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Monday, March 23, 2009


have been kind of busy with work, school and other stuffs, as a result I could not update. I want to take this time to thank u guyz for all the comments; I am in awe, amazed, perlexed, flabbergasted…. Yea yea u get my point, but really thanks, you guyz rock. I also want to congratulate both the winners and nominee of NBA, everybody is a winner. I think the blog award is not complete without the ashewo category ..lol( in afrobabe words), i can only think of two contenders in that category right now; RocNaija and SMF.. or what do you guy think???

Work this weekend was different, good different.My patient, let’s call him Mr. Sean

Mr. Sean: Do you know how to play this play station games

BSNC: Not really, but I’m a fast learner( yea rite, see I grew up with a lot of guyz, brothers , cousins, uncles.. I started playing video games when I was 4 okay maybe 7)

Mr. Sean: yea a lot of the female workers don’t know how to play the game, but I thought you could play because you look young….

BSNC: Well I could play if you teach me

Mr. Sean: Thank you so much. I have not played this game in years

BSNC: it’s no problem (you know I have to act like it is only because of him I am
playing it.. meanwhile I was just thanking my lucky stars)

So I hooked up the game and took the controller. I was asking him a lot of questions like I don’t know what to do.. How do you start the game? How do you choose a player? How do you this, how do u that?.. Everybody knows how to press start in the controller, but you know I have to go with the flow. Anyhow I started playing the game and I made sure they killed my player in the first , two games after which I was playing the game like there was no tomorrow

Mr. Sean: wow you are really good. I ve not seen anybody learn a game so fast

BSNC: I told you I was a fast learner

Mr. Sean: I know you said that, but you that was fast

BSNC: yea thanks (For my mind I was like yea rite)

That was how we, I mean I played the game for 6 hours o, he didn’t eat, he refuse to answer his phone calls. I was like okay Mr. Sean you have to eat something. The way he shouted the NO ehh, I was kind of shocked ( even though I was enjoying the game too, I have to set his priorities straight.. make person no go die for my hand because of game, when they ask BSCN what happened?... I ll be like i was playing his PS3, imagine how that sounds). He sha apologized and told me that is how he gets when he is engrossed in the game. He ate something and we resumed playing the scare face only for the door bell to ring ( I had just 2 hrs before I was done for the day)

I opened the door to his girlfriends ). I let her in and flashed her my smile
Hater girlfriend(HGF): how are you doing

BSNC: I am fine ( I was happy that day, so I was smiling all day and I think she didn’t like it)

HGF: where is Mr. Sean?.. I have been calling him for the past 7 hours. Why can’t you answer the phone.. Or is that not included in your job descriptions

BSNC: he wasn’t in the mood to answer his calls

HGF: ohh really and why was that?

I just walked away from her because I didn’t want her to take away my joy that day( see me see wahala oo). She entered his room and I heard them arguing about something for like 20 minutes. Mr. Sean called me and told me to unhook the game. I did as I was told. I was still in the room when HGF told Mr. Sean; how come she is playing your PS3, is that her job description blah blah blah, I wasn’t listening
until she started using curse words on me.

Mr. Sean: she doesn’t even understand what the word means (he thinks I am like 17 or
something). Ms BSNC do you know what F-k you means

HGF: of course she knows what the hell it means. She watc…

Mr. Sean: shut up HGF I wasn’t talking to you. BSNC??

BSNC: what word fork, is it not what we use to eat with the spoon and knife..

Mr. Sean: hahahaha hehehe, you are funny you know that

Of course I know what it means now, do I look like I stay in Mars or Jupiter.. Even my 3year old cousin knows what it means. I was at my uncle’s place in naija like last year or so, I was watching a movie or something and my little cousin (angie) walked up to me:

Angie: aunty BSNC f-k you (then she giggled).

BSNC: what did you just say to me?

Angie: aunty I said f-k you ( now she was laughing)

BSNC: where did you learn that from.. Don’t ever say that word again

She decided to form a song on that word with my name. See I love children and I ll never do anything to make them sad, but the way I beat this girl eh. I pulled her jeans down and smacked her bombom. She was screaming out her lungs. Of course her parents came and I told them what happened. You wouldn’t believe what they said; she is a child now BSNC why would you beat her like that, please leave my baby for me o. I didn’t get it, was I wrong.. Should I ve let angie sing those words to my ears..
That is that sha, back to my job

Mr. Sean told me to leave the room for a second. I was happy that day, but I went home that night feeling troubled. I didn’t do anything wrong now or did i?

Meanwhile on my way Nightrider (my car) decided to give me his own wahala, the one from my job wasn’t enough for the day. I was driving home listening to Dbanj “suddenly” .. you know that song now suddenly step in the club they loving me, can’t feel the fingers rubbing…. All this happen suddenly, so suddenly. Now dem know…( who told me to play that song)when all of sudden the car slowed down to like 20 miles/ hr in a 65miles/hr range, other stuffs were blinking in the gauge meter, cars were horning behind me(God I was sooo scared).. Nightrider has never done this to me before. I spoke to nightrider and mumble a little prayer. I guessed it worked because less than 2 minutes nightrider restored to its natural state. Yes it was pretty much an unusual week..

Wish you guyz a wonderful week ahead and yay it is springgg


Isabella said...


Isabella said...

hahahhaha @ make person no go die for my hand because of game ...thats guys they love games too much!

That GF needs to relax joh , wetin be her problem ah ah ...she is just jealous of you. Why can't she look after him then if she has a major problem with you.

Don't worry hun you won't loose your job.

Original Mgbeke said...

Ok his girlfriend is all types of stupid! What the heck? I for lose my job that day sha, I wish she woulda cursed at me.

The Mr. Sean sef, how hin go think say you no understand the work 'Fork'. Abi his brain dey paralyzed too?

My sister you try sha. It is ultimately very funny. LOL

Rebirth said...

lol @ u learning fast, if only he knew! have faith dear, u wont lose ur job.... dont mind d bitchy girlfriend... ignore her

Anonymous said...

ROFL at this entry o! I love the way you tell a story sha; it just makes me laugh. I like your "Little Miss Innocent" act too: sometimes it plays to play innocence.

Don't let HGF bring you down jare...she needs to learn (and I hope Mr. Sean is teaching her) that her jealousy is because of her own insecurities and nothing else.

Have a great week!

Giagerry said...

firsssssssssssssssst(in my own mind im first sha!)

Cappuccine Baby said...

nawa for HGF, she need to get smacked :D

Blogoratti said...

Hang in there alright? Be more careful though!
PS3 for 6hrs with her man? Little wonder she was pissed,hehe.

Anonymous said...

Pele dear. Just be professional with him. and I dont think you did a bad thing by playing his game. That was what he wanted shebi? No mind the bitch o jare. Soory about nightrider. Omo, u needs to go check it out men. like sharpish. xoxo

Afrobabe said...

Hahhahahhahahahahahah lmao....yes babes, you really learn fast..I have a ps2 and can play any guy down...errrmmmm ok, I am stuck in one stage in tomb raider...

Was laughing so much at you saying you dont know the meaning of fuck...

but wait oh...the man's dick still dey stand???

shewo category...Csribble and Roc will have to share that prize oh cos I don't know who is more ashewo between them....to tink I once thought Baroque was bad...

BSNC said...

@Miss fly high -LondonNaijaQueen lol yea i know, dont mind the yeye woman jo. amen o

@OriginaL Mgbeke lol dont mind her and no his brain is not paralysed

@Funms- the rebirth i know rite.trust me i am trying to ignore her, it is not easy o

@GNG yes but i am actually kind of innocent lol.. thanks for the advice

@Gee lol yes gee u are first

@blogaratti thanks.. its not my fault, the guy wanted me to play the game lol

@Temite yes that was what he wanted. thanks jare. yes i am having nightrider checked today. thanksss

@afrobabe i have finished that game(tomb raider).. lol no the penis did not stand this week i was suprised o.. yea i know they shd both share the prize

BSNC said...

@capuccine Baby lol yea i know.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

This is high drama at your job. Sorry to read that one HGF is the cause of all the chaos. Hopefully, she'll take the hint and realize that you aren't going anywhere.

You certainly did not do a thing wrong.


seye said...

Well, don't tell me ..no more PS!

and yes, if he was paralyzed from neck down...how could he use the controller?
and...what medical condition does he have(let me try and remember my Uni days)

CaramelD said...

She is rude and uncouth but also jealous. Just don't come into work with make up (yeah right!)She will still grumble.

PS How does the patient play his PS3?

*Diane* said...

omygosh! i die! lmao!!
Hilarious,"innocent, i don't know what fuck means" and i agree w/ you. You're not wrong for beating your niece. Cut that nonsense out from the get go.
And as for the HGF, i say just remain professional with your patient, and keep in mind that his girl is super jealous in all your actions. you may need to remind him from time to time as well.

Tari. N said...

Lmao!!!!!!! Whats up with HGF sef? Tell her to cool down o..and yes, if she loves him so much, she should take care of him herself..

Why do i have the feeling that playing this PS3 game is going to become a daily routine...

You and this innocent girl you're playing...hmmm...you must look really young for the guy to think you're 17.

Later Babes!!

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for stopping by you have very cool site. Yes thank God it's Spring! I'm going to start a women of the bible reading soon stop back by. I will post details soon. Have a Great Week

BSNC said...

@seye i play the game, he just tells me what to do(or so he thinks).. lol remember your uni days indeed, he has is paralysed from his neck down thats all.

@CaramelD i do go to work without makeup.. i play the game, he tells me what to do

@Diane thats is what i thot too about my cousin. i don't really know what her problem is.. thanks for stopping by

@Fashinga dont mind HGF.lol no its not going to be a regular routine.. i guess i do

@freedom thanks for stopping by too. i ll stop by

BSNC said...

@ 3 Bay B chicks yes i know. thanks for the advice and for stopping by

Repressed One said...

lmao!! omo i want your job oh. Video game for 6hrs?
Yea, the heffa was on that good ish da heck? Technically, you were taking care of your patient jare :D

LOL@Afro's 'does his *ick still work?'...abi wetin she tok sef...lol

Well, hopefully the gf doesn't go causing wahala for you at work.

Bibi said...

chic you dey enjoy o! just dey play psp all day long. na wa o. i envy you sha. as for HGF, she dey craze. she is just envious of you and probably threatened. afterall, you are the one who feeds, bathes and clothes her man. plus you don't help matters by being beautiful you know. lol

Afrobabe said...

What link are u talking about???



or the link to the guy's blog...

BSNC said...

@repressed one lol the game thing just happened. yes thats what afro said lol. i know thanks jare

@bibi yes i was lucky this weekend. yes i know dont mind her.. lol thanks

Afrobabe said...

ok...use this one instead...

Afrobabe said...


errrm this one...lol

BSNC said...

yea i tried both of them, they didnt work. all i get is the content working thing. i can still see your blog, but there is no update

Aphrodite said...

Ha ha ha ha ha...
1st time here and this post made me laugh.
Welcome to blogville and thanks for ur comment at mine.

Afrobabe said...

hmmmm....will ask roc the expert...

~Sirius~ said...

I was going to ask paralyzed from neck down, and can still play a PS3- How's that?

Female gamer........nice after all those years hanging with the boys I threw up my towel when the real world hit me, Now the Mister is hooked on all sorts of gaming, so i'm back at bootcamp.

Abt Afro not blog rolling, it's due to her content warning, just be a follower so you can see when she's updated on your dashboard

MSchewwwwwwwwwww @ his girlfriend.
What does she know? A fork is used for eating.......he he he


That HGF na wa oh! So, D'Banj's 'suddenly' jinxed your car, eh? Have a wonderful week!

Roc said...

Hiya! I just noticed my link works on your blogroll, so you've probably updated it..

For AfroBabe use this link below..


And it'll work..!

Roc said...

LMAO... Just read your post..
Hilarious stuff!!
Abeg o me no want Ashewo award.. Please feel free to dash s.m.f, no need for nominations!!
So how's 'nightrider'? Did you end up finding out what the problem was? Or you'll just wing it on a prayer next time??
I'm just thinking.. maybe HGF is bisexual and she fancies you... hmmm....

Just kidingggggggg.. ;-D

BSNC said...

@solomonsydelle lol yea i wouldnt not play the song when i am driving again.. u too

@yay it worked thankss. lol okay i hear you. nightrider is not fine oo. lol ok

BSNC said...

@ roc i mean

Buttercup said...

Hahahaha u's crazy, chica!

HGF needs to get a life mayn..

No, u werent wrong to beat Angie..ahnahn a 3yr old knowing the f-word???

Sowee bout nightrider o..

BSNC said...

lol i am not o. dont mind her jo. yea thanks buttercups

Omo Oba said...

your lil cousin! are u serious her parents did that? it is when she starts singing the same song to her parents that they will shine their eyes. Please, continue to enjoy your job and its perks....ie. ps3 et al, enjoy it well well biko.

L-VII said...

Lol, that was a great story, take it easy o... PS can be very addictive. The G/F was just jealous y'all were getting on, no min' am.

BSNC said...

@omo Oba lol thank jare. don't mind her parent. yes i ll enjoy the job. thanks

@L-VII lol i hear you my sista. thanks

Anonymous said...


BSNC said...

lol what is wowing you