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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


ohhh i don't like this thing oo. i just finished writing what i wanted to post, but i can't find it again.Yesterday i had to post in the bathroom, now this. which kind witch be these. Now i have to start writing again. anyhow i don't mind, but na wa oo. this blogging to turn to home work. next time i will write things up and save them.

how are you guyz doing now. hope everybody is fine. thank you guyz for the comments from the last post. one of my brother's told me a disturbing news yesterday. i don't know how true it is, but he heard it on the news. he said i should not use the computer tomorrow because they is one virus thing that will affect people's computer on April ist. like i said i don't know how true. just wanted to tell you guyz.

i read bibi's post about lesbians. i wanted to share my own experience.although i don't see what is wrong if someone calls their mum mummy(bibi i no understand your own o). i entered boarding school when i was in JSS 1, an all girls school. i have never cried so much in my life. my mum said she wanted us to learn about life outside the comfort of our home. my dad didn't want us(me and my sister) to go, as par us being the only girls. i grew up with alot of guyz(brother and cousin), just thinking of them. that is another story.. my dad was soo sad, i could see it in his eyes( i come add my own dey cry like hyena).funny enough my sister was happy, i didn't understand o. okay back to the story

In my segment(that's what they call the room) we have 16 beds, 8 on each row and each of the bed has a bunk(one bed up, the other one down), so we were 32 in a room( the room was spacious sha, so no think say na over population). anyhow my bunk mate was my closest friend then. my sister was in the same building with me, but her room was at the other side of the building.

anyhow i was very close to the girl o. lets call her simbi( like ali and simbi goes to school.. lol). until i started hearing rumours about simbi. BSNC did you hear that simbi and so so are doing this, simbi and so so are doing that. i was like my own simbi.. that is a lie jo. anyways first semester nothing happened. second semester this girl started behaving strangely towards me. at first i was like maybe i am imagining thing. she will do things like hug me soo close, peck me, tell me how beautiful i look(okay that is not bad sha, i gree i fine sha..lol). i woke up one day and i caught her smiling and staring at me. i didn't think it was anything. after all she is one of my close friends. i told my sister about it. lets call my sister vanilla skin naija chic VSNC

VSNC: i don't like that girl o. there is something about her

BSNC: please leave her alone. she is my friend, go and find your own friend jo

VSNC: you no dey ever hear word

BSNC: eh lemme alone. i no even know why i tell u sef. hisssss

VSNC: okay oo, na you sabi. i have said my own

BSNC: eh thank you very much madam.

i was sleeping one day when i heard my sister shouting at someone. i was like VSNC what is it again person no fit sleep in peace ahh ahh. she just looked at me and hiss.

VSNC: you just dey sleep like say tomorrow no dey. see wetin this idoit been dey do(simbi)

BSNC: what is it again.( i looked at simbi she just looked away, then i looked at my sister)

VSNC: i came to collect milk from your locker(she had my keys) to eat corn flake when i see this idoit touching your breast. i told you i don't like this girl before

BSNC: simbi is that true( i don't sleep deep o, i was wondering why i didn't feel anything sef).

simbi: no no i swear i didn't do anything o(she puts her finger on the ground, then on her tougue, then to the sky.. u know how people swear those dayz now). i saw something on your dress i was trying to remove it when your sister came

I didn't even think twice i knew simbi was lying. my sister will never lie to me(she is my blood now). i felt so bad because i was close to her(simbi). me and my sister threatened to report her to our administrator. simbi then confessed how she liked me from the day she first saw me and she taught i felt the same way blah blah blah( i was like for JSS 1 again, i thought they only see this things in america film). after that incident, we still talked but we were never close again. she left the school the next semester.

Another incident happened in the same school when i was in JSS3. there was this senior(SS3 student) that was always buying me stuff. i thought she liked my brother because she was among the numerous girls that wanted to be my friend because of my brother( yea the guy is kind of cute, but i don't know what the fuss is all about), anyway she was always buying stuff, seniors didn't pick on me when she was around. Until one day( suddenly suddenly like dbanj) she told me to follow her to her dormitory. we got there and we entered her room. luckily for me, she and my neigbour(another senior) stayed in the same room. my neigbour told me to leave the room and go outside with her..( at first i didn't move. i was like i am here with my friend now), but when she told me the second time and with the look on her face, i followed her outside and she told me she never want to see me with that girl again or she will report me to my mum

BSNC: report me for what now. what did i do

neigbour: that girl is a lesbian o. do you know how many junior she brings to her room to experiment with..

BSNC: this is not happening again..( wetin na only me dem see) but she knows my dormitory, my room, the time i leave for classes, the time i have breaks( and VSNC warned me about her too. i don't know how she knows all this things)

neigbour: don't worry i will deal with her. just walk away now as am looking at you

i didn't only walk away. i ran to my sister's room and told her what happened.

VSNC: don't worry eh nobody will try anything when am here(that my sister too much oo, i felt better after that)

i don't know what my neigbour told her, but i didn't hear from her again. they were couple of other episodes when i was in the university(in naija), but my brothers dealt with them. one even promised to take me to yankee( like say no be the yankee i dey now.. hisss nonsense). the matter tire me o. the boys toasting me was not enough, girls one add their own join...

roc i know you were expecting the 1969 story..lol, that was the story that vanished(so no be my fault o)

have a wonderful week people and stay blessed


~Sirius~ said...

i'll be back with a proper comment.

Giagerry said...

second joh!

Giagerry said...

this is not kul...my page is under a spell...i have been on for the past 2hrs and it dint say u updated o...
all of a sudden it ur post pops up...and im not first!

Giagerry said...

lol..BNSC and VNSC myb i wll change my name to CNSC(Caramel naija skin chic).

wait o...simbi ehn, wat class was she...cuz if she was in JSS1 with u ehn..dat means she learnt that rubbish at home..kai!

all girls skool nor good o!

scribble,me.free said...

lmao! first off, it seems ur brother is getting a headstart on April fools.

2nd, why r u running now? taste and see...u might like it? lol...and what is this about 1969?

Giagerry said...

ewwwww..SMF ur not good!lol BSNC dont listen t him o...runnnnn!lol...
oh yh...ur bro is doing april fools o...i even almost 4got bout that..thnx SMF

BSNC said...

@sirius yes you are first.. okay am expecting you

@Gee lol don't worry you ll be first one of these dayz. lol@CNSC thats not a bad name oo.
can imagine. i don't know where she learnt it from o.

all girls school no good at all. i had to leave in SS1 to a mixed school.

Don't mind scribbles jo.

@Scibbles i don't know. you may be right, but he claims he saw in on the news.. taste and see what , kai scribbles don't spoil me o and about the 1969 i don't know what happened to the post

cappuccinebaby said...

Yeparipa sanboribobo! Hold on gimme a sec dear, I need to laugh hehehehe oh Lawd, not even to talk of boys wanting a taste but the girls also? Haba :D

Yeah, I'm pretty sure your bro is doing april fools lmao

*BolanleAP* said...

This is why I say NO to boarding house hehehe...what kind of unnecessary wahala is this, plus ahnahn BSNC she touched your boobies and you didnt notice?? maybe you were dreaming of something or someone else ;-)!

Dante said...

haaaaaa! This was serious...It happened to me but I dealt with it well..lol I think I will write a post but I need to visit bibi's page first.

Don't mind scribbles....That boy is a bad boy and I mean it. I am so hooked to his page...
update joo...scribbles.

Adaeze said...

hmmm..this was an interesting post to read for someone who doesn't know anything about it.
Whos bibi? forgive my ignorance. I want to read the post you talked about.
I personally have nothing against lesbians but i think its crazy people just tried to hit on you like that OMG! As long as they keep it to themselves and dont hit on me..Actually a similar thing happened to me when i was 13 but i wasnt in boarding school or anything. I had almost forgotten it now (or supressed it) - I was so disgusted with her she was my bestfriend but it ended right there and then!
It is so strange though if you think from a more sociological perspective, it seems like there is so many more incidences (statisticly) of homosexuality when the same sex is confined in the same place..its weird.

BSNC said...

@capuccine baby lol i know rite. na so we see am o.
you might be rite, but i don't really know

@abeni lol is not all boarding school now.. lol who would i be dreaming of abeni, am a good girl o..

@dante please write a post about it. Scribbles a.k.a Mr ashewo himself...lol. are you telling me that one. i know

@adaeze this is bibi's link http://rammblingnaijababe.blogspot.com/

i know right and you are so right. i have nothing against them at all, but i no want... i'm straight. yea they are so many incidents.. numerous ones

thanks peeps

Afrobabe said...

I forgot the comment I wanted to post when I saw the 69 story....babe when do you post that...I will keep refeshing this page...

BSNC said...

afrobabe i didn't post it again bcos i couldn't find it. i don't know what happened to the post, so now you can go ahead and remember your comment..lol

Isabella said...

BSNC, babe u was sleeping a strong kind of sleep sha!!! lol ...or myb thts wt ur telling us lol

i had an experience like this actually ...with sum nigerian girls wen i was 10! i duno if i shld write about it tho

Anonymous said...

oh shoot....js 1? woah, I didnt hear of such things in school until what....ss1? man, time sure changes yesterday

I could imagine yur sister saying..."i told yu so"

Mocha said...

Hmmmm..the stories I can tell you from sec sch eh!
Something like your JSS1 experience happened to me.
And a friend of mine told me about one chick (The "Caresser"..lol..) when we were in uni.

These girls dont play o! "take you to yankee"; girl you must fine die!..lol..

BSNC said...

@Miss fly High lol funny enough i don't sleep deep at all. its your choice if you want to write about. you should though. let it out

@naijagirl yea i said the same thing. JS1. don't mind my sister jo, but she was right.. twice

@mocha lol@ the caresser seems like an interesting story. yes they don't.lol na God oo

Blogoratti said...

@afrobabe,Yeah when she does that story, we'll keep refreshing,hehe.
So BSNC, i sure do hope that HGF isn't warming up to you in that sense....seeing that she's now being nice and all...hnnnm!

Bibi said...

imagine that! those girls dey craze. but you blame them? for BSNC like you? lol

BSNC said...

@blogoratti lol okay that comment was meant for the other post.. yea i know, but i am keeping my eyes on her.

@bibi lol i know. abeg tell them jo, norring do me

Good Naija Girl said...

You sure can tell a story! I don't think I've read any of your blog entries where I didn't laugh.

~Sirius~ said...

wow.....22 comments later!

OoooK, you've got a very strong lesbo vibe.....yikes!
I've landed a few "I want you glances" by other females and I like you a lot- with that silly face touching rubbish.
I thank God for my mean look now.......

Enkay said...

I went to an all-girls' school too and my! were there stories!

In fact it got to a point that the house mistresses started doing random rounds by 12midnight and 2am to catch girls 'frolicking' with each other.

I was so young, I didn't understand much of it. It's all so weird! And we were just kids!

Anonymous said...

"...you were expecting the 1969 story.." hmmm, were you by chance born earlier than 1969? Wow!!!

"i don't know what my neigbour told her,..." the beautiful power of words.

Roc said...

Lol.. You just 419'ed me abi.. Or you did me an April 1st thingie..

Ok.. I believe you.. My post has to do wioth the year 1969 anyways..

So.. anyone else hoping to read yours should just tune into RocFM.. :-D

LusciousRon said...

I had a close friend like that, also boarding house story and mine was a mixed school. I know she is still that inclined because she still tries to lay the moves on me and she is getting married in a few months.

I had to stop having a sleepover with her.

aloted said...

lol..first time here...recommended by GNG and i am loving it..

hmm i must confess i also had a lebsian experience in my ss2 but men i dont think i can ever blog about it...i thot i had erased it from my mind till your post jolted my memory :(

See what u did! lol

Anonymous said...

lol..nawa oh!!!only you?? me too I want your kinda fineness that will attract both sexes...lol

bumight said...

my dear BSNC, you are a lesbian magnet! LOL.

Tigeress said...

long read. Will be back. promise. :)

Jaguda said...

na wa for dis le le activities. confirmed u are strickly dickly.

exschoolnerd said...

It was an all girls schol so i guess its expected..thnk God u had people looking out for u.

the only lesbian experience i think iv had is this woman who owns a salon who's always telling me how gorgeous i look and always rubbing my shoulder..i swear theres something up with her..

Buttercup said...

ay baybay!

let me go and read..

scarletboy said...

it even happens in mixed schools as i was nearly analy raped in my jss1. now all girls schools have sorta made it an official thing. so sad...

Buttercup said...

hehehehehe nawa o!

Ms.O said...

hahahahah You are tooo funny!!!

Vera Ezimora said...

WOW. Dis your school na die oo. lol.

Spesh said...

I tire oooo....
Didnt get to comment on your last post cos of the same problem.
These are the kinda lessons that shape a girk's life dont you think?

BSNC said...

@GNG lol thanks i try. i glad you enjoy my stories

@sirius ohh i wish i had a mean look, but i look i have this innocent look(it helps sometimes though)

@Enkay i feel you jo. i always thought you see those behaviours in movies, but it is what it is.

@rethots lol naa far from it. am in my 20's. yea i know right. the power of words. thanks for stopping by

@RocNaija yea i got you.. lol. but really sha i was trying to post a story couldn't find it again

@LusciousRon yes it is better that way. i don't understand these girls o. thanks for stopping by

BSNC said...

@aloted aww am sorry for bringing back those memories, but it is good to talk about it. just let it out. thanks for stopping by.. thanks for the recommendation GNG xoxo

@Tay-mee lol na God oo. really

@bumight lol am not o. i don't understand it myself

@Tigeress okay am waiting :)

@jaguda ha which one be strictly dickly. please don't spoil me o..lol

@exschoolnerd yes oo. i was very lucky. as you come fine, make she no trip for you..lol. i feel you sha

@buttercup lol yes this one pass na wa my dear

@scarletboy hmmm thank God for small favours o. yea i know. ehen is your laptop and computer good now

@Ms O. thankk but this one no be funny matter, it really happened. thanks for stopping by

@Vera lol tell me something i don't know. na so we see am

@My World i must say i agree with you. about the comment thing. don't worry its okay

sorry for the slow response guyz its not my fault oo. thanks peeps

Tigeress said...

I'm back! :)
I thank God i didnt (exactly) go to boarding school talk less an all girls school. I'm very anti- all same sex school- especially if they are boarders. I have friends with le-le experiences from secondary school. I think Nigerian parents are the most ignorant parents ever. What do they expect? u put teenagers together with hormones raging and no close supervision- they need an outlet- they are gonna start touching each other. The worst are the guys sha. EEWWWWWWW

As i commented in my last blog, i havent met u in person, but something tells me u're a very pretty girl. :)

Interesting blog.

BSNC said...

yay she came back
lol@anti- all same sex school.. yea i feel you lol. hmmm it is all by the grace of God. thanks

Jaguda said...

pweety says tigeress. u are pweety

L-VII said...

Hmmn, you must be very fine o if all these lele dey trip for you.... lol.