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Monday, August 31, 2009


Hey beautiful people. How are you guyz doing? It will be a new month very soon, so happy September in advance, wish you guyz all the best with school, work, relationship, marriages, children, man wahala…… wow see comments, thanks a lot guyz. I know I have said this too many times, but still you guyz are wonderful.

Yes I won the lottery. When I saw the numbers yesterday I could not believe my luck. What am I going to do with that amount of money? I am still thinking about it. I am going to use it on.. no I will use it on.. Even though its just two dollars I won..lol. Yes I said it, 2 dollars, don’t look at me like that jo, you don win lottery before hiss. My second time playing this lottery thing. Who knows *keeping my fingers crossed*

Reggie is still not talking to me. I refuse to apologies (wetin I do sef). The only thing he said to be is your hair looks nice ( yea I did this superfly hair , check me out na…lol no mind me o) that was it. Oh well the earth does not revolve around you, reggie, hope he realizes that soon.

I was left with Mr. S all week. Here I was with Mr. S bored stiff, staring at the ceiling for what seems like centuries. He was kind of moody, don’t want to watch TV, don’t want to play game, and don’t even want to talk and that stupid time was taking forever to reach one full minute, just one minute. If this guy thinks he will suck me in that mood, he has another thing coming for him. I moved the door with my legs, he looked at me. He was like bsnc did you see that. See what I said (I think say u no wan talk b4 hisss). The door, the door just moved. I was like really (this could be fun, let me play with this guy’s head a little..lol). I looked at the door, Mr.S are you sure you saw it move. He was like never mind. The second time I moved the door forcefully, the guy almost jumped out from the bed. I heard a loud farting sound afterwards (he almost killed me with that toxic poison o, the thing was stinking gawwwd, no be me dey find trouble) He was like bsnc I know you saw that, I tried to control myself, but the look on his face was too funny( I cover my mouth laff o, before bad thing enter my mouth). I told him I was just messing with him, at least he loosened up a little. I checked him afterward and found out this guy did some serious number 2. I literally scared the shit OUT of the guy.

Mr. S asked me if I liked scary movie. I was like its okay. We watched 3 scary movie together ( the guy get time sha, I tell you )and he was surprised I didn’t scream in any of them. He was like are you not scared of these movies. I told him American movies don’t scare me this dayz. The only American movie that really scared me was NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, but I was still really young then. I told him the movies they make nowadays are just plain disgusting, not scary per say. He asked me about my scariest movie. Here is what I told him…

I must have been 8 or 9. My dad was not in town; my mum got back from work and went straight to bed. I remember it was a school night (yea they force us to sleep early too). I was watching this movie with vsnc, my brothers and a couple of my cousins who were staying over. I can’t remember the name of the movie now, but it was scaaaary. ( afraid dey catch me..lol). No it wasn’t LIVING IN BONDAGE, but that was another scary movie sha. Anytime I hear the door move, I check if there is any ghost( like say I for sittam dey look spirit) I was even scared of my own shadow, you don see that kind thing before. Ehen to the movie jare . I was so scared of this home video, but my brothers were there now, so I dey form hard babe. They showed a part in the movie where the chic appeared from nowhere, I put my head behind one of my brothers back ( tell me why am I tormenting myself to watch film…). The way my bro jumped ehn, my other brodas were like ahn ahn you dey fear naija film again. He was like no now, bsnc just scared me a little.

I wanted to go to my room, but vsnc refused to follow me. I beg this babe tire, she no gree( na so the fear catch me). My brother told me to bring water from the kitchen. I was like who, me.. lai lai, there is no way I am leaving the parlour o ( ehn make the thing come appear for kitchen). He was bsnc I said go and bring water for me. I looked at him like he was on mute ( ehn this one no be seniority matter o). When the guy talk tire, im rest now. Nobody left that parlour the whole time. ( na small bsnc go come leave hisss) The unexpected happen, NEPA took light o.. Yes NEPA must do their thing, for a moment everything was quiet, a minute later I heard footstep of people running, chair and table crashing. Ehen so this people wan leave me here alone. I pick race too. I don’t even know how I got to my room sef. Can you imagine agbayas like my brothers leaving me and my sis in that parlour like that. 5 minutes later the light came back, I swear nobody moved at inch from their room. I could hear the TV sound ( who get mind to go off TV now).

The next morning my mum was asking us who left the TV on. I saw one of my brothers the next morning. I was like shuoo so you didn’t off the TV. He was like he was so tired and his head was aching him (your head is aching you alright..lol). The next day I went to school and you would not believe nobody finish that movie. NEPA did their thing the same time and I guess everybody was too scared to finish the movie. I know if I see the movie now I will laugh about it, the way I laugh about willy willy. I saw it not too long ago, its just wan agbaya with bedsheet vanishing like a lunatic…

Have a wonderful week guyz and month too

PS: I would not be blogging as much, but I will stop here every once in a while. You know school and its palaver

PSS: abeg you guyz should help me beg bibi now. It was a slip of typing.


Bubbles said...

you scared the boy THAT BAD.!
oh lord.!!

there are some scary naija movies
i no fit try at all.!!

iphyigbogurl said...

lol...kai!! this babe...see as u make the guy fear

lol@ willy willy...mehn.....i was scared to my bones of willy willy.....
i even remember the song sef
*willy willy don die..willy willy don die, na who kill am , na njele kill am, clap for njele...*
or something like that...lol

bonnie said...

lol two dollars...two dollars. well i guess congrats is in order..lmao..and Mr.S ..toxic poisonn LOOOL..

my dayss..scariest movie for me was the one that had one lady singing.."karashika karashika ...lucifer lucifer" in the background the whole time..i forgot the name.

have a great month too. 51.

Anonymous said...

Haha you really scared the shit outta him... I didn't even know you could win 2 dollars... scary movies are much scarier when you're younger

chayomao said...

BSNC, na only two dollars wey u win? Nawaa, u come give me high hopes.
As for scary movies, i dey fear am oh
THE ORACLE...my gawd, EXOTICISM OF EMILY ROSE. Sleepless nights.i havent even finsished Final destination 1 or Blade 1...i too dey fear.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

lol: only 2 dollars!!!

Me i know that my head does not win lottery so I do not even bother to waste my time playing.

I feel you on all these dumb scary movies they do nowadays but I sure got scared with Choky and Omen

Happy New month in advance

Enkay said...

Ah I was thinking thousands of dollars in the lottery! lol! Better luck next time!

Me and horror movie no mix at all. You try!

Ms. 'dufa said...

2dollars...won't you share your loot with all of us?

LMAO at the movie you guys watched. na so fear catch una. All of una.

My scariest Naija movies are Ayamatanga and Karashika. Every horror movie whether poorly made or not, scares me like hell!

Bibi will come over soon :)

Shubby Doo said...

wetin you do to bibi?

two dollars...a win is still a win...always be grateful for the little things and bigger things will follow

Rene said...


downtheaisle said...

2 dollars, I was abt to ask for my own cut!!!

Anonymous said...

what is the big deal about you. You are not even that funny. I am tired of seeing your name everywhere.

P'sy-A-wana said...

@ scared the shit out of the guy, hilarious

Anonymous said...

lol...do you know why nigerian movies scare me more than american movies?cos theres a tendency that it can happen in real life..lmao.

Sugarking said...

when it comes to naija horror movies, willy willy wins hands down! that series was d scariest shit ever!!!

Blogoratti said...

You won!!
How we goin' to split that ;)
Everything scared us when we were kids...these days nada!

Giagerry said...

2 dollars???
lmao...see me aledy plannin how i will email u to share the millions.

Miss Natural said...

i was about to ask if we cud be 'proper' friends...but 2 dollars lol...abeg keep it haha. on the other hand u might be a lucky person, u might win more next time sooooooo can we b friends? lol. that aside nawa oh u scared the poor man lol, and then he farted hahahaha...karma mennn lol

Sassy Trends said...

A much you sey you win for lottery self? Besides aw much you take play am?
You really need to be flogged.
hahahahaha, 2dollars ke?!!!

~Sirius~ said...

My siblings would have done the same.

errrm, $2 dollars

How much did the ticket cost?

Lady X said...

LOL! BSNC You are pure EVIL!
I love it!!!

Rayo said...

try nd drop by blogville when u can oh!

Sugabelly said...

See the way you said you won the lottery as if it was millions and billions. I was about to come and ask you for school fees sef.

Penelope...! said...

loool maybe u saw *Nnneka the pretty serpent* oh. Lol. The one she was some sort of apperinn disapearin witch. lol

i used to be scared of that too...living in bondage was nt half as scary as tht muvi

shorty said...

Lmao! congrats on ur 2 dollars
Chei y u cm scare d guy lyk dat??lol
Bibi srry na it wasnt purposely.

Andrea said...

Since you won $2, please give me my share,thank you in advance. Oh I remember willy willy. Good luck with school.

Blessing said...

lol..reggie will be alright jare!...good luck with school! I pray that you have a successful semester!!!

Myne said...

Baadd girl, scaring the shit out of that guy. LOL, thats so funny

Anonymous said...

buhahaha you are evil. you commot shit from the man body.

lol@ no be seniority matter. i would have not gone anywhere too.

this is your anonymous *smiles*. ignore the other one.

blackrubies said...

Congrats on ur money,i would have asked for 10 percent but seeing the 1derful amount....
ha ha ha iyakata! y did u scare him like that now..:)
ha ha ha naija scary movies ehn the name alone wud make u look behind, i think d 1st scary movie i watched was basket-case(or was it baby) i was 5 or so...that thing was toooo scary...i have been looking 4 it everywhere and that naija one, inekamo where she turned 2 a cat...

Tairebabs said...

hahaha two dollars!!! I was actually expecting more...but i never win anything before o!!! you really scared him o!!!

gwynne said...

i think i agree wt ms dufa, ayamatanga was scary, even till now i cant watch it. your bro no try ooo, dem suposed be men now....

Geebee said...

That was one helluva lottery win! Congratulations. speaking of scary movies, i had such frightening moments till i was like 17 or thereabout. Movies like Scream had you feeling creepy crawlies all over your body and back in the day, Yoruba home videos were the worst. I once screamed from my sleep after watching Koto orun and Oluwa lo nile. Hmmmm, the things our imaginations do to us. Congrats on your 50th BSNC. You've done so muich in such a short while and that's pretty admirable. Been blogging for just over a year now and i'm still inching towards my 40th. lol. have a swell time.

Anonymous said...

Babe, you must to tro patty to wash dat $2 oh. You must kill at least one cow, 10 fowl and 5 goat.

There was this particular movie trailer that always scared me. I couldn't watch the trailer talk less of the movie. It was witch doctor of the living dead. Scary naija stuff like that.


$2? Hallelujah! But I thought you were going to say that you were one of the 2 lucky winners of the $342 million Mega Millions jackpot. =)

Good luck with school, babe! Make sure you pop in from time to time and keep us updated!

BSNC said...

@bubbles lol can you blame me, i as bored. yea but they don't scare me again.

@iphyigbogurl lol it was meant to be a joke na. Yea i was too, shhhh don't sing that soong here before he appears from nowhere..lol

yea willy willy is not scary again.

@bonnie lol thanks. yea the thing was suffocating.
lol it even sounds scary now. thanks babe you too. lol yea 51

@suru lol yea i kind of did. yes you could, i feel you on that

@chayoma lol sory no vex, i ll win the mega million next time. oya say amen..lol
hahah are you serious, thank God you didn't see the movie i saw that night.

@the girl with the Red hair lol ehen its money now, my dear you never know until you try.

lol yea chuky was scary that time too. you too babe

@enkay lol thanks i pray and hope so. lol why now, they not that bad o

@ms dufa lol of course now, one cent each.
lol even my agbaya brodas. lol really, they don't scare me at all.

Don't mind the big head(bibi) jo...lol

thanks people :)

BSNC said...

@shubby doo um.. you see... what happened was, i make a little mistake. tinkele mistake of omitting her name on my 50th post. i have been apologising since o.

lol i am so feeling you now. amen bigger things like 300millions dolls abi..

@rene lol are you laughing at my win because that money will buy a drink

@downtheaisle lol send me your addy, i will sent you one cent..

@anonymous you know what when you see my name close your eyes since the thing is chuking you abi...

@P'sy A wana lol yes i did, but it was not on purpose.

@leggy lol you are so right and we can easily relate to them too.

@sugarking lol wait so you were scared of willy willy too. my brothers will never admitt it..lol

@blogoratti yes i did, how do you want me to spilt it. yes i know, i guess that is what growing up does to us.

thanks people :)

BSNC said...

@gee lol you cab still email me. one cent is not too small, it really goes a long way..

@Miss Natural lol ehen now that you hear money abi, of course we can be friends :)

lol i know, but i was bored now and that make him loosen up.

@sassy trends lol 1 dollar o, so i won back one dollar.
lol ahn ahn leave me jare, it is not money.

@sirius lol that movie was something else, why can't i remember the name.

wait o is 2 dollars not money ehn..lol. it was a dollar

@lady X lol i can be evil sometimes. thanks :)

@rayo lol i am suppose to be typing a paper o. i will, i can't stay away for too long.

@sugabelly lol sorry oh, but i still won something na.

@penelope lol that was another scary movie too, but that was not it. you used to be, so you can watch now all by yourself?

@cutee yes i did. Babe i was bored now and the guy loosened up a little bit. I don beg the big head tire jo

thanks people :)

BSNC said...

@september lol send me your addy and i ll mail it to you. thanks i need all the luck i can get.

@BBYW xoxo lol yes he will. thanks alot dear. Amen and Amen..

@myne whitman lol am not a bad girl na, i was bored...

@anonymous lol i am not evil. Fear gave the boldness to be rude, wetin fear no go cause.

lol okay anon i hear you. thanks :)

@blackrubies lol it is a wonderful amount. its his fault..lol, he made me scare him. wait you were scared when you watched the movie, why are you looking for it again. Do you want to torment people...

@tairebabs lol yea unfortunately just 2 bucks. lol yea i did a little though, but i had to clean up the mess i caused :(

@gwyne lol men fire. even though they claim they were not scared of that movie till tomorrow.

@geebee lol yes it was. lol you woke up in the night. Naa i never did that, i was just scared of my own shadows( is that not even worse..lol)
thanks don't worry you will get there. Maybe you are a buzy man making the millions...lol, so you don't really have time abi.

@miss lowlah shoo from just 2 dollars..lol. Oh i see shey you are the one sponsoring me, i don't mind o..lol
hahaha you could not watch the trailer lol, you own strong sha..

@solomonsdyella lol i wish, but you never know maybe my third time will be the charm.

i will shey i am suppose to be doing school work. blogsvillleee hmm okay o

thanks people :)

Trybes said...

You are somethin else..That wasnt fair on the old man..

LOL @ seniority...i been dey think say you get liver now..so wetin come do you?

L-VII said...

Hey, you no go kill person o... I wan laugh die..

Hope exams go well.


miss.fab said...

Aww you've had your first fight with Reggie. How cute! This is progress o... :)

Lol at that scary movie story. Why does that sound familiar... lol. Men Nigerian horror movies need to be internationally recognized o. Them joints are legendary sha!

histreasure said...

oh girl..why you scare that guy like that, guy must've thought some devil was after him and then see wetin u cause nah?
Ah, i remember willy willy..lol..just funny thinking abt it now.
and nightmare on elm's street, Damien's omen etc
cant believe they scared the hell out of us..lol

Admin said...

just stopping bye,nice one,lol

juiceegal said...

Lol at just 2 dollars...i was even expecting one kind beta amount.
Bibi is vexin big time o..beta dedicate one special post 2 her ehen...lol

scarletboy said...

u got me laughing so hard... i forgot i used to be like that, gosh i remember willy willy, the popular 'ayamatanga' in (pardon my spelling) "agbaranla" i think it was aprogram by mountain of fire among others, at least yours was good, you had the strength to run to your room, i would just curl up and bury my face in the couch till the next morning or whenever Nepa restored power!

Original Mgbeke said...

LMAO, this babe you are heelarious. See as you just scared the shit out of the man. HEELARRR!
Kai, $2...no shakings, e go continue to increase from this point. No forget us for blogsville o...lol

Bombchell said...

I'm not a fan of scary movies At All!!!! The commercials are scary enough.

ah ah, 47 comments, lol Mine just gradually dropped from 70 to 7 abi 0. lol

Spesh said...

Babe,I forgot abt ma own 50th until I saw ur post........
Happy 50th and this post........is just BSNC-like!

Lolia said...

**This is me begging Bibi on your behalf**

This BSNC and your all your mini-hiatuses sef...As long as you're not disappearing for good, I'm cool with it...Do you love.

Of which, ditto @ Original Mgbeke...You are just TOO funny lol..

Unknown said...

so you were scared
of a movie you did
not finish
i hate scary movies too

Justdoyin - Anoda Phase said...

congrats on winning...2 pounds is something jare...lol

lol @ ur scary movie experience...u saw willy willy recently? where?

all the best with school...sure going to miss ur funny posts...

ManCee said...

I'm laughing out loud in the middle of the night reading una scary movie exploits. lol

lol@ Willy willy and "I looked at him like he was on mute ( ehn this one no be seniority matter o)"

Still lol

velvet said...

congrats, u won the $2 lottery, winning is winning abi..

talking about scary movies i look back at the things that scared me when i was a kid and wonder "what was i scared of... especially willy willy, wow that movie scared me like crazy back then.

Buttercup said...

At least you won something..hehehe! Na wa for Reggie o..he should grow up jo. Kai, you're wicked o, no be small!

Unknown said...

O ti e le..Just 2 Dollars?..lol
Don't worry, better luck next time darling.. Me I'm no fan of scary movie oh,even is just acting..it scarce the shit out of me.

Meanwhile thx for ur comments on my blog babes..

Tigeress said...

lol!! I can see u take after ur grandmother. Poor Mr.S

Unknown said...

WOO HOO u won!!!
and lmfao...still laughing!


Anonymous said...

madam it is time to do another post. OMG you have 97 comments on your 50th kudos to you girly. I am going to open my own blog too lol

BSNC said...

@trybes lol i was really bored. lol i didnt go anywhere o.

@L-V11 lol no i would not kill anybody. it was fine babe, thanks :)

@miss fab lol babe you are not serious at all. i reserve my comment :)
yea naija movies used to be soo scary..

@histreasure lol it was funny at that time. yea willy willy is so funny now. I don't think any movie can scare me now.

@muyiwa thank for stopping by :)

@juiceegal lol abeg let me enjoy my money. Don't mind bibi jo..lol

thanks people :)

BSNC said...

@scarlet boy hahah ah noo i can't stay in that parlour. I just felt the ghost will get me there...lol

@original mgbeke lol yea but i cleaned it up by myself ;(.
lol how i no fit now, my own people

@bombchell lol but you like true blood, its kind of scary.

lol that is something..

@my world thanks dear :)

@loila lol thanks, i am not going anywhere..lol. i get kind of busy sometimes.

@tisha lol yes i was, i wish i finised the movie.

@just doyin ehen thank you jare..lol. I saw it on NTA when i went to naija. thanks babe :)

thanks people :)

BSNC said...

@mancee lol abeg easy o. yes i was that scared..

@sunnyside yes thanks..lol. Yes it sure was scary..

@buttercup lol i know right. lol i am not wicked now.

@ms spicy tee lol yea i hope so too. lol i know what you mean. you are welcome babe :)

@tigeress lol noo don't compare and my granms. she is a trouble maker now. lol poor him

@onxysha lol yea i did :)

@anonymous lol thanks pls do :)

thanks people :)

Sunensi Designs said...

love your blog. leaving my footprint :)

Anonymous said...


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