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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hey beautiful ones. How have you guyz been. I know I am kind of late, but it’s still January so Happy 2011. Welcome to a new decade and a new month. Hope you guyz had fun during the holiday. I know some of you are still in the holiday zone.

This New Year did not start well for me; I worked before and through the New Year and i added 32 more hours to my work schedule. Yup no break for me , I am so tired and school hasn’t even started. This is going to be a tough year for me. I am praying and hoping for the best though

VSNC moved to another state cos of school. If I say I miss her it’s an understatement. As my friend will say she will move to her husband’s house one day and what will I do then, absolutely nothing lol. This year has been playing me film trick, but it’s all good. I guess everything will turn out for the best eventually. To say the least this year has not been my favorite so far. The year just started sha I still have 300 days plus to go. Anything can happen, I might get married, I might win the lottery, I might move to another country…. who knows what 2011 has in store for me.

I need advice people. I have these two friends I am close to. A introduced me to her boyfriend last year. She said they have been going out for a year now. The guy was really down to earth and really funny. Anybody who knows me, know how much I love to laugh, so I liked the guy instantly. I met the guy and my friend together in two other occasions last year. Then this year B ( my other friend) has been talking about this guy she really liked. She said they have been going out for about 6 months now. She introduced him to me this year. Yup it was the same guy and he recognized me. He didn’t even hide it. I spoke to the guy the other day about it and he said he really liked both girls, but he is feeling A more than B for now. He doesn’t want to break up with either of them because they both have qualities he likes (hyena, you can’t eat your cake and have it, in his case he is enjoying it too much hissss ). These girls really liked the guy although A has some other guys on the side, but she insists that she is feeling the boy. Now I know three of them and I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but I feel obligated to tell my friends. If they find out that I knew about it how will they feel? . Mind you these babes do not know each other. One thing I have learnt from my brothers is that when it comes to matters like this, always mind your business. I don’t know jare. What do you guyz think?


Blessing said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I sure hope it gets better for ya! and that your hard work will pay off!

Hmm...as for you knowing that your friends are dating the same guy...it's tough but if I were you, I'd tell them. Good luck sha!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year BSNC
aww im sure u miss VSNC
to be honest, me i WONT say anything. I dont think keeping quiet is the right thing to do sha

Unknown said...

Madam d Madam!
Beta and (might I add please)
As you may well know..
Some people do not know how to handle it when you tell them the truth.
They each suspect too but,e no dey your place to tell them abeg..
don't even say it in a coded way please..

Beulah! said...

Happy Newyear BSNC, comm'n, its too early to judge the year already!!..lol. Trust God completely, all will be well.

About ur friends??...look at it this way, if u were in their shoes which would u prefer?...someone coming out to tell u d truth straightup or u finding out much later and suffering more heart break. Dunno sha, if it ws me i'd tell but with wisdom... :D

CaramelD said...

I know what it's like to start the New Year with drama and trepidation but hope for amazing and better things because that is what you deserve. By the way I saw your pic on twitter, aren't you gorgeous? :) Regarding your friends that's a tough one for sure. Women do not like hearing bad news regarding their men but if they think they are in a SERIOUS relationship they you should say something.

~Sirius~ said...

Happy New year!!!
Fret not there are 300+ fabulous days ahead of ya.

Sob sob for VSNC........

As for the "drama".....it's err, tricky. it depends on how close you are to either of the chics....or who would see it as a good deed, rather than hold it against you.

On second thoughts....i'd probably say, all this ain't none of my business

I want to see a picture too!!!

Good Naija Girl said...

I know there's the risk that your friends might turn on you instead of directing their anger or dismay to the guy, but I would want to know if I was your friend.

Happy New Year, beautiful!

Miss Natural said...

I didnt see nay pic!! I want to see a pic too! Ok well I don't know, I guess I would want to know and I would believe my friend (depending on how long we've known) and not hate her for pouring sand in my garri lol (unintentionally). Happy new year to you too. aww pele, its true you just need to get used to it though u miss her. God will see you through this year, I feel you. Ive been so busy and tired sometimes I can hardly stand. Oh yeah, u might want to have proof just in case your friends want to get u in trouble too lol

Myne said...

Happy New Year to you too BSNC, it's been a while. How did I miss this twitter pic? LOL..

As for your friends, none of them sound like they're really that serious with each other. I'd say that you mind your business for now unless the situation changes.

LohiO said...

Happy new yr babe! I would tell them if they where close to me. If they are just acquaintances...No speak!

Unknown said...

"Are they sleeping with him?"

I don't want to be in your position or else i would start avoiding them or i wouldn't be able to say good things about the guy.

And it is not possible to like two people, it is possible to be selfish and want to please yourself.

doll (retired blogger) said...

can i see a picture too? pretty pls...

Happy new year

I think you should tell them, cuz they are your FRIENDS. except they are just your acquaintance.

If i were in their shoes and i found out that someone i call my friend know i was being deceived and dint tell me, i would instantly see that person as my enemy, cause friends got each others back.

RepOne said...

I'd be more irritated with the fact that the guy is all bold faced about it...and for that reason alone he's getting busted!
But like someone else said e be laik sey all of dem no serious...

...that said, if na me, i go like know.

Emeka Amakeze said...

You know that A feels this guy and has other guys by the side. The guy has A and B. B probably has some other guys too. BSNC, mind your business!

Molara Brown said...

BSNC i want to scream it into your ear...MIND YA BUSINESS...lol...seriously issues like this can cause you more problem than good,so just stay out of it.

Happy New Year again...and don't worry, the year would be a great one.

SHE said...

Perhaps you want to call a meeting with all three present and then bring up the matter?
They'd probably join hands and beat you.
It might be easier to just mind your business though...

blackrubies said...

Happy New Year!
Just leave it...if the guy cannot come out with his own mouth and tell A he has another alphabet on the side..Dnt say anything. Sigo and add more drama to u life, it looks like u r already busy...do u really want to start dealing with all this friendship issues. Besides not everyone likes the truth and its nt like A is only seeing the dude, so let them be, they r both weaving a complicated life for themselves