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Friday, August 7, 2009


AWWWW thanks for all the love guyz. I feel so special, so special so special…lol. Thanks for making all that noise, you all are far to kind. I don’t think you guyz are beautiful, I think you are beyond it. I wish I could hug everyone in blogsville. I like you guyz and you like me too…lol ( my remix of every girl)10thx

The summer has been one of kind. I say its raining man, but in this case its raining pale..lol( Old man). First day of class I met two Nigerian ladies who figured out I was Nigerian too for that reason they wanted to be my best friend( me sef tire, but I don’t mind now. After they are my people). I met this old man through them who happens to be igbo. The guy saw and he started rapping igbo. I was like I am not igbo o, the guy gree hear. When he rap im lingo finish the guy see say I no reply, na the guy chill.

The guy okay let me call him pale. Pale says he wants to buy me and the other two chics lunch. Normally, I will say I am good, but when we don do some kind conk nursing ehn. Me no mind o because this babe was hungry sha and for the kind recession period its not really common.

For three day straight pale was buying us lunch. He told us about his wife and how he was a big man in naija, but when he entered yankee he was like a nobody.( lol that is not news to me. Na today). After lunch pale says he wants me to explain one topic for him. Okay fine now no problem, but I was suspecting this guy sha. Why did he not tell the other chics to come. As I don chop small of im money belleful( which was his idea o), it’s the least I can do now abi.

There I was explaining a clinical procedure for him. Pale was like bsnc do you have a boyfriend. I just continue like say I no hear. Did I forget to mention he has a deep, thick ibo accent. Baby I say you get man.( who Is your baby, look at this old man o). Yes I am engaged to this guy in naija. E no mean anything, I have a wife too. I was like Mr. pale, do you want me to explain this thing or what. Pale was like I know all this thing, my wife is a nurse. I just wanted to get you alone with me since you are always with those girls.( for im mind im be sharp man o. hisss)

Pales goes on saying he is a chief in his village and he is entitled to have more than one wife. The guy say im want make I be im side kick( that is what they call it now adays o. chai woman don suffer sha). I was like side wetin, I don’t understand o. He was all this gals wey dey form innocent like dem no no anything, meanwhile na una spoil pass ( you see as this man dey take style insult me). He says if I am a good side kick he will marry me afterwards. I was like excuse me sir, I am not interested. Pale, I mean Chief pale was angry o. I have told you times without number. Stop calling me sir, I don’t like this kind of thing. Call me by my name. I told I could not.

Chief pale says I have just missed a big opportunity. He was ready to spend money on me. He says most girls will take the opportunity with both hands ( as I don become charity case now. Useless man). When he left, one of the girls came over and she was like I messed up big time. She says if she was in my shoes, she will use the man( see me see craze people, ehen carry on now. Who is stopping you) . The next day I greet chief, the guy bone me like I was invincible. He took the other girls to lunch. At least the guy free me.

One week later, chief pale come again. Bsnc this is your last chance. I am giving you another chance. Have you changed your mind? (. Na the fear of God in me no make me do something to this man). I was like thank you very much sir, but I am not interested. Chief says I don’t know what I am missing. Abeg someone should tell me what I am missing o, wetin I wan do with this old agbaya. I saw him with the other chic on several occasions after that, only God know if they were reading together or using their self. Frankly I don’t really care. That was how my summer started….

PS: ignore the typos i am already late for work..lol


Anonymous said...

LMAO...that was FUNNY! No mess with oga pale o. Before him comot for village wey dem go do juju for you and you go dey yarn say you dey in love with Shief pale. It will not be your portion o so STAY AWAY.

Anonymous said...

Na Real Wa O!

CaramelD said...

Hey girlll! Long time !!!!!

Leave them to themselves, if they like they shouldn't study the books they came to read!

Is it by force?

CaramelD said...

Actually probably is by force (eeek)!!!

Anonymous said...

LMAO..Chief Pale!!! The man is a very shameless somebory.

Blogoratti said...

Some people never give up.
..'BSNC,this is your last chance oh,lol'.
Yeah rite.SMH!
Welcome back!


And, just like that, you missed out on an opportunity to 'hook' a Chief that wanted you to accept his money with 'both hands'.


He should use his money to come up with better lines and stop looking so desperate. Have a great weekend, o jare, my sista.

*shakes head*


Bubbles said...

Chief Pale vexxed mayne
one more chance
welcome back BSNC

Anonymous said...

lol...the way some nigerian men talk eh..lol.
this is ur last chance oh...old man kee?
the man be big man for naija nd decided to come to america nd became nothin...c wat bubbles was talking about?
person go leave good job for naija come here for nothing.
nne,welcome oh.

Enkay said...

Welcome back girl!

As for oga Pale, if he is as 'big' as he claims to be, he should be cris-crossing the world and not bothering to go to school!

Useless man! I just dey vex.....!

Ms. 'dufa said...

LOL....That was so funny! His wife (and probably children)is in Nigeria, waiting for her lovely husband to come home and he's there fooling himself.

For my comic amusement, those Oga Pale have a pot belly?

Repressed One said...

The nerve of these old disgusting buggas!!! Imagine oh "if you're a good side kick, I will..." "This is your last chance..." "You missed a big opportunity"...chei!! inu tie'n bimi sef mschewwwwww

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Side Kick ke! we don seriously suffer for man hand

LWKMD@ "This is your last chance"

Chief pale might not have sent money home to his family in a long time OH! Stupid Old man.

Have a lovely week end and welcome back once again

Tinu said...

urrr back!!!
this man is sooo stupid!argggh and the other lady should go and take the opportunity!

NoLimit said...

LOL!!! you sef why you no gree for pale now??? hee hee hee!!!
No mind am, na agbaya man he be!

Sassy Trends said...

LMAO...make I laff small...
Tell chief pale to go figure.... e be like sey to date am gan lasan na favor...yeye...

Aw u dey jare?
Enjoy your weekend jo?

Fabulo-la said...

I can soo imagine it with the Igbo accent and all.
Babby, this is ya last chance o.

U too u for tell am say, im supposed pass ur own test before u accept am abi?
Make he buy you lunch for another 2 weeks..lol
WHat nonsense

Anonymous said...

LOL... I dey feel Chief Pale ooo..

LWKMD... Infact, make Pale try meet Rita of Koko Mansion, dem go blend wella..

Nice one, you made me smile and lively dis nite oo..

Njoy ur weekend baby (me sef? lol).

Miss Natural said...

Haha all these old men looking for fresh meat :) u were smart...and the other girl not so smart. I also love how u told the story! Very funny

Giagerry said...

lol free pale naw..
he thinks he is in naija wer all dose young girls r ready to do wat their fathers r telling dem not to do..
lol @ him being a big man in naija b4 come here...im sure they all feel that way.

check out my blog o, E-service coming to blogsville really soon!

Blessing said...

LOL...grandpa needs to get a life, eww

chayomao said...

you should have seen me. As soon as i saw the title, i was like 'Hallelujah" Man pikin no know say na old agbaya cause am! lol
My dear, you aren't missing anything.
Let those who want, take, b4 his wife fly over pour acid for ur face :)
He fit pay for reconstructive surgery ? (this does not mean that if he can, u shld go ahead oh! lol)

BSNC said...

@temite hahaha temite abeg no kill me with laff. Amen, i am staying aways. As far as possible.

@anonymous i hear you. thx 4 stoppin by

@caramelD lol my sista thats their own problem... i just read your post. that was really lovely.

@Tay-mee lol don't mind the yeye man jare. very shameless

@blogoratti lol can you imagine the agbaya. thanks dear, its good to be bac.

@solomonsydelle hahaha just like that o. thanks, you have a lovely weekend too.

@bubbles hahaha he was angry o, you should have seen his face. thanks dear, its good to be back.

BSNC said...

@leggy my point exactly old man for that matter. My sista na so yankee life be. thanks dear, good to be back.

@enkay you are right. i no understand the guy jo. lol abeg no vex o. thanks, good to be back

@Ms dufa hahaha he is really fooling himself, but he claims his wife is here with him. Nothing about children though.

lol yes how did you know, but its not that big sha.

@repressed one can you imagine tha audacity hisss...lol.

lol na ibo you speak just now, abeg translate.

@the girl with the red hair lol babe we don really suffer..

he said his wife is a nurse here. thanks again dear.

@tinu yea i am back.. sinceeee, okay yesterday..lol. that was exactly what i said too.

@Nolimit ahn ahn why i go gree. big one, he no just know himself..

BSNC said...

@sassy trends lol you don laff finsih, you sure..

hahaha that your hissing long o. na so we see am jo. i am fine o,
you enjoys yours too.

@fabulo-la lol infact you said it well. abeg make e go jo. wetin i wan do with im useless lunch...

@ochuko lol why you no go feel am, no be una people...

hahaha lord have mercy. when i watch that rita clip ehn laff almost kill me. kai the girl dey remix the english sha.

awww i am glad i did. lol you enjoy your weekend too.

@Miss natural lol na really fresh meat. She actually thought sha was smart. thanks dear.

@gee lol you are so right.. okay dear will check it out. E-service sounds nice.

@BBYW xoxo lol he sure does, maybe that is his idea of a life..

@chayoma lol@ halleluyah, all your antenna rise up for gist. I couldn't think of a title jo..

lol i hear you o. thanks for the advice dear..

thanks peeps, you all cracked me up with your comments..

Beyond said...

mehn!....e get as e be for all these useless old men ....don't they realize aw disgusting the thoughts of dating an old man is...i guess not.

Glad to have u back....

Isabella said...

hahahahaha BSNC I TRUST U!!!!!!

Sir Scribbles said...

lol@raining pale...u razz o!
hey hey hey!!

somebody please scream ARISTO!!!!!! Side kick ke? imagine u wearing pink spandex wiv a cape and a big "A" on ur chest for Aristo girl lol. Thank Goodness u no gree abeg...I can't stand aristos mehn!

mizchif said...

LWKM! E don tey since wen i don hear where dem call pesin PALE!
Remain make u call am Epaa!

But they guy is seriously on some crack mehn, coming to give u ultimatum sef. Goodluck to the other babe sha, i certainly hope she finds what she is looking for.

Cidersweet said...

Yea!! BrownSkin is back!! Welcome oh! Missed you. Really, those guys are so annoying, but your thoughts are funny ("for im mind he's a sharp guy abi", etc).
Have a luvly weekend!

miss.fab said...

Lmfao!!!! Ahhh BSNC I knew I could count on you for the hot gists! Welcome back jare. We must have party o!

Anyway sha Chief Pale sounds like he's really feeling you, ahahn... Why you no ja the guy face now. He's a Chief o. Many girls will jump at the chance with both hands, loool

Anonymous said...

looooooool!!pale pale

Ola Dipo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bibi said...

see as you dey carry wahahla dey go everywhere? so tey you don carry am reach classroom. chei! but e nor good for fine too much sha. lwkm. chic, i don tell you tire, na only me you dey fit curse abi? when e reach for you to curse yeye people your mouth go freeze. but when e reach my turn, e go sharp abi? but that pale sef na wa o! he is too much. he say he dey give you second chance. he get luck say nor be me he meet o! i for curse he life commot from he cheiftaincy title. see he mouth like side kick. and that babe sef deon kolo. she wan carry her aristos way from naija come here. dem swear for two for them. mscheeew, yeye peoples.girl, you don make me wan come back to blogsvill o!

Luscious LU said...

Lol, that Pale is a joke o! see wahala,he vex say u use sir for am,pls use it well and rub it in well for am.im no be sir?! i tire for these men o.

BSNC said...

@beyond can you blame them. they still want to be in the game, not just with this female..lol. thanks dear.

@Miss Flyhigh lol you know how i do. how have you been?

@sir scribbles lol no let me catch you o, yeye boy. the guy does not know who he is dealing with..

@mizchif lol i wanted to say epaa o. i didn't know how to spell it. They both want the opportunity, let them enjoy their selves..

@cidersweet awww thanks, i missed you guyz more. they are more than annoying, but i was just respecting the guy. have a lovely week too

@miss fab awww thanks dear. tell me where the party is at, i am there..lol

hahah babe you are funny, i feel you, but i don't know if the guy have one kind jazz. I just respect am jo.

@Red lips thanks for stopping by.

@bibi lol you know its all love noe and besides i know fit curse elderly person now. lol@ curse im chieftancy title commot i trust you, but u know me now.

You better come back to blogsville this is your last chance o..lol

@Lucious Lu he is a big joke. i ll still be calling him sir, till tomorrow sef..lol

thanks peeps, you guyz are funny sha..

Ebony~!* said...

LOL at 'Baby you get man?!' i can imagine the accent!. Pale was serious o! U dno what you are missing, please find out and let us know!

bonnie said...

lol this was soo funny.
do boys ever grow into men???
im new to your blog btw :)

Anoda Phase said...

lol @ Pale...na wah oh...the cheek of it! Like the way u handled him though...keep ur dignity girl; nothing like it...

Buttercup said...

Hahaha idiot oshi! Dang, men never cease to amaze me *shakes head*. Welcome back, sweets!

Writefreak said...

Nonsense! Tell pale to go suck his thumb...lol

Writefreak said...

Oh btw it's been so long, how're you doing?

juiceegal said...

Hey babe...pls send me an email...juiceegal@gmail.com...wanna ask u something..thanks..il be waiting

BSNC said...

@ebony lol you are not serious o, abeg i don't want to find out anything.

@bonnie lol i think they do. thanks for stopping by my blog :)

@Anoda Phase thanks i will try to...

@buttercup lol oshi. they are full of suprises. thanks dear.

@whitefreak lol suck his thumb ke. um... ok. i am fine o. hope you are good too.

@juiceegal okay babe i ll do just that.

thanks peeps..

*Diane* said...

Dang! welcomeback mehn! i see i'm late, due to computer problems. lol. but as always...LOL!!!! too funny!