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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Gosh I don’t think I have ever been this busy. It is not any easy something jare ( make person no go kraze..) . How are you guyz doing. Hope you guyz are good because my own case is different, I am soo tred and I still have a lot on my plate. I am leaving everything in God’s hands sha.

Where do I start from now, hmm let me see….. a lot has been happening at my end, school has been demanding, I started clinicals, work has been okay, I have been er…. undefined…. What else hmm yea Nigeria is 49. Happy birthday 9ja.. Yea buttercup told me. She did, I am going to miss you and Chari soo much, your blog was very unique. Thank God I had the opportunity to be your chat buddies before you guyz ran away ( run away couples). Consider yourselves stalked. .lol (that is if I get the time self…)

Yesterday in class our prof was asking us the importance of Red bull ( the drink). People were giving intelligent answers. For some strange reasons, she decided to pick on me. She goes; bsnc what do you think, and what did I say. An educated person like myself. I said Red bull gives you wings. The whole class was roaring with laughter, I was ashamed of myself, kia who says that ehn hissss… I tire for myself jor
They finally changed our French speaking teacher; I should be happy right, NO... My new professor is one of a kind I tell you. This guy relates everything to sex. Like seriously... He is talking about the different forms of cancer, then he goes; you know when you have sexual intercourse….., he is talking about exercising, and he goes; you know the act of sexual intercourse……, he is talking about brain tumor and he goes.. yea you get the picture…. LIKE IS HE FOR REAL. Yea that is my prof, in fairness to him, he is a good teacher. I guess I have to get used to it.

Clinicals was good, that was until some doctors and my instructor almost embarrassed me. How, you say? Well let’s talk about those doctors( abi na nurse.hmm I no no again). Okay when we start for the day, our instructor tells us to go where the nurses or doctors are holding their meetings before the shift starts. There I was, trying to be a good student, jotting down on my note, nodding my head to whatever they were saying, like I knew what there were talking about ( I was lost oo). One of the doctors looked at me and asked me a question, I froze, everything was in slow motion. I know he said something, but all I heard was bleeeeee( you know how people sound when they talk in slow motion in those movies… yes that was what I heard). My mouth was dry all of a sudden, saliva no let me swallow sef, I remembered I have not eaten that morning, I was hungry all of a sudden, headache follow the matter too. I looked at my classmates for motivation; those baboons looked the other way (may God not punish them o). I wanted to impress this people, but I didn’t even know what they were asking. I said the first thing that came to my mind. I was like “excuse me I have to go pee” and those idiots (my classmates) were laughing. ( I don’t blame them at all) . That was how I left them sha.

During our break, I was kind of angry with my classmates, so I refuse to sit down with them. I was sitting by myself, drinking my apple juice when this guy sat next to me. We talked for a while, he said he was a resident there, he is a Nigerian and he heard when I told the doctor I was going to pee (of all the things, na that one im hear oo yeye boy lol). He said my words kept on replaying in his head and he was laughing all day. What was so funny about been embarrassed, ehn….. I noticed someone coming towards our direction, It was my instructor. She sat down next to me and she was like bsnc you don’t have time for all this now, you should be sitting with your classmates. She turned to the boy( come to think of it, I don’t even know his name sef) and she was like you are a resident here, you don’t have time or money to spend on her. You guyz should focus on what you came here to do. After her seminar or what ever she calls it, she took me to the other table with my classmates. I was too surprised to say anything o( shuo una don see this kind thing b4, wetin concern carrot and dodo).

I will gist you guyz about work another time jor. I will try and make my blog rounds, I know I have missed a lot. I wish I could blog more often, but you guyz know everything now. Besides i seem to be depressing most people this dayz...lol. Blame it on life. I just tire, Body no be fire wood o. Mehh this flu shot is making me sick o( who send me message), I thought this flu shot was suppose to prevent the flu not the other way round. Happy new month y’all.


Blogoratti said...

Ah you've been busy as a bee i see..
Missed your posts and all,anyways you gotta do what you gotta do-work and school..but hey keep your head up kiddo!
So redbull gives one wings eh :)

Rene said...

lmao @.......evrything
u r busy sha

u wudav taken red bull 2 get u out of d situation naw

Tinu said...

lmaaaoooo bsnc u wnt kill me!red bull gives u wings!!!
wht is ur instructors own na???tschewwww sweet jist would have folowed if u guys had started talking kai im an amebo!!!

Ms. 'dufa said...

Lol@Red bull. What were you thinking?

Yankeenaijababe said...

Red bull gives wings..imao.

Eh yah pele, it seems like school is hectic, hang in there my sister, everything will be alright. Clinicals, crazy doctors and professors...just do your very best, I know the semester will end soon.

Stay cutie.

Miss Natural said...

I really did miss you...wow bsnc you're hilarious. red bull gives you wings, baboonish classmates, i need to go and pee. loved it. i have so much to do and dont knw where to start so u cheered me up

Anonymous said...

Lol..eya Bsnc see what stress can do to someone.."red bull gives you wings" and "I need to pee" lmao.

Pele you will be fine!!

Anonymous said...

lol @ d redbull thing.. they'll forget about your foible soon enough.

Bubbles said...

Red bull gives you wings.!
haha DODO

Myne said...

Nice to have you back, thanks for coming over to mine. Ehmm, that resident...LOL. Take care OK?

Fabulo-la said...

Oh BSNC you never cease to amaze me!
I have to go pee ke?

And as for you teacher...prof or whatever her name is..LMAO!

Maybe she wants to mentor u...


Im fine o jare BSNC...How are you doing?

Miss Enigma said...

LWKM...Red bull gives u wings...really? U got jokes dear. The lord is ur strength o jare..lol

Anonymous said...

lol...very funny.

TRYBES said...

Your just one funny woman who succeeds in gettin me laffin after readin your posts..Mrs Redbull Wings--good job..lol

Anonymous said...

BSNC,....tk things easy o....
Pls update more often tho, i miss reading your blog..

jhazmyn said...

BSNC...red bull gives u wings?...for real...lol, hope ur laughing bout it all, life is easier wen we laff at our own foibles.

You take things easy aight, sounds like ur really swamped

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

lmao@ Red Bull gives you wings!!!

shorty said...

LWKM @ Red bull gives wings..u must be seriously stressed...we missed you!

Anonymous said...

where 'd you go?? i missed you so, glad you are back sweetie :)

BSNC said...

@blogoratti i will, thanks. i missed you guyz. hope you are good :)

@rene lol i know right, i don't even know how it tastes..

@tinu lol not small one or you are a big aproko..lol

@Ms. dufa lol i don't know, i just keep hearing red bull give you wings in my head. how are you sef??

@yankeenaijababe thanks babe. i am trying jare. hope you are good too.

@miss natural lol i am really glad i cheered you up. A few of my friends say i depress them this dayz..lol..

@tay mee lol my sista you see my predicament. thanks babe..

@DB lol i hope they do o..

BSNC said...

@bubbles lol see your mouth like dodo. Don't mind me jor, i was think about it, don't know when i said it out loud..

@fabulo-la she better go find someone else to mentor jor. I really had to go pee na..lol
i am hanging in there o.

@undercover07 Amen oo he is my strength. thanks. er.. i don't know if it gives you wings, i have not tried it before...lol

@leggy it wasn't so funny that day o..

@trybes lol so i can still make people laugh, hmm thanks

@naijaprincess234 i will try m best babe, i will :)

@jhazmyn lol i am trying, yea i am kind of busy. thanks babe..

@the girl with the red hair lol it does right??

@@cutee awww i missed you guy too :):)

@anonyous thanks dear :)

thanks people :B

Unknown said...

LWKMD O!!! But Red Bull DOES give u wings naow? Anybody seen the ads?

Dojaa said...

Actually Redbull does make you fly LoL!

Sugarking said...

lol. U and red bull. I think the professor with the sex reference has a good technique tho. studies have shown that people remember more of what they can visualize. And u know we all visulize sex in so many ways. so i think he's using that to make it stick in ur brains. My chemistry teacher used that tech once and had all d bad boys that we all tot were dull blazing his exams like mad!

Spesh said...

Ma dear,now you knw what its been lyk 4 me as well.........
Wishn u all d best n hope your up n abt already!

Apinke said...

Red bull gives u wings!!! LWKMD!
i have missed u dear, take am easy o. dodo and carrot ke? girl, u no go kill pesin!!

CaramelD said...

Pele BSNC, it's stress that is doing all this! I cannot believe your lecturer came over and said that to you and that resident! My mouth was on the floor! Take it easy babe

histreasure said...

oh babe..i've missed u o..it'll all come out good

so shei, dem no de say Red bull de give person wing before..
and eh, we de wait gist frm the resident end o

Big Heart said...

lwkmd.....seriously, did u really say u wanted to go take a pee..ahahahaha, God bless your heart. so watever happened to ur *wink* wink* resident now? I pray u to give d gist

townncrier said...

nice style.I enjoyed reading this.But red bull?

RepressedOne said...

LNGKM!!! RedBull gives you wings and i gotta pee...REally?!?!! lol

At least you're memorable...they won't forget you in a hurry.

Looks like you've been hella busy. Pele, dear. Take am easy. God is your strength

miss.fab said...

Red Bull gives you wings!! Hahahaha. I still can't stop laughing at that. Lol.

Pele dear. Don't kill yourself o.

Penelope...! said...

wats dt wmans oh, why did she cum to interupt naw shuu? kmt

take it easy tho.

Penelope...! said...

wats dt wmans oh, why did she cum to interupt naw shuu? kmt

take it easy tho.



But your answer was serious nah. Everybody knows that red bull gives you wings.

lol!!!!! Loved this post babe!

How now?



But your answer was serious nah. Everybody knows that red bull gives you wings.

lol!!!!! Loved this post babe!

How now?

Sweetnothin' said...

hehehhehehe.... i need to go pee..classic one

Rita said...

LOL...really what were you thinking when they asked you about the red bull...the answer is hilarious but what else explains it better?

Your Prof...should be sued for harrassment oh :-)

Hope you dont go for too long. I thought about you this morning, funny...so I decided to check up on you...

BSNC said...

@tigeress lol yea you know i watch too muc tv, when i should be reading..lol

@doja 2.0 lol you are exactly right..

@sugarking hahah are you for real. that is pretty interesting..

@my world thanks dear, i wish you the same :)

@omotee lol thanks i will try jare, i have missed you guyz too much..

@caramelD i tire for the woman, its not just me sha. she does it to almost everybody, she is just a busy body..

@histreasure thanks, i hope so too. I have missed you guyz too. lol you too like gist..

@big heart lol of course i did, ohh is it because i didn't say i was going to poo poo..lol

BSNC said...

@town crier lol thanks, what happened to red bull..lol

@repressed one thanks you ohh. the lord is my strength. how you dey sef..

miss fab lol i wouldn't.. thanks babe.

@penelope lol babe i don't know too. thanks i will.

@solomonsydelle lol i am right abi, thanks jare. I just dey o.

@rita lol i was tired, i didn't know whar else to say.
lol i am working on that. aww thanks for checking on me. hope you are good :)

thanks people.

miz-cynic said...

carrots and dodo can both be cut in cube form, tht na wetin "consign" carrot and dodo

Good Naija Girl said...

Yes it took me a long time to get around to reading this entry but I'm glad I did and I hope you're feeling like your cheerful self by now.