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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Okay its day 2 on blogsville ,and i think i am addicted oo( who send me message).. not to mention i ve an exam tomorrow. i thought facebook was addictive, but it seems blogsville is own its level of addiction. I was about reading for my exams before o.. dont know how i even got here sef.. una sure say this blogsville no get juju lol.

Anyhow, so i got my first real job in yankee after 2yrs.. there are jobs everywhere oo, but i wanted a professional job( or something closer to my field). ok so i started work (nursing assistant)on friday. All i have to do is take care of this guy for 12 hours, bath, change and feed him.. nothing major. I got there by 8 in the morning, introduced myself and he told me what my schedule will be like blah blah blah. Remember this is my first job o and i didnt work with a man doing training. He told me he wanted to be fed first. afterwards im say he wan watch TV

I was like this is too easy now. na i join the guy watch the movie

3 hours later the was like brownskin i am ready for my bath, so i bought all the things i needed... where i stop, ehen so i bought everything needed for his bath; washed his face, hands, legs and all. Time to watch his private area now. he wear this catheter thing on his private part ok penis haba.. The catheter is like a condom that is connected to a tube, so when he urinates the urine goes straight to the tube..( i don teach una something now abi lol).

I removed the catheter thing , so i could cleans his penis( it looked small before). i started cleaning oo and low and behold the thing just raise and stood at attention. To say i was shocked is an understatement ( how the thing come stand like that again) , na im i step back oo.. the thing was just standing there looking at me like shuoo this chic clean me now. I heard the guy laffing and i looked up, this guy was tearing up o. i was like whats so funny cos i didnt find it funny at all o. The dude was like i should see the look on my face, i sha cleaned him up and changed the catheter thing , still the penis no wan hear oo.. was just looking at me.

Time to put a new catheter now, i no no wetin to do o. i had to ask cos i have not done it before, so i was like guy how i wan take put this things( of course in my funny yankee accent). Dude was like its like a condom just put it there. For my mind i say ahh ahh this thing no suppose hard.. no be condom.. na lie oo.

30 mins later i was sweating like a christmas goat( as the weather cold reach), no be small thing oo. i didnt even knoe when i told his penis to relax..

brownskin: penis relax now you are too big joo

The guy started tearing up again o. i still did not find it funny oo( which kind yeye laff be this now). Dude had to explain step by step how to put the condom . i no no say condom hard like that o. I cleaned him up and changed his clothes,all in all it took me like 3 hrs plus. After that all i had to for the remaining 6 hours or so was to feed him and watch tv. I guess the job is okay..

I just had a bad new today that my cousin is really sick( in a coma).. my heart and prayer goes out to him...

Make i go read oo before i put blogsville for my test lol.. its really good to be here. see u guyz later..


Bibi said...

i know i should be used to this story by now but i still can't help myself. it just cracks me up. welcome hurl! this will be fun. can't wait to hear more about ur job. oh and i'm firrrrrrrrrrrrrssssstttttttt.lol

Tari. N said...

Bibi!!!!!!!!!! see this babe oh...
Where did you come from? you're here claiming first..shouldnt you be working? lol

Im the original first jor!!
Brownskinaijachic your story cracked me up!!!!! i'm still shaking with laughter..
i always say that people doing jobs like yours have guts..i can imagine how embarassing it was when the dude developed a hard on!!! obviously im paralysis no affect his dick..lol

Later Babes!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogville!
thats one hell of a job!standing prick ke?lol

In jesus name it is well with your cousin!I pray he will be fully restored to good health!!!

BSNC said...

@ bibi thanks its good to be here and yes you are the first lol..

@fashinga is not easy, but someone has to do it. This one pass embarassing. thank God he found it funny, i for just lose the job..

@pink- satin thanks its good to be here. yea the job is something else.. Thanks for the prayers. Amen and Amen


I was here...
But now, I'm at...
...and sometimes at...
...VIA: http://Ping.fm
...Its my first time on your blog. Can't comment, yet, BUT, I'm already HOOKED on your blog. I will be back. Stay fabulous. It keeps 'em guessing... Follow me on Twitter: http://Twitter.com/TheSecretDiary

Jay said...

welcome to blogsville

so you xcited the man!! lol. You did good...very professional

Will be bk..have a nice week..well whats left of it.

BSNC said...

@ secret diary thx for stopping by

@wordmerchant lol thx. u ve a nice week too

Roc said...

So you're a miracle worker.. Cos me no get how a paralysed guy fit.. You raised the dead!

Funny post though..

BSNC said...

lol i tire o

Isabella said...

Wow!! Lol ...this story is too funny!!
you spoke about it like you are really used to it ? are you ?
my goodness ah ..I couldn't do it oh ..emi ke ?

Well done Oh ... I look foward to all your posts now lol

BSNC said...

i am not used to it, far from that. i just started 2 weeks ago.. thanks

scribble,me.free said...

hmm...paralyzed pepe raised from the dead...u might have something there...maybe you should market urself as a cure for erectile dysfunction lol

BSNC said...

lol abi u may be right oo

Anonymous said...

hahaha....wow. this was funny.

Tigeress said...

he had a hard on?!!! omd i wld have freaked out! Pele. With time u'll get the hang of it i.e. ur job.

If you want to do nursing- looking into Anestheseology(spelling? Anesthetic) Nursing. Average salary is about $170k.

BSNC said...

@nigeria fetish lol thats is my job for you

@tigeressyes he did. okay thanks i ll look that up

Nefertiti said...

I decided to come and investigate you, since you were first on my blog, plus I don't think I've 'seen' you here b4. Welcome to Blogville! and Welcome to MD AKA. Naija #2

Off to read more recent posts!

Anonymous said...

The intrigues of 'work'.