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Friday, June 10, 2011


I met him through my friend at another friend’s get together. He was easy on the eye. He reminded me of lance gross, but a slightly lighter version. I noticed him a few times and I think he noticed me as well ( Maybe in my head). I asked a couple of my friends who he was. None of them seem to know him. He wasn’t from these parts. I guess that was why he seemed so different from the rest. He was by himself through out. I was going to say hi, but I was like if the guy is feeling me he would say hi na. Plus I can be unnecessarily shy sometimes ( a shocker abi? Who would have thought moi shy)? After a while I was like abeg jor. It’s not that serious.( even though dude was seriously foine lol) I was like let me enjoy myself in the parry jare. If it was meant to be it will be

I was about to leave and I saw one of my friends( lemme call him Nonso) I haven’t seen in a long time. When I just came into the country, he was one of the guys that showed me around. He was one of my few male friends that just liked me as a friend ( not trying to take it to the next level). Although, he used to tell his mum that I am her future daughter-in-law lol ( Another story for another day). Anyways so i was catching up with my old pal and like a day time soap opera, Nonso happened to know him ( lemme call him Lance). He stood close to Nonso, not saying anything. I didn’t know if he was staring at me or someone else because he had his shades on. I turned back to Nonso, but I couldn’t understand what Nonso was telling me again. I knew he was talking, I saw his lips moving and I couldn’t comprehend if he was speaking English again lol. He sounded like those chopped and screwed songs. ( With lance standing there like on Hulk Hogan, how can I concentrate). I couldn’t take it any longer and I said hi to Lance. He turned towards me as if he was seeing for the first time and said hello back and he goes I saw you checking me out. I was like huh (this dude must be feeling himself oh). He said has only kidding. Nonso introduced us to each other. Told me lance was from another state, he just came in a few days ago to see his uncle who lives here.

I spoke to Lance for another 20 minutes and we exchanged numbers afterwards. He called me that night and we spoke for a couple of hours. He was not just funny and cute, he was also a serious Christian ( just day 1, so far so good). After that he called me every day. I grew to really like him, till I lost my phone or I think someone stole it ( you see devil). It took me a few weeks to get a new phone, but when I eventually did, I couldn’t get the numbers from my old phone. Strange because when I changed my phone the last time I got all my contacts and text messages. ( see what I am talking about, bad belle). I couldn’t get in touch with him or Nonso ( when nonso was giving me his new number at the get together, I was temporarily deaf oh) . Lance didn’t call me again.

That was almost 13 months ago. Fast forward to a few weeks ago before my graduation. A friend of mine was telling about her new boyfriend. I can’t remember if I asked her or she was just telling me. Anyways she told me I will meet him soon. Shey I said my life is some sort of a day time soap opera . Of course it was lance na. From all the guys she should have introduced me to. It just has to be lance. He was very friendly though. He treated me like an old friend and told the babe that he met me last year at a function ( he spared her the rest of the details sha lol) When we were alone, he asked me what happened. He said he taught we liked each other and all of sudden I stopped calling him. My phone was constantly turned off. He said he tried again a couple of days later and he afterwards he decided to let it go. I told him how I lost my phone and contacts and how I even tried to get in touch with Nonso, but to no avail. I was still explaining when my friend came in. I didn’t talk to him afterwards, the few times I saw him we said hi to each other and that was it. There was no use complicating things. Meanwhile my friend talks about him 24/7. I didn’t mind before, but now that I know it was lance. I wish she could take a 5 minutes break once in a while ( My goodness)

On graduation day, I saw him and he congratulated me. I told him I was really happy for him and my friend ( I honestly was happy for them though). I told him I wish them all the best. Fast forward to a couple of days later. She is engaged and she wants me to be in her bridal train. Wahala dey lol. I am happy for them, but why did she have to put me inside bridal train now. Lord help me, I need to be constantly reciting the lord’s prayer and emphases the “deliver us from evil and leads us not into temptation* . People pray for me oh. I was telling a friend of mine this story a few days ago and I was like I guess it wasn’t meant to be and she goes, “ you think” lol. What helpful friends I got right lol. Meanwhile my grandma is still coming this month oh. Shey if I was the one getting married she would let me be. I am still studying for my board exam. Seems like I need a lot of prayers this period lol. Have a nice one people. Thanks for all the congratulatory comments. Love y’all .

Defense Attorney: Will you please state your age?

Little Old Lady: I am 86 years old.

Defense Attorney: Will you tell us, in your own words, what happened the night of April 1st?

Little Old Lady: There I was, sitting there in my swing on my front porch on a warm spring evening, when a young man comes creeping up on the porch and sat down beside me.

Defense Attorney: Did you know him?

Little Old Lady: No, but he sure was friendly.

Defense Attorney: What happened after he sat down?

Little Old Lady: He started to rub my thigh.

Defense Attorney: Did you stop him?

Little Old Lady: No, I didn't stop him.

Defense Attorney: Why not?

Little Old Lady: It felt good. Nobody had done that since my Albert died some 30 years ago.

Defense Attorney: What happened next?

Little Old Lady: He began to rub my breasts.

Defense Attorney : Did you stop him then?

Little Old Lady: No, I did not stop him.

Defense Attorney: Why not?

Little Old Lady: His rubbing made me feel all alive and excited. I haven't felt that good in years!

Defense Attorney: What happened next?

Little Old Lady: Well, by then, I was feeling so "spicy" that I just laid down and told him "Take me, young man. Take me now!"

Defense Attorney: Did he take you?

Little Old Lady: Hell, no! He just yelled, "April Fools!" And that's when I shot him, the little bastard.


Giagerry said...

e don tey since i be first on blogsville o!
*sits on the space well well* ok lemme go see wat u have come to yan again. heheh

Giagerry said...

Haba! BSNC dis na serious soap opera! LoooL!--Like I watch days of our lives and I can sooo imagine this in d script! buhahahah! Its interesting tho, and I bet u would handle the situation rite.

Anonymous said...

This na real 'Days of our Lives' o.. Talk about six degrees of separation... thx for stopping by.

Anoda Phase said...

oh snap! the Lord deliver u from temptation for real...I pray u find the strength to go thru being on that train...but you don't have to, if u know u can't handle it...find a tangible excuse, ur friend will have to understand...

lovelife4sale said...

wow.... true life soap opera... lol. there are always other fine guys, but it always happens that its the one we cant have that we tend to be hung up on. maybe with a little bit of luck, you might find a Lance for urself in the hospital, a cute nice Doctor.

BSNC said...

@Gee haha i am telling you. I just weak. I will try my best, like i said pray for me lol.

@TheRustGeek lol i know right. thanks for treking by too.

@Anoda phase I have been trying, but most of the excuses did not come out right. Thank you i need the strength lol.

@lovelife4sale Um okay FYI i am not hung up on him. I was just shocked that he was him. haha you are not serious.

Muse Origins said...

Chai!! See soap opera! That is not even funny. But i suppose it's God's way of telling you he's not The One. All good babes!

And no P, you'll do great in your exams jare


Etoile Oye said...

I like the plot if the soap opera! This is very sad, sha. You could have been the one walking down that aisle. Of course, if it was a soap opera, you'd find out your friend was the one that stole the phone and it would be alright to get back with Lance whilst karma gets her. *Sigh* More grace to resist all temptation, yeah?

Prism of an Immigrant said...

Amen to your prayer. Lance seems to be a good guy, but I think he should have told your friend the full story of your relationship.

Blessing said...

Wow...what a small world!

Well I guess it wasn't meant to be after all *hug*

I'll be saying the Lord's prayer along with ya! Being on the bridal train will be interesting!

Nikkisho said...

serious soap opera ni o....just continue to recite the lord's prayer..lol.
Congrats on your grad and goodluck in your board exams
lmao @ that joke grandma no wan gree

shorty said...

Chei this na serious soap opera o, don't worry hun it wasn't meant to be that's why it happened this way. You shall find your own prince very soon *hug*

Hmmn been on that bridal train is dangerous o, lol don't mind me u shall find the strength to do it.

LMAO @ the joke.


BSNC said...

@etiole haha that is funny, but this the real world babe. You be a script writer oh. See how you twisted the story lol.
@ corner shop I know Abi. It wasn't meant to be. Thanks babe I appreciate the vote of confidence.

@prism he doesn't seem he is a good guy. I know right, it's not like we did something wrong

@blessing tell me about it. Too small, please say a prayer for me lol. Lol interesting ke. We will see sha

@Nikki sho lol I am telling. Thanks babe. Haha grandma vex oh.

@shorty Awww thanks babe. I hope so too. I need enough strength oh lol

dayor said...

This is really a sop opera...sad though, it could really have been you walking down the aisle with lance..I wish you all the best dear and strength to go through the bridal train ish....


lani said...

eh ya!!! the final part of the soap opera could be the wedding day .... keep us posted!!!

Anonymous said...

Drama like you o BSNC. Do not worry you will find your prince. Just kiss some more frogs.

LG said...

paloma, paloma how many times i call u??? :)

u ve abandoned twirra shey

Harry said...

I am praying for u. Lance must be urs IJN

I loved d post

soul child said...

lol..na wa ooh...it must be hard for u small sha...i think am in a situation...guy u like has a gf...gf is my friend..i hear all about it....guy to is my friend...congrats on ur graduation..

R.One said...

lol@ all the 'it could have been you walking down the aisle'...is that supposed to make her feel better?? o ga.

BSNC, it will probably cross your mind a million times thruout your BM duties but rest assured if it was supposed to be, it WOULD have been you walking down that aisle jo.
As per temptation...nothing do you jare...i trust all of that shall happen in the inner most chamber of your mind...no one needs to know ;)

kitkat said...

so i can confidently say you're permanently out of your MIA state? :)
and PS: i didnt get the ending part of the joke with the old horny lady :/

Natural Nigerian said...

Lol! @: I wish she could take a 5 minutes break once in a while ( My goodness).

What a story. Makes you wonder what would have happened if that phone had not gone out of order. However, it doesn't matter now. You met a good guy once, you can meet another one again. It does not have to be Lance.

Natural Nigerian said...

By the way, that joke was hilarious!

A-9ja-Great said...

Damn mehn! That hurts,i know! Anyways,it wasn't meant to be so just let it go.Congrats again o grauate.

BSNC said...

@dayor thanks babe i need it oh. I stopped by your blog too. I loved it there especially your recent post. Very motivational

@lani lol you are not serious oh. I will keep you posted. I loved your poem, it was sad though

@anonymous lol thanks i guess

@LG i did not abandon twitter now. remember you saw me yesterday and you wanted to give me fried yam lol

@harry lol he is not mine oh abeg. i enjoyed your poem too. Similar to my post

@soul child well kind of similar. thanks dear : )

@Repressed one my darling i know right :(. haha inner most chamber. You are right. thanks babe : )

@kitkat well maybe, who know lol. You did not get the joke. Read it again lol

@Natural Nigeria I know it does makes me wonder. I hope s, thanks babe. lol you did, some people did not get the joke lol

Molara Brown said...

Congrats babe, na so life be oh, you man go waka come in time...all the best in your board exams.

AliceDCL said...

i read this earlier with google reader, and i promised myself i would come back and comment

very sad how unforeseeb circumstances change out paths in life.
i guess he wasnt meant for u is all

swallow whatever feelings you have and go be a good friend

doll (retired blogger) said...

aw, well, look at it this way, it wasn't meant to be.

Someone meant to be would come along your way and you would bless the fact that your phone got missing, that is LIFE

jhazmyn said...

B-S-N-C.....OMG, even with all this drama, u still have time for these jokes...lmao. I'm with grandma on this one o, which kain April fool?

Hmm, mehn, u have liver o, I wud definitely not join that train if it were me o unless my feelings for Lance are totally in check....yup, I'm that gameless, liverless girl, dont have the mind for drama...lol

Hope its not putting much of a damper on u though, shit sure happens i guess

~Sirius~ said...

some people's lives are actually very entertaining!!!


this is not funny sha o!

Please let us recite the Lord's prayer.

Unknown said...

lmao looooooool. she shot him lol
OMG lol i read this on the train and i think people think I am mad lol

but regarding Lance and your friend stay strong lol..
but don't think you think it will be better if you tell your friend that you had feeling for him then but it got complicated. she wouldn't hold it against you. and thenlet it rest. lol

lovely blog gonna follow you
don't forget to vote for me

NoLimit said...

Hate hearing stuff like this.
I'm pained on your behalf (seriously I am)

And that joke of the day... oh LAWD!lol

BSNC said...

@9jagreat lol i know, but i will be okay. thanks

@lara lol thanks babe.

@laurenta thanks for coming back. Yea true it was meant to be. I will try my best.

@doll yea that is what my cousin told me. I guess so, thanks babe :)

@jhazmyn hahah i know. i would almost do the same if i was the old lady . lol you are funny. i am trying sha. i am : )

@sirius lol entertaining ke. haha it really isn't oh.

*now reciting the lord's prayer*

Read your post. hope you feel better now : )

@MsNana haha i know!. Serves him right for messing with her like that lol. um i don't know about that. I should have told her earlier on. awwww thanks alot dear : )

SHE said...

Wow! I can imagine how you feel. Some drama!

CaramelD said...

Oh snap!! Aaarrrrrggghhh! Stay strong my sister! These things are sent to test us!

Myne said...

Na wa o, but I think you can make it on the bridal train if you really put your mind to it. Just disregard the whole history with Lance.

Rhapsody Phoenix said...


hmmmmmm, interesting turn of events. Might I suggest, if this is presenting a problem for you that you take a step back. While you may not be able to change the way you feel you can certainly do something about the proximity issue. It is great to be considerate to a friend however you must balance that with consideration for yourself and some distance might be in order if you are to put your emotion in proper context. She may not be happy that you have declined to be part of the bridal party but she will get over it. Sometimes the best way to avoid temptation is to remove oneself from its path.

Some may disagree with my suggestion however at the end of the day you have to be true to yourself, respect and honour yourself and the tenets you hold dear; in this situation you have to be your own parent and counsel. Ask yourself this, if it were you who were the one engaged to him and she the one with the suppressed feelings, would you want her standing beside you in your bridal party knowing on some level she is coveting your man? Yeah she might be disappointed and hurt that you decline being a part of the bridal party however you must have as much respect for her as you do for yourself, though she may not see it that way mainly because she has no knowledge of the facts, you know the truth and you know that in order to respect and honour her and yourself in a way that allows you to be the woman you are, you must take a step back and just let her have her happy ending.

One last bit.
The fact that he waited until she was out of ear shot to inquire about why things derailed speak volumes, it forshadows a bit of dishonesty, do not allow yourself to be co-opted into becoming a “secret thing” step back and move on.

That’s my piece…
Thanks for allowing me the platform to share it.
Have a fabulous day.

LusciousRon said...

Yikes! Sorry that must be awkward. If you have feelings for him, you might consider begging off the bridal train and avoiding the couple. Otherwise, have a good time at the wedding but still stay away. You never know when 'devil' might strike.

Funny joke btw.

Unknown said...

eeyah must ve been an awkward feeling. But look on d bright side, there's a reason 4 everything

My life said...

I really do not envy you too much drama,i have no idea what id do if i were you would love to know how it all ends goodluck on your Board Exams

H said...

Hiya, I've awarded you a sunshine award.

Ag said...

You should definitely write a script for a Nigerian Soap! lol...

Muse Origins said...

PS. I've changed my blog url! I decided to keep the blog on Blogger after all. Check out the link: http://museorigins.blogspot.com. Sorry for the inconvenience X_x

Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

9jaFOODie said...

Seriously? this is your real life? OMG..sounds like something OUT OF A MOVIE. eeeyha... let it go, it obviously wasn't meant to be, If he wanted to be with you, he wouldn't have proposed after seeing you again. NDO..