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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hello Beautiful people, how are you guyz doing. I picked that title because i like the song by black eyed pea. Okay where do i start from now, hmmm let me see umm..... yes my exams. I told you guyz i have exams, guess what those hippopotamus did. I will tell you what they did.... They POSTPONED MY EXAMS TO NEXT YEAR, yes next year. Can you imagine me thinking of an exam next year, how can i enjoy this Christmas . Picture me having a plate of home made jollof rice and tantalizing chicken, and the next thing i think about is oops i have an exam next year, i have a plate of salad and , oops i have an exam next year, i have a ...... yea you guyz get the picture. Everything is going to taste like exams this year (like i know how that taste..).

Guess who worked on Easter day, her birthday.... hold it, hold that thought and who is still working on christmas and new year day. Yes i think you know who, me of course.., funny right. Yes this people refuse to give me one of these day off, just one day ( and they ask me why i want to quit my job, err.... yea that ). Moving on, what have i been up to these past few weeks, umm yea GNG said, and i quote " i guess now that reggie is gone your job is no longer fun that you want to quit". she said she was joking though.( umm... sure GNG..lol). Well my job is far from boring hehe, far from it i tell you. Infact someone else moved in *ahem ahem*

Relax jo, no gist there. Well maybe a little gist, but its not what you have not heard before. Its kind of deja vu, same thing in reggie's case. The difference in this new guyz case is that i don't really have his time( maybe cos i have been really busy) or i am not just into him. i am not saying i was into reggie per say.... anywaysss.. like i said, they is no gist there.

I recently met the resident dude again ( remember him, yea him). Come to find out he is a friend of a friend's boyfriend. If you see this dude's babe, chai blood of Jesus. Lord i know you made everybody in your own image and everyone is beautiful in their own way, but ehn... hmm i don't know sha, maybe most of the time i see her, its kind of dark or maybe i need to see her during the day( and the babe can form too, people ). Compared to the guy's look, the babe... well what is my own inside abi. The guy sees something in her ( dem say one man's meat is another man's poison). Why am i going on about the chic. I met the guy at a friend's get together. He was the first person i recognised when i got to my friend's place. For some strange reason( don't ask me o..lol) i acted like i didn't see.

5 minutes later, someone tapped me on my shoulders. I turned around to the resident dude, and he was like hey don't you remember me. I met you at so so hospital, i looked at him like i was trying to figure out where i have met him before( when i clearly remember me, sometimes i don't understand me...lol). I was like yesssss, i remember you now. You are the guy i met at....... and we went on and on for about 30 minutes. I must have done or said something funny because dude was almost choking on his drink. I saw my friend and this babe coming towards our directions and before i could finish saying hello to my friend, the other babe eyed me, hissed (a very long hiss at that) and took the resident dude away, not even an excuse me or hello. I looked at my friend and she was like that's the resident's babe, i should ignore her because she is just being herself. A few hours later, i saw the resident dude coming towards my direction again.( shuoo this dude no go stay one place, wetin now) I looked around and i saw his girlfriend giving me the dagger look( like i knew). I told my friend i had to go home because i had to go to work the next day( which was true) and i was kind of tired. I took my two left legs and left that party o, sharply ( abeg no be me person wan use practise mike tyson 101)

In a not so related topic, we did this little project in school the other day. Its like a physical examination. We were suppose to examine some part of a patients body ( in this case our fellow student). Everybody paired up with someone and because i was a little bit late, i had to pair up with pale( please don't even let me start with that agbaya). It wasn't a fun activity for me because this agbaya had to touch me during this project. I tolorated him for a while, everything was going on well until we reached the breast examination part. I saw him advancing his hands towards my babies( lol yea my babies), i could see the excitement in his eyes ( see this yeye man)

bsnc: what do you think you are doing, you better control that your hand

pale: bsnc this is part of the project na, don't you want me to learn

bsnc: hmm i am warning you, you better not touch me.

pale: *silence* ( still moving forward)

bsnc: I bought out my pen. pale i swear if you touch me, i will chuk you with this biro.

We were going back and forth until he called our professor on me and she told him to pair up with another guy. She said at this stage, we can pair up with the same gender during intimate examination. Pale gree hear, dude started his sermon and he was blasting vocabulary i never knew exited ( all this one for breast, idiot ). To say the list pale said he was disappointed at me.( in himself that is). I hope i don't have any class with him next semester, i really hope so.

Compliments of the season.


leggy said...


leggy said...

its a lie.wow.anyway,you sure sound like youve been terribly busy, im sure glad you didnt leave us permanently.
you didnt say if you still keep in contact with reggie.lol.eh?

Azazel said...

Lmaooooooooooooo hahahah this was funny..
Loool @ I will chuk u with my biro..
i love ur blog mehn, so uninhibited..
I am fightin the temptation to judge u. Because @ the end of the day, u are human

Bombchell said...

lol you have issues!! lol

CaramelD said...

Exams after Christmas are a killer but you will overcome in Jesus name! May it not affect your party rice, Amen!!

LOL @ Biro violence. Don't mind that pervy man jo!

Sassy Trends said...

Hallos hun, been a while..how bodi?
Funny enuff, I will also be having exams after xmas..
I can as well feel you jare..no be small thing..

Seasons greetings hun..

NaijaScorpio said...

Interesting stuff. Compliments of the season to u too.

Lady X said...

You deprived him of touching bobbee how wont he blow grammar lmao! She just eyed you and took him away...Hmmm I fear for babes like that. No manners whatsoever. Just because they see you talking to their boyfriend they'll be squeezing face and hissing. Insecure much?

shorty said...

I feel you on the exams,all the best dear,you'll surely make it.

Lmao @ i'll chuk you with my biro,you do the guy strong thing.lol

Spesh said...

YAY!!! A post finally..........Hw u?
LMAO @ your post as always!

Anonymous said...

Lmao I love reading your blog... Don't mind that agbaya...

BSNC said...

@leggy yes you are..lol
no i am here to stay. ahn ahn leggy...lol. Reggie is gone, no i have not heard from him

@azazel awww thanks A.
Please feel free to say what you need to say o.

@bombchell lol i don't, they have issues not me.

@caramelD thanks, amen o. lol i hear you babe :)

@sassy trends sassyyyyyy how have you been dear. We shall overcome, body dey inside cloth jo. thanks babe :)

BSNC said...

@sting, hey babe longest time. thanks, i wish you the same.

@lady X lol don't mind that man jo. Babe i tire for the babe, i was just talking to the dude..

@shorty thanks babe. lol shuoo if you were in my shoes what would you do ( or better still what will Jesus do...lol)

@My World lol yes babe.I am fine thank you. hope you are good too.

@suru aww thanks suru. lol i hear you loud and clear.

thanks people :)

blackrubies said...

ha ha ha ha what is pales own sef, he bettr take time oh, what rubbish learning
and the resident guy hmm, and his babe, whats her own sef, it is insecurity thats doing her :)
Pls be writing oh, I have missed ur blog

cici said...

hahahahahahaha lmao at the boobie incident..what a pervert..girl i love ur blog already......

Myne said...

Now this is better gist abeg. What was wrong with that resident's babe? Na wa for some girls sha, lol. And pale, that guy is just too funny, I'm beginning to like him...

Merry Christmas dear.

bonnie said...

LMAOOOO. am late?? its been only 16hours..ahn ahnn..ppl are fast.

but im soo happy you're back..see me laughingg.lool. plenty gist.

umm first pale..LOL!! i guess he missed you too...

then resident..wow umm thats interesting..be careful.

the new guy..no one can take reggie's place..but u and your formingg lol. bsnc!! i love you jare.


Tigeress said...

i dont know anything about medical school- but i really dont think students should be doing such examination on each other.

Anonymous said...

hey :)
atleast u get to enjoy xmas!
goodluck with the exams next year
hmm mr resident lol

histreasure said...

babe,i don miss u some sha.and you had me laffing out loud as i tried to imagine ur face as u tell the pale guy say u go chuk am wit biro..lmao.. d resident guy babe don de eye u already,i sure say hin sabi hin bobo well well

BSNC said...

@blackrubies lol babe i tire o, thanks and compliments of the season.

@cici awww thanks, compliments of the season.

@Myne Whitman ahn ahn you like pale, i think some introductions is on its way..lol. what do you think.

I wish the same :)

@bonnie awww thanks babe, wait what do you mean by reggies place sef...lol. Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance :)

@tigeress hey!!! how have you been.
Its actually nursing school and yes thats how its done m'dear. who are we to argue. Compliment of the season :)

@sweetness lol yea i guess so, thanks babe. umm nothing with mr. resident o, absolutely nothing..lol
compliments of the season]

@histreasure how have you been histreasure, ha na me miss una pass o. how is the family now.
lol i think he does..

Compliments of the season dear

Thanks people:B

Rene said...

pale is a perv........hiss

lol @ mike tyson

Giagerry said...

busy bug!!
Lol @ everything tasting like exams--
pele dear!
uld be foine!!
merry christmas hunny!!!!

velvet said...

Merry christmas and have a wonderful new year

velvet said...

Merry christmas and have a wonderful new year

LusciousRon said...

Merry Xmas babes! Drama plenty for you. Enjoy jare

Anonymous said...

hope you had a great christmas

Fragilelooks said...

Lol@ chuk wit biro. Dat pale dude is a real jackass. sorry abt working and exams. God will c u thru. Merry xmaz

Rita said...

Madam hardworker...more oil to ur elbow, try oh.

Hope you had a wonderful christmas (if you were not working). Wishing you a blessed new year ahead.

Much Love...

cerberus said...

now a biro in the eye alone is prospect to cause the ultimate fool a rethink..

Feliz Navidad Brown skinned beauty.

BSNC said...

@ rene lol he really is, how have you been babe..

@gee i hope so babe, thanks and happy new year in advance.

@sunnyside thanks, i wish you the same :)

@lusciousRon lol i hope it will me drama free next years, thanks and compliments of the season.

@nigerian fetish thanks babe i did, hope yours was great as well.

@fragilelooks Amen my dear. hope you are enjoying the holiday.

@rita lol @madam hardworker wetin i go do now..

the xmas was just there jo. thanks i wish you a fulfilling year too

thanks people :)

BSNC said...

@cerebus lol you already know.

aww thanks cerebus. i wish you the same :)

miz-cynic said...

u and this ur "pale"

Good Naija Girl said...

You just make me laugh sooooo much...I just don't even know which of these things you shared to respond to.

Men that try to hit on babes when they are not single are so low class.

So I'm going to wish you a very Happy New Year my dear! Imagine having to wait until 2010 before taking your exam...mssscheeeew!

Anonymous said...

I inclination not agree on it. I think precise post. Specially the appellation attracted me to be familiar with the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Genial post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

Miss Natural said...

lol as usual this was a very good read!! so many things you mentioned that made me laugh :) where are you BSNC?