i can testify the twitter thingy, you've become addicted, thank God the bug hasn'g captured me yet ;).

Congrats on your anniversary and may your cousin's soul rest in peace.

SHE said...

Still can't figure out the twitter syndrome yet.
LOL ! the joke!

Anya Posh said...

lol...I have a twitter account, but it's completely inactive. I hope you remember your first love & come back to blogville!

chayomao said...

So u finally realised that u r hooked eh? lol
Dnt u worry, i already reserved a front row seat at twitter rehab..... seeing as i was once there, now an alumni!
N twitter is fun oh! Now there is a "Rita kokomansion", haa, let's c how that pans out!

Yankeenaijababe said...

Good to read from you, I hate twitter and don't even get the logic. I feel bored on twitter, maybe would update my page again. I hope your girl don't get hooked. Hope you have a good week girl.

Ms.O said...

LOL You are a confirmed addict..SMDH!!! Of to talk to you on twitter..bye!..lol!

BSNC said...

@shorty Amen oo. lol abeg i am not as addicted as some people oh. Thank you babe : )

@SHE lol i am trying not to figure it out anymore..

@anyaposh lol blogsville will always be my numero uno..

@chayoma lol see ya head. You still are, stop deceiving yourself jor..lol. yea saw her..

@YNB lol i have a love-hate relationship with twitter. I am trying not to get hooked my dear : )

@Ms.O lol ahn ahn now. where is the moral support when you need it.

thanks people : )

AliceDCL said...

you know we do it now
we have already certified you a tweet addict,
chai, took me a month to get to 1000 tweets, well done!!!!!!!

LovePaprika said...

Twitter is also one of the main reasons I stopped blogging... one of o lol

Unknown said...

Hmmm, so she's back huh?
Long time no read and write!
Hope you good?
Congrats on the blogging(not minding the fact that you've been AWOL)Infact,I dey vex small
I've been tweeting for over a year,and I can't do without it,so I get
Lol, see mini blogging..
Don't leave this long again, okay? missed you..
please visit http://helpnigeria.blogspot.com
Thanks www.askchacha4free.blogspot.com

Olufunke said...

Good you take a break from twitter, welcome back sha

We are still expecting the gist madam

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling twitter got you too. This is why I'm not getting one even though I'm missing out. Anyways, congrats on your anniversary your blog is def one of my favorite.

NakedSha said...

I still haven't been swayed by twitter! I have one but ha, it's just there!

lol@ the last part

TRYBES said...

hey sweetie..how you dey na? you just totally fashied me finally like that..im vex-in for you oo..seriously too :)...

Hope you've been good? its been hella busy for me the last three months...and happy new year btw...

Beulah! said...

Na only me this twitter thing nor dey do oh!, i no send am..lol. Good to read ur post again girl.

Hope u r gud?

Myne said...

Welcome back dear. I saw you on tweeter. Hope the week is going well?

LusciousRon said...

E ku ojo meta o! Welcome back and congratulations!

I am NOT joining Tweeter! No I refuse the temptation. Hope you are doing good.

BSNC said...

@BBB lol abeg let me be jare.. how are you by the way?

@lovepaprika lol i see. what is the second and third one?

@2cute4u lol yes she is. I am okay babe. lol you are on twitter too. awwww i ll try. okay will check them out : )

@olufunke lol i didn't oh. lol you too like gist..

@suru lol smart decison. awww thanks babe : )

@nakedsha lol mine is always calling me. thanks for stopping by : )

@trybes lol me and you who go vex. I send you offline message tire for yahoo. no reply, see ya head..lol
i am okay. abeg take it easy o. Yes happy new year : )

@beulah lol lucky you. Thanks babe, i am okay..

@MyneWhitman thanks. lol i saw you too. its been kind of annoying..lol

@lusciousRon thank you my dear. lol smart decision. I am not good, but okay : )

thanks people

Blogoratti said...

Finally made it to twitter..woop woop!

Blessing said...

Urg! Twitter Twitter Twitter...I don't know o! Hmmmm.....I'm tempted to join but...we'll see...

Welcome back sha!!! Please don't go away for another two months ooo...

seye said...

YES O! TWITTER! WE NEVER EVEN HEAR WORD SINCE. I think you are the only one i see on twitter sef.

Doing my blog rounds and thought to...drop by. I also updated too.

And yes that last post was disgusting! *throw up*