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Thursday, March 15, 2012


I don’t know if this applies to all twins, but on most occasions, one twin is closer to the mum while the other to the dad. Well most of you know it was my dad for me. My mum told me I was one the most annoying and frustrating babies of all her kids. (Can you imagine the imagination, a mother telling her child that lol). Her annoyance was that I cried too much ( shey babies are suppose to cry, eat, poop and sleep). She said I cried for no damn reason to the extent of waking up my sis who was sleeping peacefully.

I single handedly make her have post partum depression (how is it my fault, I was only a baby. I hope my baby will not be like me sha lol. I will lose it ). She said even my grams’ could not quiet me down. She didn’t say it, but I was basically the evil child. Is okay some babies have been called worse lol. The annoying part was that when she carries me I cried, when she ignores me my cry shifts gear from 1 to 4.

This particular day, she has had enough of me. She fed and changed me, but I was still on my crying spree. She ignored me for 2 hours and I cried continuously, I stopped a little to catch my breath then I carried on to my NGO duties lol. She just sat there staring at me (I can imagine her saying why me? Lol). My dad woke up took one look at my mum. Without asking questions he carried me. My mum said as soon as my dad touched me I stopped crying. In less than 5min I slept for 4 hours straight. From that day onward, as soon as I start my crying spree, my mum took me to my dad and I stopped crying (it was like magic). She was happy with life again lol. The solution has been there all along. That was the commencement of the bond between me and dad. I became a somewhat normal child.

When we grew older, my sister mostly goes to my mum for stuff and I my dad. Everyone knew their place. We used to say go meet your own mummy and I will go meet my own daddy lol ( kids, you would think we had different parents).

I can’t remember what I did, but I must have annoyed my mum that day. My dad was out of town, so I couldn’t report my mum to him lol. My mum was sending on endless errands, telling to do chores that me and my sister normally do together. We had helps in the house, but my mum chose to ignore them as well. In my head, I was like shuoo which kind harassment be this, so because my daddy is out of town I am now the Cinderella abi.

It got to a point I was like I am not doing anything again. What is it sef. ( I crossed my arm and grumbled until my breath).
Mum: what did you say?
Bsnc: I said I am tired na ahn ahn. Do you want me to faint here? I am too young to be going through all this manual labor ( I was 8 yrs or so lol)
Mum: You will do what I tell you to do. Look at this small child oh. Oya go and continue what you are doing before you make me angry.
Bsnc: I am tired oh..eh.., my hand is paining me, I can’t see clearly. If daddy sees me like this eh, you will see oh.
Mum: Well your daddy is not here. So go on.
I stood on the same spot for like 5 mins and said one of the meanest things I have ever said to anyone.
Bsnc: Mummy I know you have always hated me, I don’t like very much too. I don’t think you were the one that gave birth to me. After all why VSNC (my twin) light is skinned and I am dark skinned. I don’t even look like you. Where is mummy?
Before this incidence, I just saw a movie two days ago about how a girl was stolen in this hospital and she returned to her biological mother years later. Sometimes movies can give you the wrong idea, I tell you.
Bsnc: I will tell my da……
Everywhere was dark for a moment. The next time I opened my eyes I was on the floor. I saw my mum looking down at me with an angry, but concerned look (imagine if I went into a coma, that slap was deafening lol). When she saw I was okay, she started raining insults on me.

My parents have never laid a finger on me. It’s either they punish and take things away from me or they insult the living daylight out of me. To say that slap was a shock is an understatement. My mum’s hand print was like a tattoo on my face for days. I apologized to my mum, we both cried for a moment. I felt bad for being so rude, but that slap hunted me for weeks to come. I had nightmares of random people slapping me. She has always been too tough on me, but I get it know. My dad spoilt me too much ( I didn’t complain though lol). Someone has to be the disciplinarian. From that day on I thought she hated me, but the older I got, I realized that it has always been in my head. We have our moments every now and then, but I love my mum sha. She is one of the strongest, bravest, funniest, no-nonsense, no sugar coating, sincere woman I know.

I think I am coming down with something. With the weather skipping a season and all (it just went from winter to summer). Been sneezing, feeling feverish and really tired. I told one of my friends (soon to be ex-friend lol) that I was feeling sick. She goes you are a nurse, treat yourself nau. People can be harsh sha. Take care of yourself people and stay healthy.


Eddie Steeze said...

Memories... This reminds me of my own childhood. I was closer to my mom and I wasn't too close my dad. The number of times he flogged me and beat me (i was a very wayward pikin), you would think two men were wrestling. At a point i think i even really hated him. But someone had to keep me in line. Mom was the good cop, dad was the bad, evil cop. Lol. All these things make us who we are today (though i strongly object to the way i was punished and manhandled).

Abeg no fear jare... It's only a nightmare and we all know mommy loves you so much. *kisses*

Priscy said...

Eyah... I can understand your frustration sha. Thank God you and mummy are back in *love* I agree that television really influences us, especially as kids. Sorry for your soon to be ex- friend oh. Cheers

Unknown said...

growing up things were that way with my sister and i also, or so i thought. my mom favored me and my dad my sister and i always was jealous of their relationship and how my dad took up for her whenever she went left.. we're older now and i think we both realize they love us the same, it's just that we needed different things from each of them. parents are special like that. they always just know.

BSNC said...

@eddie hahaha it seems your situation was different. They never touched me except that one slap lol. eya pele, but like you said it made you the person who you are today. thanks for stopping by

@priscy it really does and its mostly negetive. Don't mind the big head jare. hope you are okay.

@stephanie you couldn't have said it better. we needed different things from each of them. They really are special :)

Okeoghene said...

I thought I was the only one who felt the skip in weather. The normal allergies of spring lingers though.

I wasn't close to either of my parents. My dad passed on when I was in primary school and my mom had so much on her plate then I just wanted things to be easy for her, I didn't want to cause any troubles. I didn't really get close to her till I had my first child. And I realized it is important to have a good relationship with your parents.

lovelife4sale said...

BSNC... Yay, you are finally back to blogging, before you Houdini on our Ass again shey? lol. Yeah, im a certified Mama's Boy, but my family arrangement is kinda Confusing also, sooo i basically gravitated to the old females. i always tried to play the cute card when i was younger.... it worked alot, until i grew older. lol.

Yeah the Weather has been bipolar, and there definitely has been some flu like symptoms going around, i got mad ill last week, but made a speedy recovery. take care of yourself.

well, the only thing silver lining to the whole situation of the weather is, im just soo happy that this was the best Winter Weather i have ever had.

Toinlicious said...

Aww, pele. full blown abi? Pele dear. How did u come b Aboniki tho? lol

I was also the evil child o! and i'm daddy's girl too. My dad was the good cop but mom was d evil cop lol. I was more than a handful tho. You could do a series on ish i did as a kid. I'm sure my mother would have tried to give me away a few times but no1 wuld have me hehehe. I'm scared shitless of having a kid like me mehn

JustDoyin said...

I know I shouldn't have, but I LOLed at the sound of that slap and the nightmares of random people slapping you...

I hope you feel much better now...do take good care of yourself.

Molara Brown said...

I know that feeling of thinking, the parents are wicked and they might have wrongly picked one up from the hospital.

Chai, that slap,must have been really hot.

Pele, get well soon oh.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!

Okeoghene said...

Awww like Ms. Flu has shown face. Get well soon

Toinlicious said...

Hey u, how's the Flu? hope ur feeling much better. Just checking up xo

Fabulo-la said...

Congrtas to your sister!
Ive missed you!

Blessing said...


Reminds me of my mom and I when I was younger!