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Monday, December 21, 2009


I am with you my love love, with you everything is well well. Your love make my heart go tinga linga ling ( abi is it yori yori lol).Miss Fly, Myne whitman, Gee, Caramel D, shorty, Enkay, My World, Bonnie( l love that song babe, like he was singing it to me hehe), UnderCover07, Repressed One, Ms dufa, Tigeress, seye, trybes, dante, rita, robby. I see you, thanks alot guyz for the concern. i am okay o, thanks to God..

Phew that was intense, to think i still have exams. This people will not kill me o. Moving on, how have you guyz been. I have missed you guyz soooo much, I hope its not too late to apologize, its not too lateeee.. It has been crazy sha. I think i am going to quit my job next year ( make i no go kraze). Alot has been happening at my end.. ALOT!!..( see the amebos ..lol, calm down), its been an interesting couple of weeks.

Wow its been a while sha. I really hope you guyz are good. I am so happy right now, some of my family are already home for christmas and we are expecting more guest. I will be back people :)

Compliments of the season


Good Naija Girl said...

It's so great to see you! I'm glad you're fine...thanks for coming by my blog so quick too.

I want gist o!

Good Naija Girl said...

I guess now that Reggie is gone your job is no longer fun that you want to quit it? lol jk

bonnie said...

oh my goshh nooo please comee back and finish what you started! i missed you lool. <3 x's

bonnie said...

p.s. merry christmas in advance..awww full house. thats nice.

Nice Anon said...

Merry xmas!

BSNC said...

@GNG lol ask and it shall be given unto you.

hahaha that was a good one, i was waiting till my next post to tell you guyz these, but someone else moved in *wink wink* . lol.
Yea someone as in SOMEONE ELSE hehe

@bonnie lol i will, aww missed you too and i really love that song o. i am that brown skin girl..lol
merry christmas in advance too :)

BSNC said...

@Nice Anon thanks babe. i wish you the same :)

Miss Enigma said...

Babe!!!!!!!! ahn ahn, u jst zoomed in and left us gist-less( is dt even a word...woreva jo)
Pls cme and properly update us on all dt has been happening jo.

Goodluck dear!!! And Happy Holidays!!!

Myne said...

And see me scrolling down for more gist, LOL. This is too short jare...

Nice to see you around, makes the house fuller. Have a merry Christmas deearie...

Azazel said...

Merry Christmas in advance o

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and please continue to update as our Christmas present lol

leggy said...

finally.i was wondering f you upped and left us, welcome back oh.

Giagerry said...

oh baby!!!
missing u na understatement o--
but dis checking in sounds like e go te b4 u check in again o--

merry christmas hunny!
mat God remember u in this season

Blessing said...

welcome back!!!

u were missed! plz ooo we want gist!!! lol

Anonymous said...

goodluck with exams
we missed u
merry xmas n happy new year in advance

Rene said...

good that u're okay.
goodluck in your exams

shorty said...

Yayy she's back,i could'nt believe my eyes when i saw your blog on my blogroll,we missed you o.
All the best in your exams,come back and finish what you started.
Merry christmas.

CaramelD said...

Merry Christmas oh Brown Skinned One!!! Come back and finish the gist sharp sharp! Glad to hear you are cool xx

Enkay said...

Madam, Thank God say you dey ok o!

Merry Christmas!!!

Fragilelooks said...

welcome back and merry xmas.

BSNC said...

@undercover07 lol okay babe. its not my fault now ehnn lol. thanks i wish you the same.

@Myne whitman lol infact i am going to do a post now now. yea i know, its really nice i tell you.

@azazel thanks, i wish you the same :)

@suru lol thats a good idea, blogsville xmas present..lol

@leggy, thanks leggy. how can i, i missed you guyz too much..

@Gee ahn ahn gee, i am checkin in for a this season. Thanks babe, i wish you the same. na me miss una pass.

thanks people

BSNC said...

@Blessing lol thanks babe, okay okay i am coming o..

@sweetness thanks dear, i don't think that exam is happening this year again. compliments of the season.

@rene thanks rene, how have you been?
compliment of the season.

@shorty lol yes its time i showed up, i missed you guyz o. thanks babe, compliment of the season.

@caramelD lol i will, thanks and compliments of the season.

@enkay lol yes we give him the glory. compliments of the season

@fragilelook thanks i wish you the same :)

thanks people

Bombchell said...

Happy Holiday Babe :) hope everything's d :)goo

SHE said...

All the best in your exams! Pls come back soon and lets hear the LOT that has happened.

I love that song too.

Bubbles said...

you're back!!!
missed you lovey

BSNC said...

@bombchell i wish you the same dear. Yes everything is okay, thank you. Hope you are good too.

@SHE lol i already did a preview. yea black eye peas already have this feel good song. Compliments of the season

@bubbles Hey my one and only dodo girl...lol. How have you been now. Compliments of the season :)

Miss Natural said...

Still looking forward to having you back!