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Thursday, April 2, 2009


You should know me P, know where i be, you should know about me. there call me BSN C 2x..you know my P, you know my P. my name is BSN C.. lol( okay i just felt like saying that, after all its the title).. what does that P thing mean sef

Thanks for the comments from the last post and thanks to all my followers. you guyz are more than too much. I just want to clarify something. There is no 1969 story, i wanted to do the april fools thing to roc. I just read vera's own, wow that girl is good o chei. She got me big time, but i refuse to slap myself sha..lol

Yesterday was a very long day for me o. From my last post i told you guyz about something my brother told me about this computer virus thing on april 1st. Turned out to be true. it was everywhere on the news, so i didn't go on the computer through out yesterday( it was not an easy something). Let me gist you guyz about the thing. its not actually a virus par say. They call it conflicker computer worm,It can be used to attack as well as to spy. It can destroy files, it can connect to addresses on the Internet and it can forward your e-mail.Conficker, believed to reside on 2 million to 12 million computers worldwide, is designed to turn an infected PC into a slave that responds to commands sent from a remote server that controls an army of slave computers known as a botnet. it was suppose to lauch on wednesday( i know you guyz are already yawning now.. wake up jo), so my fellow bloggers this one no be april fool o.

Yesterday was long o. i wanted to browse in the morning, i saw this big paper plastered all over the computer saying" BSCN don't touch the computer"..lol. shoo why did they put my name now. i guess my mum did that( i blame them, dem don see me finish now..). i tried to watch a movie, it was too boring. i wanted to go see my aunt, Nightrider started misbehaving again. i called my brother, we both went to the mechanic,they fixed it, took about an hour. Thank God i had classes yesterday, but the class finish now.when i came back the computer was just staring at me( see temptation o). i sha tried to keep myself busy; i watched don't forget the lyrics on NTA( yes we have nta o). it was kind of interesting, but the show finished too. Still this computer was staring at me o. i was like no be me and you today( if computer crash now.. wetin i go do). all because my lappy got spoilt.

I called bibi( yea me and bibi are close friends.i could bet you guyz had no idea,we both went to uniben and here we are in yankee again.. did i forget to mention she is seriously crushing on scribbles..lol).

BSNC:Bibi how far what is happening in blog village(the babe was just laughing at me)

bibi:BSNC na wa for you o.. Blogville virus don catch you..

BSNC: okay i agree, so wetin dey happen now, gist me(blogville you see what you are doing to me)

bibi: i will call you back am kind of busy. am at work ( this babe no call me till 4-5 hours later.. hisss)

anyhow i was okay. nothing do me. my mum came back from work. hope you didn't touch the computer o. me, after plastering my name there why would i touch it.. she started her own story about the virus thing(like say i never hear am reach for news). anyways my brother came back from work. i was so happy(at least the one dey check computer everyday too), so we just talked for like 2 hours about random things. i was like ehen abeg i wan use your computer o. my brother lets call him brownskinaijaboy(BSNB)

BSNB: did you not hear what they said in the news. we should not on the computer today(he didn't not know before, it was my other brother that told us). wetin you wan use am for sef

BSNC: em em er i wan i want to do my assignment( i really had an assignment, but i wanted to just check blogville too)

BSNB: i need to on this computer bcos i have to check somethings too( i was smiling now)

BSNC: okay when you are done.. tell me

This boy decided to change his mind again. i chased this boy and his laptop around the house for like 30 minutes. i got tired and sat on the stairs. i was like i don't want you laptop again, abeg wetin sef. BSNB sat next to me and embraced me.. oo my poor sister is addicted to the internet. i just stood up, looked at him, hissed and walked away. Even my mum and VSNC were laughing at me( i didn't find it funny o).

Bibi later called me sha and told me what was happening here after like 4 hours. i still don't think am addicted to the internet. i'm just used to it, or am i addicted. i don't know again jo. Did i tell you guyz bibi has a crush on scibbles.. ok o. she thinks i'm crushing on another blogger, yea rite. na she sabi and before i forget Happy birthday Afrobabe!!!!!!.. i have not still seen my cake o. still waiting

Wish you guyz a wonderful week ahead and yea my birthday( i mean our brithday, me and VSNC) is coming up too. yay


Roc said...

i got this..

Tigeress said...

shld have been 1st where did Roc of a guy come from? hissssssssss

Penelope...! said...

ehrrr..U're not addicted to it jo.
what else is der to do than to go on the internet in this boring onyinbo place?
Yay im 3rdd!!..:D

Tigeress said...

yeh blogsville is very addictive. But i like the friends i've made. Virtual friends i call it. U know whats going in my life and vice versa but i'm not required to chat on the phone or spend time with...

So u have a twin? i'm refering to VSNC. when is it? Happy b.day in arrears me dear!

Roc said...

lol @ "BSCN don't touch the computer"
Ermm... so you know B?!
Me and you get gist... lol

JustDB said...

All this UNIBEN babes, una be Hall One abi na Ekosodin levels?????

Sigh -- Blogsville is VERY addictive..... It has totally annihilated my Facebook addiction.. Now that took some doing!

Afrobabe said...

Happy birthday in advance....f**k I should have commented before reading...mchewwwww...

I relly hope the virus thing was an april fool's joke oh cos I ws here last night...just checking up on this...

sigh..yes, it's an addiction!!!

BSNC said...

@RocNaija lol you do. no mind them jo.. hmm roc which gist tell me now. am waiting

@tigeress lol at least you are second :). yea i know right.. me too. yes i do. thanks its next week

@penelope abeg give me five jo.. lol. you are so right and yay you are third.

@JustDB lol wetin be your own inside.. i was actually in hall one sha, but i later stayed of camp. yea i know it really is

@afrobabe lol its okay. No its no joke o, was on CNN, NBC, FOX,ABC.... but it affected a few computers sha.. yes it is.
thanks we are both aries. you know what they say about aries(lol like i know)

Omo Oba said...

haha Bibi called you to tell u wat is going on on blockville? now, that my dear is crazy, u are on another level entirely. BUt i agree with JustDB, facebook can no longer stand up to blogville, I say an amen to that.

bob-ij said...

lol...I went on my computer o!...I hope it's not there...my anit0virus is always failing me!...so who is VSNC....Am I stale??


Jennifer A. said...

I hope no virus got a hold of my laptop either, cos I believe I was in blogsville yesterday. LOL.

Giagerry said...

baby...yes to d addictiveness of blogsvilleee
happy bday to u nd ur sis..
uniben??...im sure i know one of u,if not 2 of u sef!

Original Mgbeke said...

Mayne I heard about the Virus kini but I no pay am any mind. LOL @ blogville addiction, I just started getting into it myself. E no easy o!

Repressed One said...

Heard about the virus thing on the news too...didn't take it seriously. Hopefully e don pass sha cos I was on my computer all day yesterday and have been all day today.

lol@ bibi gisting you about blogville. Na waya. It is kinda addictive, much more so than FB...that one is just dry.

Anonymous said...

now that the virus has got us all, we can live in peace.

Jen Juma said...

Sorry but I think Conficker is Nigerian...lol! Yesterday's date was 4-1-9 oh!

I cover the laptop with prayers sef because the anti-virus is something else.

BSNC said...

@omo oba lol yea i know, you see what blogville is turning me into. yea facebook is not even close

@bob-ij i hope so too... VSCN is my twin sister.

@jaycee lol i hope so too. it is not your portion

@gee lol maybe you know us. uniben is a big school sha. CSNC i told you its a nice name before..

@Original Mgbeke so you haerd about it too. my sista its not easy at all ..lol

@repressed one lol yea hopefully it passed you by.. lol yea i know. i had no choice now

@sprezatura lol abeg the virus will not get us o.

@ladi yes you are right o 4-1-9, i didn't think of it that way. amen and amen

Anonymous said...

its an addicition ooo
virus or no virus, perhaps, its a good thing you obeyed and stayed away from the computer....who knows, others might log on and nothing will happen but cos yu knew about the virus and still logged on......there i go again

scribble,me.free said...


Happy birthday to you and your twin. and yes...blogville is addictive..i know I am..not even fronting...i swear I get paid to blog

hmm, so you know Bibi, tell me, is her voice really like silk?

Tee said...

I dint even hear of the virus. i was online almost all day. ~Kai, hope i dont have it oh. You are not addicted, i think we all are!

Toluwa said...

chic...u r addicted jo! and its allowed! wetin i talk...its allowed. and we fam, so its ok..

Tari. N said...

Dont deny your addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Dont run away from your love (blogsvillage) Embrace it.." do you remember those words?? you said the same thing to me...lol!!!!!!!

Lmao @ "BSNC, dont touch the computer"...That was so hilarious...

Anyway, take care babes!!!


TayneMent said...

I didn't hear about the virus thingie sha. I am not addicted to Blogsville yet sha but I can see how it can be. Everyone seems to follow each other's blogs, maybe I should get to that and once i join the family, I will get addicted. I kukuma have an addictive personality.

Rebirth said...

heard about the virus thing but i was online all day tho..... lol @ ur family pasting ur name on the computer... they know u too well.

Bibi said...

BSNC! see as you just dey lie. my fellow bloggers, BSNC needs help i tell you. she said she called me once but that is nooooooot true. this girl called me 5 times!!! since i met her, she had never, never called me like that before o. but yesterday, she wanted to kill my fone wit calls. pls help me pray for her. lol
@ scribbles- curiousity killed the cat you know. lol

Anonymous said...

lol @ Bibi, ur adiction is truly on a whole new P!!...dont worry I understand jare cos I think I have the same problem. As for me I used my laptop yday like I would any other day!!No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper..lol

Adaeze said...

lol..i was addicted to the internet like 10 yrs ago when i first started using it. no more! But this blogville thing sure is a bit addictive..ill get in trouble at work soon lol

Blogoratti said...

Looks like you had a conflicker day,lol.
Feel you on that addiction thing though*

Aphrodite said...

So that Virus thing was true eh?
I heard about it but just waved it aside, anyways i got my anti-virus to take care of that.

BSNC said...

@naijagirl lol which one is there you go again. i am with you. other might go nothing would happen, but since i know about it better i left it..

@scribbles lol of course you will blush now... lol are you for real.. yes her voice is really amazing. if you hear her voice you might just go down on one knee..lol

@tee thanks yea i hope you don't have it too. yes we all are right..

@just...toluwa lol thank you jare. it is allowed abi... yes we are

@fashinga lol am embracing it now.. i can't help it.. don't mind my mum oo..lol

@taynement once you join the family that is it. its too easy to be addicted to blogville. abeg do join the fam


BSNC said...

@funms- the rebirth you heard about it and you were online..lol. okay oo. yes they do, but do they have put my name like that...

@bibi kai this babe you chill now. aproko, who come ask you question. okay i called like 3 times sue me now..lol

@tay-mee yes a whole other p. amen, its not your portion

@adaze lol please oo. we don't want you to get in trouble. you are lucky because it seems you know how to deal with the addiction thing

@blogoratti lol yea right conflicker day indeed

@aphrodite yes it was really true.. ohh thats cool. hope it works

thanks peeps

Shubby Doo said...

lol@seriously crushing on scribbles...did u just out bibi?!!!

Buttercup said...

Looooool! Im equally addicted o. If im not using my lappy, im using my phone. God help me..

Aww u and Bibi r friends..lol @ u mentioning her crush on Scribbles..so who do u have a crush on, ehn?

Happy birthday to u and twin! When is the day sef?

BSNC said...

@shubby Doo lol no i didn't oo

@buttercup lol yes God help us. maybe i will tell you one day.. thanks dear. its this weekend.

Anonymous said...

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