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Monday, May 4, 2009


Hey beautiful people of Blogs Villa. Hope everybody is good and your week has been going as planned. Thanks for the comments from my last post, you guyz are incredible .

I have been kind of busy; school, project, work… well work was okay this week, so on Saturday morning after doing my morning routine( feeding and cleaning Mr. Sean). We were or I was playing this new game he brought ( WANTED, I guess some of you have seen the movie). It was about 10am, and we hear this bumping sound upstairs right above his room,(he stays in an apartment). It was slow at first, then it increased gradually, bang bang bangbangbang… it went on for about 3 to 4 minutes. Mr Sean was like BSNC did you hear that. Me, hear what... I acted like I was so engrossed in the game. I didn’t even look at him. He was like never mind, I thought I heard something. That bumping sound was really audible; I was waiting for the ceiling to open sef.

Three hours later bangbangbangbang bang baaang…. Mr. Sean looked at me, you still can’t hear that. Me, ohh that sound, you know its raining outside, I guess its getting heavier by the minutes (see this man o, na my mouth you wan hear say cray fish bend).

Two hours later, it has stopped raining and I wasn’t playing the game. We hear the sound again, bang, boom, bang boomboom bang… This time I couldn’t help myself, i just bust out laughing. Mr. Sean was like so you can hear the sound now, of course I can hear the sound .. I am not deaf now, its like there were on a banging marathon( I didn’t say that to him sha). He said he thought he was going crazy, he was hearing that sound through out the night. I suggested if I should tell them to keep it down. He looked at me like I was crazy. Well I tried, what was I suppose to say…

Later that day his cousin and HGF(his babe) came over to see him, the same cousin from my other post. HGF wanted to wash his hair alone,(less work for me abi) she told me to bring his shampoo and conditioner. While she was washing the hair Mr. Sean told her, he doesn’t like the way she is doing it, he says he wants me to do it instead. She was soo pissed, she was close to crying. I felt so bad, I told Mr. Sean that I had an injury on my finger, so I can’t really do anything. I excused myself self and went to the other room. Shey you see this yeye man, now that I am getting along with HGF, the guy wants to put sand in my garri. ( I no like wahala o, at all)

The cousin was at the other room( I was like ooo which kind thing be this now). I walked past him and sat down at the other corner of the room, minding my own bizness. The cousin being the busy body that he is, came over to my side and sat beside me( the guy fine shaaa I no go lie, but I no send jo). The guy started his sermon again oo. He was like why am I forming hard to get, girl are always all over him,....…. (story story, once upon a time… na today mcheew). He was still giving his speech when HGF told me I was free to go, 1 hour before the end of my shift. I quickly gathered my stuff and walked away. The cousin was like you know this is not the end of our conversation( na im sabi, OYO for him o. no time)..

Here is my little lol gift.. Enjoy( i know its kind of old)

There was a plane going overseas. The pilot realized after they had taken off that the plane was carrying too much weight. If they didn't lighten the load they were going to crash.

So they dumped the freight.

The plane was still too heavy. Then they dumped the luggage. Still too heavy! So the pilot announced to the passengers what was going on, and asked for about 15 volunteers to jump off the plane with a parachute. The navy had been alerted, so they would have ships waiting for them below. And they would get a pass to fly free on this airline for the rest of their lives.

No one budged.

The pilot asked again, still no one moved.

So the pilot says: "OK, we're going to do pick people to jump, but fairly.

We'll go by alphabet, race by race: Please All African Americans step to the front of the plane now!"

No one moved.

He then says: "All Blacks, step to the front, please."

No one still moved.

"All Coloreds step to the front, please."

Still no one moved.

At this point a little boy asked his father: "Dad, aren't we African American or Black or Colored?"

The father says: "No, son, today we're Negroes. And if someone doesn't hurry up and step up to the front, we're going to be Zulu!"

Hope you guyz have a Wonderful month :)


Dante said...

1st. no dulling

Miss Natural said...

lol 2nd, I'm getting there...and this is fun. Eya i hate triangles, they are soooo awkward! lol@ the joke , haha when I read it I was cracking up.

Dante said...

Mr Sean....I wonder what he wants from you...while he is coming from one angle, his cousin is coming from another angle..na wah oooo.
be careful. sha

Anonymous said...

Lol! What's the deal with Mr. Sean though, is he injured or...?

Anonymous said...


Giagerry said...

im first!
*bite me*

Omo Oba said...

haha. nice one. u and ur jokes, BSNC! i wonder what coloreds are? se they are not Zulus too? hm? ok I refuse to dig things up here...lol

Adaeze said...

be careful with that mr sean. i think he has a hidden agenda. lol

1 + The One said...

Hello chic, how you doing?
What is Mr Sean up to?? lol, pls he should allow it and as for the cousin... lol..oh well, a man's got to try right? ..
And now the neighbours, they will not kill you, it is well lol
(Look on the bright side, at least you never know how your day would go at work.... exciting! :-)

Tiwa said...

lol at the bang bang sounds...that cousin sef with his girlfriend being in the house and all
n thanks for always takin gthe time to find jokes for us..a laughter after all is good for the soul

Afrobabe said...

lol...I would definately start with being zulu...not negro. used to have this silly house mates that not only made the banging noise but screamed as well...very annoying...

Roc said...

I'm sure they were just trying to put a shelf up upstairs..

A bit of DIY.. Do it yourself..

I reckon Mr Sean just takes every opportunity to piss off his girlfriend whenever you're around..

Long tin..

Mz. Eniola said...

haha! Mr. Sean iz funny o! LMAO! he wants u to wah hez hair! haha! hez babe wud just b vexing! LMAO@ d joke!x

Spesh said...

Ma dear,you are jst 2 much.
Imagine Mr sean ooo..

BSNC said...

@dante no dulling at all. my broda shey you see my predicament. yes i will.. :)

@Miss Natural lol yes you are getting there. no triangle o, i don't know they are getting at..

i am glad you liked the joke

@Miss Lowlah he is paralysed from his neck down. i don't know his deal too. yay you are 3rd

@Gee lol you know you are what ever number you want to be :)

@Omo Oba lol colored is what they call blacks in the past and i guess zulus are africans...

@adaze lol er.. i don't think so, but you never know

BSNC said...

@1+ the One i am fine oo, hope you are good too. i really don't know. lol yes i guess. lol they will not kill me oo. amen... yea i know, my job never cease to amaze me :)

@tiwa lol my sista i tire too. i guess it makes the job exciting.

awww its nothing really. i am glad you guyz like the jokes, at least i was able to put smiles on people's face. yes it is

@afrobabe lol yes zulu first.. lol no way. i can imagine what you went through.

@chief Roc lol very funny, shelf upstairs indeed. yes i know, its not really nice..

@Mz Eniola lol don't mind he jo. she didn't find it funny at all. you should have seen her face..

@my world babe don't mind him jare

thanks wonderful people

Anonymous said...

lol at those sounds, erm my mind didn't wonder too far, I promise!

lmao at the joke, ahh me too I would wait for negro oh, then I would kill whoever said it.

CaramelD said...

Which man in his right mind, will tell his girl that he doesn't like what she is doing, but that she should call the nurse instead! Is that not how wars start?

You and his cousin is cracking me up no end LOL!

*Diane* said...

lol @ you pretending not to hear those sounds. I'm thinking Mr. Sean wants 2 women fussing over him, be careful around him and his cousin

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sean def is enjoying the Fact that his girlfriend is Jealous of you. LMAO. Silly Man.
The cousin should be avoided...oloshiuous fellow. LMAO at the Joke. Negroes foreva!

Isabella said...

So you dis babe you are scopin men at work ? we sent you to make big money o ..focus! lol ...

as for mr sean hmmmm watch him b4 he cause trouble!

Zulu lool!!! black people only they cld say such things!

Bibi said...

chic, you see wetin i go theu for nite that time? lmao. u even pretend say you nor hear. if na me, i for don laugh since since

Repressed One said...

lol@ the cuz talking about girls be sweating him...he's really smelling himself ain't he? mschewww well there's always a first time.

...yea i appears Mr Sean just enjoys pissing his GF off...he's a silly man.

Well, you seem to be handling them well...be careful around all of them sha.

BSNC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BSNC said...

@Tay-mee lol are you absolutedly, postively, affirmatively sure.. lol i know right..

@CaramelD God bless you jo. i tire for this man oo. i think he likes wahala. Don't mind his cousin, he better lemme be..

@Diane lol i had to pretend o, he already has two babes. thanks will do..

@Temite very silly man. we are cool now though( me and his babe). i really try, but the guy no wan hear.. lol really olosiuous fellow.. i think i will be zulu for now

@Miss FlyHigh lol i am not scooping men o. this chic is very focused. Thanks will do.. lol i know

@bibi yes o, i was thinking about you when it happened. i was like this na wetin this babe dey go through.. na wa oo.

i gats to pretend, but when it happened the third time....

@repressed one lol i know. the guy is cute sha, yes now he knows this babe no get that time

i don't know what his problem is o, i felt for her . I am trying, i will thanks babe

thanks lovely people

NaijaScorpio said...

Why is the cousin harassing you now? I think u should be more firm with him. Wetin be that?!

Sweetnothin' said...

and here i am thinking i was gonna be first. hmmm. proudly # 27.

hhahahhahahahaha...@The father says: "No, son, today we're Negroes. And if someone doesn't hurry up and step up to the front, we're going to be Zulu!"
that is off hook.

Naked soul said...

the joke just turned my annoying day into a great one, thanks for the laugh

Original Mgbeke said...

LMAO @ Roc. Only shelf? Which kain yeye neighbors be that sef?
Meanwoos LOL @ the cuzzo. No be small babes are sweating him, abeg jare. Make Mr. Sean no put you inside wahala o.
Funny joke, from Zulus to ashy ass Africans. LOL

bob-ij said...

lol..nice one!... You wanted to make him think he was crazy?...lol...Very apt!


LusciousRon said...

Funny joke that.
Mr. Sean is behaving like a primal male.
Don't mind his cousin jare, he even had the mouth to tell you how all women crawl over him. You are not a spider, so you definitely won't be doing any crawling!

Like Temite said in her post, he is just a male not a MAN!

Tairebabs said...

Na wa o this cousin situation is something else. What does he really expect self, he should go and meet the other women that crawl over him now. The beng beng incident was funny sha.

As always I love your joke. Good way to start my day.

BSNC said...

@sting lol the cousin matter tire me. i am trying o. I don't want to act all crazy, you know they have inbuilt kolo-ness

@Sweetnothin lol er.. 27th is not bad.. i know, at least Z is the last alphabet.

@Naked soul awww thats nice. Glad to put a smile on someone's face :)

@Originial Mgbeke lol don't mind Roc jare. The guy reach sha, but wetin be my own inside. My point exactly, i no like wahala. glad you liked the joke

@bob ij lol not really, i thought he was just messing with me.

@LusciousRon lol true that, i am not a spider o. I have just two legs not eight. i guess he is a male or even a boy sef

@Tairebabs i think i should have told him that sef. I tried to compose myself, but the third i just couldn't help it.. dem no dey tire

aww thanks i'm glad you like it

Thanks wonderful people

cerberus said...

Gracias para tu regalo
twas extremeley funny

Feddie Girl said...

Lol! Just tear yourself in two: one for each of them. :)

Funny joke!

Jayla. said...

mehn those people are on some serious marathon abi are they on a baby making program?

Beulah! said...

Na wa oh!, dem for take am easy na!....I hate guys taht are too full of themselves, abeg, bone d guy jare. On the joke, LOLOLOL...!!!!!

BSNC said...

@cerebus awww gracius glad you liked it

@JoanPeck lol i can't do that now..

@jayla lol i don't know o. You may be right..

@Beluah thats what i am trying to do oo. thanks for stopping by. i am glad you liked the joke

thanks wonderful people

Buttercup said...

nawa for mr sean o, he shudnt make hgf get really mad and do somn to u o, ehen..

seriously tho, why dont u like the cousin? lol..

lmao @ the joke

p.s. theres a wanted game???? wow..cooooool

BSNC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BSNC said...

i tire for the man o B'cup. He is too cocky jare

yes there is a wanted game and its interesting.......