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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So I have been trying to study all day and it’s not going as I planned. I am suppose to do about 300 questions daily till I write my boards, but I have done only 50 throughout the day. I don’t know jor I am so lazy these dayz. I think someone did voodoo on me the way Cleveland fans did voodoo on Lebron James lol. On the real though I am just blah…. I need motivation and more prayers lol. ( one can never pray enough you know).

I just got off the phone with my cousin, remember the one who graduated recently when I almost died on the plane back ( Thank God for my life). I love that boy mehh he is like my little brother. I am just so proud of him. We were talking about his babe ( she is white) and how his mum cannot really accept her. I feel bad for him because the girl is really nice. She is polite and very matured for her age. Did I tell you guyz she was even dancing to Gbono feli feli on my cousin’s grad party with her lirru waist lol. I mean is there anything really wrong with dating someone who is different from you. Nigerian parents carry it on their head like it’s a taboo or something. When I was younger I used to tell my dad that I will marry a white man just to make him angry ( after he annoys me lol). And he goes I will disown you if you do that. I mean common, my dad did not even marry a Nigerian so what was he yarning sef . Nigerian parents need to chill and let their children live their life. Abi what do you guyz think? ( don’t use style to insult me oh, it’s only opinions I asked for #justsaying lol) .

Meanwhile the ongoing story of my dreamful life ( Like my life does not have enough drama). I have been sorta of ignoring my friend’s call ( Lance’s fiancé ). Let’s call her Regina, so regina has been calling me and I have been painfully-conveniently-not-so- intentionally avoiding her calls. It’s not as easy as I thought. I was at her place the other day and she told me to say hi to Lance while she spoke to her friend on the other line. I was like no don’t worry I am good. She was like why, he asks about you once in a while just say hi

.Then I was like that is it! Regina, I need to get this out of my chest ( Like Usher, I had a confession moment, these are my confessions… ). Here goes nothing. I used to talk to lance a while ago and I think I still have something for him and I think he feels the same way too and she was like what? . You and my Lance? I thought you were my friend. How can you stand in front of me and tell me you like…….

Pause! Rewind and Play back

Of course I didn’t tell her that. Do I look like I am smoking something or i am related to Bobby Brown ( wetin concern bobby brown na, sometimes I say the weirdest thing lol) . All these were playing in my head when she told me to say hi to lance. I said hi and the conversation felt awkward mehh. I spoke very fast and gave the phone back to regina. I told her I needed to step outside for a while. I don’t know jare, I think I am kinda-sorta- 15% sure that there is something there and 85% sure that its all in my head ( not like Jason derulo’s song though lol). Let this wedding come and go biko lol. Mid life crises can’t be worse than this. I will be okay. Like someone said, all I need to do is swallow the little feelings I have and drink it with a tall glass of water shikena!. I mean compare 15% and 85%, if you do the math there should be nothing there. I will be okay, you will see. * fingers crossed while reciting the lord’s prayer* . I got this. Thanks for the advice from my last post, I really appreciate your considerations. You guyz wuv me sha, I know you do cos I wuv you plenty plenty.


Lemme go chill with some of my peeps jare since book refuse to enter today. Have a lovely week ahead and happy new month : ) . Congrats to the nominees of NBA.

A man walks up to a woman in his office each day, stands very close to her, draws in a large breath of air and tells her that her hair smells nice.

After a week of this, she can't stand it any longer, and goes to Human Resources.

Without identifying the guy, she tells them what the coworker does, and that she wants to file a sexual harassment suit against him.

The HR supervisor is puzzled by this approach, and asks, "What is sexually threatening about a coworker telling you your hair smells nice?

The woman replies, "It's Keith...... The midget."

Man's wife asks him to go to the store to buy some cigarettes. So he walks down to the store only to find it closed. So he goes into a nearby bar to use the vending machine. At the bar he sees a beautiful woman and starts talking to her. They have a couple of beers and one thing leads to another and they end up in her apartment. After they've had their fun, he realizes its 3AM and says, "Oh no, its so late, my wife's going to kill me. Have you got any talcum powder?" She gives him some talcum powder, which he proceeds to rub on his hands and then he goes home.

His wife is waiting for him in the doorway and she is pretty pissed. "Where the hell have you been?!?!"

"Well, honey, its like this. I went to the store like you asked, but they were closed. So I went to the bar to use the vending machine. I saw this great looking chick there and we had a few drinks and one thing led to another and I ended up in bed with her."

"Oh yeah? Let me see your hands!"

She sees his hands are covered with powder and... "You God damn liar!!! You went bowling again!!!"