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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

HONEST SCRAP MEME (i got tagged, so here it goes)

I got tagged by SMF on the Honest Scrap Meme. I know you guyz don’t really know much about me because I talk about my job, nightrider and random stuff, but you will know in time.

Hope this gives you guyz an ideal who BSNC is. Well here it goes;

1. I can be very shy or I can be a talkative, depends on who I am with. For some reason most people think I am this shy quiet innocent girl( I guess i am 71.8% innocent, ok how did I come up with that figure) who doesn’t know anything. I play along sometimes though

2. I am one of the most patient people I know( I wonder who I inherited that from).

3. I don’t easily get angry, but when I do.. trust me it is not a good sight. I don’t like me when I am angry. I have been really angry three times in my life( or so I think)

4. I love children. I cant help it I just love them( especially the babies). I can't wait to have my own one day

5. I just realized that I cant please everybody. My dad once told me if you want to please everybody, just know you will die early and there is this quote I saw somewhere “I don’t know the secret to success, but I know the secret to failure; trying to please everybody. Something like that

6. I don’t like it when people compare me with my twin sister( yes I have a twin, fraternal). Yes we are from the same womb, yes we were born the same day, but we are two different people… get over it

7. I have had a crush on almost all my brother’s friends at a point in my life, but now I see them as family. I love boys I can’t help it. i grew up with alot of them

8. I have had infatuation, crushes…. But I have never been in love(or have i?). I read it in novels, watch it in movies, feel and see it around me. One day I know I will find it because I love love. Like celindion says “love comes to those who believe it and that’s the way it is”

9. I love music. I can’t go a day without listening to one. Just name it R&B, pop, soft rock, oldies, hip pop and of course my African music too

10. I am very playful and I have a wonderful sense of humor. People say I play too much , but I can be very serious when I want to be..

11. I am glad I found out about blog Ville. I love it here. It is really nice and you guyz are just too much( for real)

I guess that is a little bit of BSNC. I have to tag 7 people that has not been tagged before.. hmm let me see.. Fashinga, Gee, sirus, funms -the rebirth, Miss FlyHigh – LondonsNaijaQueen, Capuccin Baby, omo oba, Nigeria fetish, lolia, mocha, seye..(okay how many is that. I no no how to count again)

Happy birthday Fashinga!!!!!!!


scribble,me.free said...


scribble,me.free said...

haha...in my haste i mispelled it..but you know what I mean...

*does the macarena*

scribble,me.free said...

where IS everybody?

Giagerry said...

ooooo...ok im second!

Roc said...

@ #5.. I think that was Bill Cosby...

Giagerry said...

hahahahha...u crushin on ur bros frends?loool...im giulty too!
Then a twin...omg..im not over it!
ok ill do my own later..in class atm..blogging!

scribble,me.free said...

i feel you on not being able to please everyone...i keep telling myself that..i'm getting there though

you have a twin? is she as cool as you?

Roc said...

Patience, they say, is a virtue.. So I guess that's a good thing!

And uhmm... How does your #11 count as a hoonest meme... :(

lol.. nice one BSNC!!

Anonymous said...

Nodding to #1, 2 a nd 10.... Nice ones.....(Except the anger part that is!)

O'Dee said...

I have also learnt I cant please every1, trying usually results in me feeling really bad.

BSNC said...

@SMF lol@does the marcarena. yea you will get there.. yea i have a twin. she is more laidback and cool too

@gee lol yes it is allowed. yes i have a twin(just 5 minutes older though).. i am waiting.

@RocNaija yes i am glad i ve that virtue.. lol it counts oo, should have been Numero uno. thanls

@JustDB thanks.. wait what is wrong with the anger part...

@O'Dee yes you can't. no matter how hard you try..

thanks people

Toluwa said...

oh gosh u r a twin...interesting! I always wanted to know how twins were with each other.

Luv kids too!

Original Mgbeke said...

Is your twin here with you?

Blogoratti said...

One day,yes one day you'd find what you are looking for,real love. Interesting to know you have a twin!

Spesh said...

Good 2 know so much about you and I agree with you all the way,9ice....

Giagerry said...

ok BSNC...im done oooo....blogoratti and original mgbeke u wer tagged so go and do urs noooooooooooooooooow.lol

~Sirius~ said...

I have been tagged by Tigeress already!
I see there's no escaping this one love.

As I was reading I thought ok, this is freaky...why would she be 71.8% like me.....he he he.

I've always wanted a twin sister :-(
But my only sister does a hell of a good job as a twin, even though we are 6yrs apart.

LOVE, LOVe, LOve, Love, Lov,LO, L......Love makes the world go round!

Jay said...

I have lots of patience too but when i get angry there is no going back.

You have a twin...so do two trick boys a lot?!

i have twin cousins and they are only two years old, trust me they drive their mother round the bend :)

Afrobabe said...

Awwww you're a twin? That's great...

BSNC said...

@Just...Toluwa yea i am a twin. we are always at each others throat lol. i ll write a post on her soon

@Original Mgbeke yes she just came here last year(yankee) with her wahala..

@blogoratti i hope that one day is soon. yea i have a twin

@My World thanks and thanks for stopping by

@gee yes you did a very good job and i see u tagged me again lol

@sirius to have a twin sister is not all rosy, but you know you have a best friend that can never let you down.. wow your sister does a very good job while mine still believes she is older than me(just 5mintues ooo)

@wormerchant that is good we have something in common. my twin is way lighter(oyinbo) and i am darker(caramel),so no tricks. i wish we were identical sometimes. i can imagine how their mum feels

@afrobabe yes i am.. thanks

Yankeenaijababe said...


ha ha ha...this first thingy is getting crazy.lol I love your top ten..sounds like me in some part, quiet, love music and very different, love guys, had crushes...that was YNC sometime ago.lol

I know that feeling of being compared to a twin, sadly but true people never seem to change and get the point. I am different

Isabella said...

babe u tagged me ... lol ..noooo

You sound like a reall sweet chick

BSNC said...

@YNB yea thanks.abeg tell them for me

@Miss flyHigh -LondonNaijaQueen lol yes i did... awwww thanks i guess i am

Bibi said...

i feel you on that brother's friend's crush o! i was falling in love every blessed day. lol

Enkay said...

lol @ 71.8%! Such an odd number so let me round it up for you - 75% innocent or would you prefer 70%? hehehe!

The truth is it is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone. So don't even try!

Dante said...

I am feeling you on no 5. I have stopped trying to please everyone. I realized that I couldn't do it, so I stopped.....
no 9...I can't stay without music. In the house, I have tons of cds, rap, r&b, latin, rock. In the car, mp3s, I have an ipod with loads of songs, on my phone, psp, it is crazy...E remain for kitchen, and that will be very soon. lol. Interesting read tho!.

BSNC said...

@bibi lol yea i know

@Enkay lol okay 75%. yea i tried before i can't do it

@Dante yes music is my middle name. lol thanks

Buttercup said...

Isnt it just amazing how blogville makes u realize that there r so many people out there like u?

Im also shy, quiet, I love children, I dont get angry easily, I've crushed on lots of my bro's friends and I'm extremely patient..so I always get the fattest bone heehee..

Aww u r a twin.. I love twins!

Shubby Doo said...

i did o! no vex o cos i really did! i sent u an e-mail straight away...i dont' know why gmail did send it str8 to your inbox. basically it said:
Thanks a million. It worked as you've written but not with her new web address sans blogspot. Me I'm sticking with u and rocnaija on this !!!

Thanks again


Shubby Doo said...

re: your post - to say u realise that you cant please everybody all the time @ such a young age shows me your wisdom ...means you are more together than 80% of people.

you have a twin...cool

Anonymous said...

patience is a very good virtue....i hope i get that
playfulness is one advantage kids have over adults. we grow up forgetting how to be kids, but if you still got that in you, then you are one lucky person

SouLBoutiQue said...

I used to always wish I had a twin, secretly I still do! And u have patience please mail me some, I am getting better with age because some people can really irritate me!!!

BSNC said...

@buttercup wow we have alot of things in common.how nice.. thanks bc

@shubby Doo lol dont mind me i was pulling your legs. u are welcome. awww thanks. yea i have a twin

@naijagirl yea lucky me. thanks :)

@SoulBoutique lol@ mail you patience. yea i have a twin, but we don't look alike though..

Tee said...

i love number five,and i think i am very much like that too

Anonymous said...

1. shy, you need to meet me.
4. hope 7kids are not to few for you to have? Hmmm, or maybe 8 is just the perfect number. What think thee?
8. Love, i give you 2weeks from today.
9. what of country music?
11. blogsville is a city without walls....the future city.

BSNC said...

@tee yea i just realized that o

@rethots lol i'm not shy par say, 7 kids are you for real lol( we are actually 8 in my fam though)

two weeks hmmm interesting. okay lets see how it goes

i like all music, yea country too. hmm rethots i think i am falling.... yea rite lol.

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