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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hey everybody. Happy new month, it’s the month of …. Yea that. So how have you guyz been? Thanks a lot for the comments from my last post, you guyz are so sweet. Glad to share a little about myself. I can’t believe some of you still do not know I have a twin sister. I say it every single time like really every time. Anyways like I have said a thousand times ( yes miss natural and jaycee lol) I have a twin sister. I call her VSNC (vanilla skin…) because she is light skinned and vanilla ish and I am brown skinned and yummy ish lol.

When my professor told me this semester was going to be stressful. She wasn’t playing at all. I am taking 4 classes plus two clinical ( almost 17 abi is it 18 credit). This Monday she told us if we were having a good night sleep, it means we were on the wrong profession ( we go turn vampire overnight for the matter na shebi). I am so tired. I am slowing losing my friends. They used to be understanding, but its seem they are tired of me ( I no blame them jor. I tire for myself too). They are complaining that I don’t call them or go out like I used to. The other day one of them was complaining and calling me all sort of name. See me see wahala on top the stress I am in right in. ( my mama never cause me like that sef, biko shift oh ) Abeg I can’t ahn ahn do I look like her boyfriend. Shuoo is it because I am quiet. I don’t like wahala for anything. If I see wahala coming my way I would run like I was training for a marathon.

If I tell VSNC she will be laughing at me. The babe do not have female friends per say. It took her a while to tolerate females, but with my help she finally accepted them ( very strange somebody this my darling sis ). She used to call me the queen of friendships. When I was younger, to overcome my shyness I used to make it my mission to be friends or just talk to everyone in my class ( my mate dey go school go read ). Then I got to college and this one boy refused to talk to me. I frustrated him till we became good friends ( I can be annoying like that in a good way though) I found out two weeks later that he was a cultist ( who send me message abi). Funny enough he didn’t threaten me or anything like the stories my brothers used to tell me about them. He was strangely cool and cute too (hehe yes he was). A couple of months later he asked me out. I had to make up this story that I was going out with my family friends. I made the dude( family friend) follow me wherever I go. Not that I was scared of the cultist guy or anything, but my brothers told me to not talk to or encourage any cultist. I made my family friend follow me for the first 3 months until I never saw the cultist guy again ( I hope he didn’t die or something). Come to think of it most of the cute boys I was checking out then did not approach me thanks to my family friend. (There goes my chance of having cute babies ). That was the closest cultist friend I ever had. Wait that was the only cultist friend I had. Where am I going with this story ( no idea).

I was talking about VSNC right . At a point when I was growing up, I used to think I was the only girl in the house. Then we both grew up and had boobies, so I knew we were definitely babes’ lol. Anyways like I was saying, my friends are mad at me and I am tired of apologizing. It’s not like I am staying busy on purpose. Jay Z couldn’t say it any better “ it’s a hard knock life” , but like Joe said in “better dayz” – there will be better days ( where is joe anyways. I miss his music. I miss the old r &b. good thing I have john legend for backup).

I just finish typing a 15 page paper that I thought was due next week. It was due 12am today. I still don’t know how I did it or what I wrote. (God help me). I was going to blog about something, but now that I am here I can’t seem to remember I just know that I want to blog. Ehen did I tell you guyz there is another pale in my class (remember that old shameless chief from my old post that would not leave me alone). Well this one is not that old sha let me call him a pre-pale( at least he is not married ). This guy has been seriously annoying me though. This semester I am in class with some very strange people. At least I can tolerate most of them. Not this dude though. How can someone (pre-pale) just come to someone’s face and ask silly questions, like who does he think he is or is it because he has a big chest that is almost ripping up his shirt.( not that I send or anything just observations. The guy buff sha ) Na so the interrogation start oh … How come I am just noticing you this semester? ( cos I have never taken a class with you hyena). How come you never say hi to me. ( is it not obvious that I can’t you). Are you sure you are not from the island? (do you see me speaking ratafarian). He went on to tell me how I look like one of his old girlfriends in the island ( I dunno if that na insult or compliment). Pre-pale is from Trinidad ( I love his accent though) and he said he would have sworn I was from the island. Have you seen when someone wants you to be from another country by force? I said I am Nigerian shuoo. ( see how wahala likes looking for my trouble). I don’t know the man from Adam, you can even ask eve. Since this semester started, he has been on my case. He even keeps seat for me because the class full up pretty fast most times (I appreciate the gesture, but… ) Yesterday he called and was asking me if I needed a ride to this mandatory conference we were meant to go for. This guy is like close to 40( i think). What am I suppose to do with this one again.

My dad’s birthday just passed. Happy birthday pops. I remember a while ago, I must have been 10 or 11. You know when you just finish primary school, done with common entrance and just chilling at home. One of those Fridays I was bored at home. Waiting till 4pm before they start showing something on TV, watching the different color of lines and sometimes when they finally come up, they show a cartoon that you must have seen a million times. I called my dad with the house phone and told him I was bored at home. Of course the boys were either playing football or basketball outside and VSNC joins them most times ( see only girl in the house). He told me to put one of my brothers on the phone. They talked for a while and my brother went out and came back home with 5 movies. When they were done with their match, we all gathered in the parlour to see the movie.

I saw like 2 of the movies, ate, had my bath and went to sleep. In our crib, we have the main house and the boys’ quarter. When my the first two older boys and my cousin got into SS1 or there about, my dad told them to move into the boys’ quarter, so they could get their own privacy. Then the 3rd boy stays where ever he falls asleep. The rest of my brothers stay in the main house with us. Anyways our room was close to the boys’ quarter, so we could hear or see whatever was happening there sometimes. Before I finally fell asleep that night, I heard my cousin and his friend chatting about a movie they saw. I think the name was the tale of the school teacher or something like that.

Next day was a Saturday, still chilling at home after doing my own portion of the environmental sanitation. My dad was reading his morning newspapers as usually ( it must have been guardian or vanguard). I asked my dad if he wanted to see a movie because I did not see the three other movies my brother borrowed the day before. He was like okay whatever you want. I went to one of their rooms (which I wasn’t allowed into, but I had permission from my dad so lol). I saw the three movies on top the TV. I checked the titles, but it wasn’t the movie my cousin and his friend were discussion about. I went to the other room, I checked around and I saw the movie inside his closet. I ran to my dad with the four movies and told him I wanted to watch the one my cousin saw first. It must be an action movie or so I thought

I put the cassette on. My dad was still reading his newspaper. I told him the movie was about to start. He set his paper down and we started watching the movie. The movie was kind of weird, no soldiers or action. At first they showed a girl and a teacher in class alone. The teacher was telling her how naughty she was and he was going to teach her a lesson. The next scene was in the bedroom and they were both taking their clothes off. My dad rushed so fast to eject the movie and he was like who gave you this movie. I told him I took it from my cousin’s room. He didn’t say anything to me. He just told me to go watch regular TV in the other parlor and get my cousin for him.

Next thing I know my dad was yelling at my cousin. He told him to kneel down and he wasn’t going to eat for that day. My dad was so angry that day. He even yelled at my brothers too. I still did not know what the commotion was about until I told VSNC about it. She said I watched a blue movie that was very very bad ( adult movie, porn). She emphasized the very very bad and I knew I was in trouble. Everybody was mad at me in the house except VSNC, my dad and my younger brother. I felt so bad, but they weren’t mad at me for long because they needed a favour from my dad and you have to go through me when it comes to asking for favor.
Now I am just sitting here wondering what was going through my dad’s head at that point in time. I know this post is about everything and nothing in particular, but I said I was going to blog and I did. Yay to me...


H said...

lol...talk about all over the place. I had to scroll up to see if I mistakenly jumped into another post...lol

Eeeya, pele about ur friends...they'd come around or u'd get better ones.

VSNC...nice, I like the name..#justsayn...

R u sure u're not from the island? shwooo...is there something on the island? silly pick-up lines...agbaya!

Hahaha...naughty lessons...BSNC...alakoba...I bet u were confused...wondering what the naughty lesson was...

May God be with you and ur studies...Amen.
#kisses luv

Fabulo-la said...

Abeg forget your friends jo! na by force? Shey they dont understand you are busy? Abi they too them no get school? or work?

Loool! yea I know a bit harsh. But I cant stand pple like that jo.
In other news...BSNC Ive missed you jo. Ahn ahn...it has been too long. Happy new year, merry christmas...err...should I say happy easter in advance?


Good luck in school!

A-9ja-Great said...

I've been waiting for a new post from for ages.Ah ahn,finally! Chei,u be real alakoba o,see as u put ur cousins and brothers for popsie's wahala.Meanwhile,ur twin seem to 'open eye' pass u,wetin u dey do when e dey happen? Hehehehehehe.Nice one though,it's getting us to know u and very nice taste of music u've got.

A-9ja-Great said...

Hey,sorry bout ur friends.Trust me,the real ones will still be there when your schedules are less tight.

doll (retired blogger) said...

we still wanna see a pic

LOL. i can imagine how pissed your cousin must have been

Evee said...

Nice random post. You took me back in time when i used to seat down in front of the tv and amuse myself with the colored lines before the channels start transmission.

Pre-pale no bad finish now. Afterall he keeps seat for you. smiles

Apinke said...

@ are u sure you are not from the island? mba, i no sure of my origin again, i just dey wait for u to tell me, shio! silly pre-agbaya man. lol. which kain line be dat?!

nice to read this o, been a while. ur cousins go hate u die! lol.

bone ur friends abeg, like someone said, the real ones will stick around. plus they will be d one to spread the news if ur enemy go fail so... the end will justify the means jor. if dem no gree, make dem shift very far!

BSNC said...

@H i know right. I just felt like bloging. I will be more organised next time lol. I hope so about my friends babe.

Thanks she likes the name too. Not really though. I told her i call her vsnc on my blog and she was like and so..lol. The babe is a hippopotamus, still love her though lol.

Am i from the island?hmm i know i am nigerian that is for sure hehehe. I was very confused oh. Thanks dear, Amen oh.

@fabulola haha babe take it easy. lol yes your are. I have missed you too coconut candy lol. I don't see on twitter again na.

@A-9ja-Great lol you have how nice. Next time they would not hide their movies from. Yes my twin is the opposite of me. Thanks i love music.

thanks i hope so too

BSNC said...

@doll haha babe you are still in this picture matter. That was like last month. Okay how about this,if i see you on twitter one of these day. I ll personally upload a picture just for you..lol. Remind me though.

my cousin got over it. They love me too much to be that mad lol

@Evee i know. I just stand there and stare at the TV. Sometimes they even play some nice music too.

Did i say he was bad lol.

@omotee do you think i am from the island? haha. I am Nigerian jare. he hated me for dayz.

haha thanks for the advice.

Good Naija Girl said...

I'm practically your biggest fan...love your writing style sha.

I knew you and popsie were going to end up watching an "inappropriate" movie! Na wa for you o!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY bsnc did a full post. confusing one at that tehehehe. I LOVED READING THIS. I am inspired to open a blog because of you.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY bsnc did a full post. confusing one at that tehehehe. I LOVED READING THIS. I am inspired to open a blog because of you.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY bsnc did a full post. confusing one at that tehehehe. I LOVED READING THIS. I am inspired to open a blog because of you.

H said...

#joiningforceswithDOLL....if u wouldn't post a pic of u, post one of VSNC. #wink*wink

Adaeze said...

Looooool BSNC U are so full of jokes..this post was so random!
I've missed reading. Sorry its taken me so long to get back here. My life is too busy too! Abt ur friends..seriously, real friends always got ur back even if ur too busy for things...there are many ways to stay in touch!
haha u had me laughing about this guy that is almost 40 buggin u. ihave one like that too. whats up with them anyhow? lol

Adaeze said...

just read ur other post that u referred to and I will join the choir: Where is ur mama from? I am already dying of curiosity lol
And RIP to ur dad, I love how u keep his memory alive :-)

BSNC said...

@GNG awww thanks my honey bunches of oat haha. ahn ahn look at how you said it like i knew. I wanted to see an interesting that turned out to be well... that lol

@anonymous lol i try now. Me inspired you awww that is a sweet thing to say. Pls buzz when you do open that blog. i would love to read : )
pls leave your name next time, so i would know which anonymous is this okay.

@H haha babe where did you come from again. We are fraternal, so even if i post her picture you couldn't tell how i look like.

@adaeze i tire for the randomness too lol. Its okay dear i totally i understand. I get so busy most of the time too : )

I don't know. Maybe he thought he had seen a young fresh meat lol. like dbanj will say, he is on a long thing..lol

My mum is from.. Did i tell you my dad was Nigerian. Yes he was lol.
I love my dad so so much. I will forever keep his memory alive. thanks alot dear.

kitkat said...

awww i LOL'd throughout the post. lol @ the trinidad dude. plz be nice, he jst likes u :p

omg..i cn imagine how awkward it musta been for ur dad when he realized it was porn..lool

1 + The One said...

lol@ the blue film...
I wonder what was going through everyone's mind... the tension.. xx

Blessing said...

Your friends just miss you...just try your best to keep in contact once in a while...they should understand nonetheless

LMBO @ pre-pal...interesting dude...let's see where this goes

OMG @ you and daddy watching porn...oopssss...lol

Unknown said...

@kitkat I am being nice. He is the one on my case. I wouldn't know remember he sent me out lol.

@the one I know the boys were mad at me for sure lol.

@blessing I try my best babe. I really do. About pre-pale it's not going anywhere lol. He too the movie out before it began lol. Read your post. I am really thankful to God you survived those accidents . Your name suits you, you are blessed.


Anonymous said...

BSNC , i am happy u r back.. i check this page everyday looking for a new post.

U've given me the inspiration to also blog again.

Tk it easy with school..

soul child said...

lol.....sori about the skul stress..

Myne said...

There must be something about you that attracts the pales, lol...at least this one is single and buff too!

So VSNC is the tomboy? I would've thought it was you? Hmmm...children.

Random One said...

Talk about random!! Pele about school oh...take am easy. And take it easy on your friends too, they prob just miss you ni na. At least you have pple that miss you. Some pple dey disappear n nobody dey find them oh...lol

Have a great week, B!

jhazmyn said...

Kai BSNC...ur mind must have been all over the place on this one...lmao

I don't even know which one to comment on sef, I guess u needed to release tension...ride on jare.

Wish ya d best wit school

LusciousRon said...

Awww about Dad. Your friends will come around soon or you will meet new ones.

This pre-pale may turn out to be fun. LOL. Enjoy yourself and take things easy

Adaeze said...

I dey vex o...why are you keeping me in suspense? Lol.. I am from 4 diff countries myself and I love diversity..just saying. But I bet nothing will get u to break the code for us. U should have never mentioned it, now ill be forever curious lol.

lovelife4sale said...

your post has Attention Deficit Disorder to it, but it prolly just shows you can hold more ideas than one at a time. your post is very nostalgic, too many words i havent seen or used in a while, boys quarters, morning sanitation... lol, its razz in a cool way. good thing you werent old enough to understand porn the first time you watched it, imagine how awkward it would really be, if you understood porn and your first time watching it was with your pops.

p.s. as much as the trinidad may seem to be a disturbance to you, i think u might have a lil thing for him. #imjustsaying

seye said...

You've been tagged. Read my post for details!

Giagerry said...

This post e long oooo!!!
Lol@ yall becoming vampires for ur profession--in due time the $$ wuld b rolling in--so just bear with the sleepless nights. LOL

Muse Origins said...

There's a bit of everything in this post. You are such an awesome fun writer! So glad i came over here.