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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Wow it has been a while. Whatz cracking y'all. How are you finding this cold weather, this fall season has stripped down most of the trees. Now they are all butt naked. (poor trees). Okay before some of you crucify me. i can explain, you see what happened was ummm... like you know.... so umm you see... Abeg joh its school o, school is strumming my pains with his fingers... killing me softly with his works, killing me softly... Work is there too o. Its not easy at all, but like lemar says there is not much justice in the world. It is well, but on the real though, it has been a crazy month.

I was sick for like a week. Me who never gets sick, for some strange reason i thought i had the swine flu. Thank God it wasn't the flu, the doctor said i wasn't eating right, i was slightly dehydrated ;as a result, it was easy for me to get sick. His prescription; rest, sleep, and eat well.. like that was going to happen. i had 4 exams back to back that week and 2 papers due. It was hell, but i am better now. Buttercup was checking on me every single day( she is such a sweetheart sha), robby scribbles, dante, trybes and GNG thanks alot for your messages. I told you guyz, American sickness gat nothing on this african blood. Thanks guyz, really...

What have i been up to, lets see hmmm.. Reggie finally left o. Yes he did, i didn't feel anything until a couple minutes to his departure. We just stood there at the door looking at each other, i realised that i am really really going to miss this dude ( yea yea i finally admitted it and i yea said really twice, sue me...lol)

reggie: It was a pleasure getting to know you bsnc, i am going to miss you pretty lady ( yes he said that, you should have seen the way i was blushing, goat...lol). You made my stay worthwhile. (story story..) I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, you deserve it. ( awww i do joh...)

bsnc: likewise, i wish you all the best too. We will miss you.

reggie: who is we, so you are not going to miss me.

bsnc: okay, you will be missed.

reggie: hahaha, gurl why can't you just say what you mean. Forget it, can i get a hug at least.

Before i could give him a reply, he closed the gap between us and took me in his arms. It was... what is the word i am looking for.. wow, yea wow. You know all those stuff you read in the novels, BETTER...lol . (It felt good sha, and we were just hugging o. imagine... imagine.. chai see all of una, spoilt people). Just know that they are hugs and there is reggie's hug. He gave me a peck on my cheek. It took all the will power in me not to do something to him ( i know, too much film...lol). He looked at me like he was going to say something, but he swallowed whatever he was going to say and moved away for me.

reggie: i know you are going to miss me ( he opened the door). Take care lady.

bsnc: yes i am going to miss you a teeny little bit.

reggie: i know...

That was how reggie walked away from my life, i mean the apartment. i mean.. yea you know what i mean jare. I felt his absence within hours, wow i guess i was kind of liking this American boy. Did you guyz know that he was never engaged. I wonder why he made up that story... oh well reggie is gone, he gave me something to blog about and think about too, sometimes sha, okay maybe 4% more than sometimes..

I saw resident briefly, for like a second. I didn't have time to talk to him, so sorry o.. no gist on resident again( no be my fault na abi)..

I am thinking of wearing this MC hammer costume for Halloween, that is if i am still going out. what do you guyz think. pa na na nana can't touch this ......

Thanks for your comments from my last post, i will try to blog more often. I have gist for you guyz, but this dayz... i don't know jare. Hope you guyz are good though.


~B~ said...

awwwww @ Reggie, y ddnt y'all exchange contacts or somethin?? even if it's Facebook sef! :(

Lol, we def hav t see this mc hammer outfit!

Nice Anon said...

Awww she finally said what we all knew all along.

Anonymous said...

Bbz, i feel u about skool....just tk it easy..

Blogoratti said...

I see school is real hectic,you been awol for so long.
Mc Hammer costume...lol-can't touch this..

Enkay said...

Aaww, and there I was hoping that someday, something really juicy will turn up on your blog about Reggie. oh well, I'm still not giving up! lol!!

Keep your nose in them books babe but don't you go compromising on your health! pele O!

jhazmyn said...

Lol, u so sound like a teen wit a bad crush...sweet.

Hang in there with school, its all worth the stress at the end of the day

L-VII said...

I knew you were feeling Reggie! Aww, see how the bobo come disappear before action go commence. Sorry o.

I am glad your ok, blogsville is not as much fun without you.


Anonymous said...

Why are you letting reggie go?

Anonymous said...

AWWWWW......NOOOOOO REGGIE'S GONE!!! ahnahn...lol....I'm liking Mc Hammer lol...

Good Naija Girl said...

When I saw your comment on my blog I was excited because I knew that meant BSNC must be back! Welcome! I hope all is well!

Awww, your goodbye with Reggie was like a scene from a movie. There may be a sequel to this 'movie' o!

lol the thing that had me laughing with this entry was how you incorporated song lyrics seamlessly into it...nicely done.

And you know we like gist so don't be stingy!

Blessing said...

welcome back!!!..u were missed!

hmm...i knew u were frontin' on Reggie all along...look at you! aww :-)

I'm happy that ur feeling better!...and a mc hammer costume sounds nice and diffy!!!

BSNC said...

@~B~ he is not on facebook o, dude is grown. I wish i did exchange contact, oh well..

lol maybe you will see it, i am still thinking about it..

@nice anon lol yea yea i guess i did.

@naijaprincess234 thanks babe, i sure will.

@blogoratti yes it has been hectic. i try not to be away for too long, but sometimes i can't help it.
lol yes they can't touch this..

@enkay lol what part of his gone you don't understand, you better give up o..lol
I am trying. i know, but book has never killed anyone before...

@jhazmyn lol don't mind me joh, agbaya like me..

yea i hope so..

@L-VII lol its better that way jare. Let him go, before i..... never mind..lol
awww thanks L :)

@ttlolla shuoo babe what am i suppose to do before. he has to do what he has to do...

@nwanyi lol yes oo..
really, okay lets see how it goes..

@GNG yes i am better now :)
lol no sequel o, he is gone for good. And i have alot of gist, me stingy with gist...lol. noooo.

@Blessing aww thanks :)
okay maybe i was, so...lol
thanks, seems you guyz really like this MC hammer idea. okay..

thanks people ;)

histreasure said...

awww, Reggie left..just like that? well,since you say no sequel,we'll just await the gist u got..

abeg,no carry your health joke o..we no wan miss you like that

CaramelD said...

Reggie don go oh! Chai! Bye Reggie! Thanks for all the good times where you got BSNC all riled up and all a flutter!

HAMMERIME! BSNC please wear it, it sounds cool. Take pics oh.

Ps don't be sick.

Anonymous said...

But BSNC you gorra stop disappearing now :(

Take a picture of your costume though, that should be hilarious LOL

Admin said...

Reggie,abi na reggi bush?lol,your Mc Hammer costume will look unique oo

Anonymous said...

chee yah,doesnt he have a phone?facebook?lol.

Giagerry said...

u r back!!
missed u hun!
ok dont let ur head be swelling..
and get to blogging!

mizchif said...

Awwwwww @ you and Reggie, but i already called it since sha, so....

But you don scarce no be small oh. All the best with school and everything.

AliceDCL said...


i hate goodbyes...

can u imagine now ur finally admitting it when hes gone..
girl come back and give d jist oh

shorty said...

Hey hope u feelin much better now.
Awww its sad reggie left but u guys shud have exchanged numbers na.
Missed you..

Harry said...

Hmmn...Reggies oH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, if you fall really ill, you will not be able to take any exams. You can always re-schedule...I am sure your profs will understand. Rest, rest, rest, eat, eat, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep and let your body repair itself. It's an investment oh.

Myne said...

I missed you oo and looked forward to seeing you here again. How now? Thank God for good health oo, e no easy.

So Reggie don go? Eh yaaa, did you cry for him? LOL They say we never know what we have till we miss it. But well, que sera sera.

All the best with school and work and please give us the gistt! Take care dear and enjoy the rest of the week.

Azazel said...

I feel u on the "cold" thing hun.
It's very cold here @ my end also. FREEZING!!! I stay in the states also

Tigeress said...

I'm disappointed! Cant believe u did not at least kiss Reggie before he walked out ur life. What exactly is the reason why u're holding back? u get bf/husband?

TRYBES said...

lol@ Tigeress

Thank God my sweet 16th is back,..and glad your doin ok as well..as for reggie...I always said you liked or is it loved sef that guy more than you were willin to admit...lol..well you could at least have collected his contacts now..

Lady X said...

And she's back...

Bubbles said...

MC hammer?
how unattractive lol

Repressed One said...

BSNC darling...i saw you comment on my page and just knew you had to have updated. Nice to see ya brakelite

LOL!! U finally admit that you like(d) Reggie...teehee. Where did he go sef? Shey he'll never come and see his cuz again ni?

Keep your head up oh and take am easy with work and school.

Yankeenaijababe said...

Yeah, great to hear from you. I seriously hope you feel much better.

Post a picture of the costume for us to see, why not wear a vampire costume, would be sexy yet more modern...

Keep us updated of your costume choice.

BSNC said...

@histreasure no worry gist there..
Amen o, sickness is not my portion..

@caramelD haha you are not serious o. lol i don't know if i am still going out that day abi na night.
tell sickness to leave me alone o..

@tay-mee lol its not my fault now, you know how much i love blogging..

lol see your mouth like hilarious, you want to laff at me abi...

@muyiwa lol yes very unique since everybody is doing the vampire and maid thing...

@leggy lol umm i didn't ask o, me and useless ego..

@gee lol my head wants to explode o. how are you babe..

@mizchif lol its a lie joh, when was that...

I tire for myself o, thanks babe. I wish you the same.

@BBB lol i know..

i will, but please bear with me...

@cutee yes i am, thanks babe. Its better this way i guess. aww i missed you guyz too. But cutee start blogging now. I want to read your post...

thanks people :)

BSNC said...

@harry lol i tire...

@lucidlilth lol thanks for the advice. i will try to rest that is if i find time to rest...

@myne whitman na me miss you pass o. my sista, God dey my side..
yes que sera, cry say wetin happen..lol

thanks alot, you do the same.

@azazel freezing ke. i stay in the states too, but it wasn't freezing cold. just cool cold..

@tigeress hahaha abeg don't be disappointed o. Remember he was supposed to be engaged now. Husband ke, where is he...

@trybes lol you don start again abi. trybes abeg leave that matter jare. how you dey now..

@lady X lol yes i am..

@bubbles thanks babe. lol only you will say its unattractive,dodo girl..

@repressed one you know i must come mineral for your end now..
according him, he said he is moving to another state..
thanks dear i will, how you dey now.

@YNB i feel better, thanks :)
everybody will be wearing a vampire costume. lol will do..

thanks people :)

Original Mgbeke said...

This babe! I have missed you! But biko bia...where did Reggie goooo? Noooo, come back Reggie. I enjoyed reading Reggie gist.
How have you been babe? Long time o!

miss.fab said...

Awwwwww eya! Reggie! *tear* I really feel like I've been on this Reggie journey with you. When we walk down the altar I go just break down finish.

Okay okay I'm getting ahead of myself. Lmao! Hahahahaha. But cute. Yay! You better be back. How dare you abandon us. Hiss.

Anonymous said...

eyah.... lol.... almost picture perfect thing with Reggie.. There's a twist though, he has your phone number and will call out of the blues one day.... LOL..

Keep repping.. norrin do you..

Andrea said...

welcome back

TDVA said...

stopped by. lovely posts as usual. hugs...

shorty said...

BSNC still trying to get one,dont worry very soon ehn.
tnx for the luv :)

Spesh said...

Thank God it wasnt d flu.hope your better now.
Awwwwwwwwwww,you just had to miss him ma dear.........

BSNC said...

@original Mgbeke awww na me miss you pass o. the only mgbeke in blogsville..lol
Yea reggie will be okay jare, my sista how i have been na 10 page paper, but God is in control sha..

@miss fab lol umm which altar again, babe hmm okay o. wait wait look who is talking. a whole Ms MIA like you..
How have you been?

@DB lol what blue, i am talkin in black and white you are talking about blue. How you dey..

@andrea thanks :)

@TDVA lord have mercy, its a lie. TDVA!! where have you been. Its been ages, hope you are good. Thanks for stopping by babe :)

@cutee you have been saying that since, okay i can be patient. Seems you want your post well cooked. You are always welcome dear :)

@My World i know!!!!..
yea i had to. reggie reggie *sigh*, i ll be okay :)

thanks people :)

Bibi said...

God has answered my prayers today! i said it abi? you cannot hide love froe ever. true love for that matter! the way you were cussing that reggie and loving him at the same time nor be small thing o! chei! so your spirit left your body for a minute abi? tell us the truth, are you sure he just kissed your cheek? only your cheek? speak the trutha nd shame the devil o! lol

Folashade said...

schheee..........thank God you are ok now ....at first i was wondering were u had gone to.....

eya so reggie left ....without even saying much....ahh ahh women see the way you were saying ....we will miss you....i wish i was dere to laugh....

lol...reggie said who are d we.....lol
its all for the better B.... if you will permit me i've just been inspired to write abt this....Heart break....and plz dont get me wrong oh....sweet....

bonnie said...

awww reggie is gonne..for now.lol
i'm going to miss him soo much actually. i feel like i know him. hehe no more reggie gist :(

hope ur Halloween was good in those harem/mc hammer pants!

Anonymous said...

lol eya reggie is gone. See as you let real love pass you by.

Ms. 'dufa said...

Miss u! Glad your berra now! We will all miss Reggie...:(

chayomao said...

Our Reggie is gone??


Miss Natural said...

I cant blive u didnt take the bull by the horns with reggie :( aww, that was a good almost romance while it lasted. Pele about school too. school is a merciless killer, it kicks all our butts :( lol

shorty said...

changed 4rm cutee to shorty o.lol

Cidersweet said...

Eyah, I felt quite sad reading about Mr. Reggie's departure. I was going to try consoling you by pointing out that at least you could call each other until I read one of your comments that said you didnt exchange numbers. Shet! Oh well, you never know when you'll jam each other in the future. Till then have a lovely time BrownSkin.
Happy November + Sis and Granny + School + Mr. Sean and HGF lol.

Olufunke said...

You and that reggie
Are you sure there would not be a 'come back'?
We would miss the reggie gists...........

Unknown said...

this is so sweet
you guys are crazy

'reggie' is the best. why don't you call him? just to keep in touch even if nothing else.
he seems like a great guy. just thot i would say hi!

Rita said...

You sound like a lady that has been swept off her feet...hope you can concentrate :-)

How are you doing? Hope much better.

Anonymous said...

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RepressedOne said...

LWKMD@ ^...se kosi o??

BSNC!!!!!!!!!! How on earth are you?? I just come greet you oh. Happy thanksgiving dear...hope you get to rest and spend it with fam

Miss Enigma said...

Happy Thanksgiving...hpe u're gud...been a minute.

bonnie said...

where are you?
pleaseee come back!
iMiss you soo much.
i hope you're good and if you're not back before the break, Happy Holidays! :)

bonnie said...

I'm back again. I heard this new song by Chris Brown and it made me think of my on BSNC, you:


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Spesh said...

Babe,I just had to ask,"whr are U?"


yo hi...
you wow me with your piece..'should even say im a fan...u give the fun.. undiluted..yet u manage to keep it real.. im impressed..!!
Stay on top.. u belong there..

Enkay said...

madam what's up?
It's been a while so i say make I check you.
hope you're good?

shorty said...

Chei BSNC you no try at all,where you enter na?please come back we miss you!

Myne said...

Babe are you OK?

Anonymous said...

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Roc said...

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Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be not working? Does anybody here at brownskinaijachic.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?


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Hello there,

Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at brownskinaijachic.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?