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Monday, August 17, 2009


I know this my sleep wahala is getting old, but this is day three oh.. DAY THREE( its not my fault now). I didn't want to take meds before, i don't like drugs for anything. I don't think i have a choice now. I have been even praying for tse tse fly to bite me sef (yes its that serious). Meanwhile vsnc has been on a sleeping spree, taking naps every now and then and still.. she has a good night sleep. I am so tempted to wake her up, just for the hell of it....

I have gist for you guyz oh. Guess who moved in to Mr. sean's house. None other than..... wait for it, wait for it.... His cousin, yes the same cousin the LL cool J lips licking cousin, the one that torments me whenever he comes by. Okay i know there are a couple of new bloggers, so let me try and keep you up to date. Mr. Sean is the guy i work for ( my patient), he has this cousin who i nicked name LL cool J-ips-licking cousin because he licks he lips all the time. He thinks he is the cutess thing since slice bread, so i am suppose to fall head over heels in love with him. ummm... like that will happen

I decided to nick name him reggie bush now because he kind of reminds me of him besides the other name will take forever to type. I came to work on friday, took the keys and opened the door, standing in the middle of the parlour reading a magazine with this small towel around his waist( more like a paper towel) looking like a model in the cover of sport illustrated. The guy has a hot body sha, i will give him that( not that i am tripping or anything, i am just appreciating God's creation and it is beautiful in my sight..lol). The towel looked like it was about to drop any minute. I used one hand to close my eyes and i was like hey reggie. He was like hey B why are you closing your eyes, you know i have something on right. Yes, but please can you go put on some clothes or something. he was like I am about to go take shower any second, i am just looking through this mag.. a moment later he looked away from the mag and was like ,so what if the towel drops, what are you going to do about it ( the dude think say i get im time hisss). He had this stupid smile on his face. Nah ah, i am not about to play that game with you.. I walked pass him to Mr. sean's room..

Hey Mr. sean i just saw your cousin in the other room, so he spent the night here? Mr. sean was like he moved him 2 days ago, he has some personal things to deal with. he needs a place to crash for a while. Mr. sean are you serious your cousin is going to be staying here with you. He was like i don't understand, what do you mean. You very much know what i mean, you know how your cousin gets with me.( you see this mr. sean na wayo man oh, he knows exactly what i mean). Oh just ignore him, don't let him get to you. he is just messing around with you, yea so easy for you to say.

I didn't see him through out that day. I was happy, so he leaves the house in the morning and comes back when i am done for the day (ahhhhh life is beautiful again...lol). The next day i was doing an assignmen, mr. sean's babe(HGF) was around, so she was keeping him occupied. Reggie came back from where ever he went to the day before. He was like hey B what are you up to, i see my cousin has company. I am trying to do an assignment. Oh really, do you need help, you know my mum is a nurse too ( in a normal day i will argue o, but the thing take style hard). I was like okay why not. He stood there reading the book for about 4 minutes, then he pulled a chair and sat down. 10 minutes later, dude was still reading the book oo. I was like don't worry i c...... He was like shhhhhh ( how can this guy shhhh me, i just bone sha after all he is helping me now). 25 minutes later, i was about to take my book from him when he turned around and explained everything to me step by step. I must confess i was impressed.

Wow who would have thought. He was like what do you mean. I am just surprised that's all. He went on to tell me how he is a masters holder and he is about to get his PhD yada yada yada. I was like thank you very much for your help. He was like why do you hate me, did i do something to you. Did i ever say i hated you. I dunno, most girls warm up to me. I was like you said it yourself most, i must be among the few that doesn't what a life we live in.(abi wetin im wan make i do now). Then, he was like you know i was just messing with you all those times i talk to you. I have a serious girl friend who i am about to be engaged to ( oya clap for yourself, you try). We talked for a while about school, music and several other things. He asked me for my digit, i gave him a blank stare. He was like no biggie, at least i get to see you every weekend... that's enough to put a smile on a guy's face ( stupid me, i open my 32 and i was laughing with him). Well I guess he is not that bad after all or so i think..

PS: i just found out that my cousin has a blog. He is tight with a fellow blogger, he has been looking for me all over blogsville..lol. All he has to do is read about vsnc and our granms, he ll figure out who i am..( mehh that will be the day)

PSS: Guess who left a voice message on my phone, Pale, remember that old ibo man from my other post. who gave this man my number now eh.. hisss. i don't like this new development oh , walai talai.....(wahala dey)

PSSS: You need to check this link when you are chanced and pls tell me what you think about it


Mz. Eniola said...

FIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSTTTTTTT!!yess!! at last loool! b bck to read :)

Trybes said...

Hmmn..someone so desperately needs to sleep and how dare your sister just snout her mouth at you like that knowin you havent been sleepin..Imagine that..LOL...

hmm..as regards Mr sean's cousin sha..anyways..i know say naija woman get shakara no be small but wouldnt do you any harm if you just warm up to this guy and silently play out the crush you been nursin in your heart..
seriously tell me for real if you have not been thinkin thots..hahaha...
At least make you try show some love to the guy now..
hmm..but the guy sef..which one be paper towel round waist?

Somethin is fishy..guess if mohammed wouldnt go to the moutain,..moutain would come to mohammed...wow..guess i need to go to bed now...sleeps' callin........

Anonymous said...

Go and sleep jooo
WOw....the Cousin sounds really sweet. I kinda like him. lol. awwwwww.....
That Agbaya Man needs to leave you alone ooo. Wetin sef, na by force. Pikin of Man say, she no wan do...na force.....

L-VII said...

I gbadun the story. Mr. Sean's cousin sound hot, hmmm, I jealous you small o. I mean I know dude has a girlfriend but you could be nicer to him?

Reggie Bush? Do you know how hot that guy is?


Ms. 'dufa said...

I checked out that link. If you see all the good things they said about me, chei!, i was blushing.It was actually kind of accurate, i think everyone else should check their color genics.
Nice change of name. This reggie is not serious o! So, he's engaged and he just felt like fooling around. what exactly is his point? ***hiss**
All these guys..
Anyway HGF, would feel more secure now that he's around.
Enjoy the rest of your week. ***Cyber-hug***

L-VII said...

This Goldinuniverse thing no be joke... It really measured me right and I usually do not believe in things like that.... wow!


Rene said...

Pale should leave u jare! can't he just understand and get off your case...hiss!
Mr Sean cuz sounds like some hot something....warm up to him a little bit.

Sassy Trends said...

Woahhhhhhhhhhhh...here...here again!lol
yu and this pale self?lol
And on Mr. sean, hmn...no comment o...hahahahahah

May your cousin find you in jesus's name>hehehehe

Rene said...

that site.....kinda accurate.

downtheaisle said...

Pale again???lol He could stir some interesting gists on ur blog...he!he!!he!!!

TaioFierce Ameen said...

lol@ Pale, d man shld cap now.... Reggie seems kinda cool but then his almost being engaged hasnt stopped others before so dt mite nt stop him too.. he mite jst be sayin it 2 put u at ease arnd him... buh den i cant judge....
nd the Goldin thing is almost accurate for me sha...

Anonymous said...

lol...im liking this reggie...and i did the website thing from tia's blog...freakishly right.

Sugarking said...

Me know say u dey gbadun nigga reggie. Do ur thing jare, a likkle flirting doesn't hurt anybody.

Rayo said...

guy dsnt sound so bad afta all...

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Reggie is not so bad and please give Pale red card, make he no disturb you again

Giagerry said...

ewww @ the towel dropping!
i can imagine if it really happened.
nd y is the homeboy licking lips naw?

Sweetnothin' said...

hmmm...i jealous you oh... you have such a great job. but yeah, i can really do without the whole towel part.

BSNC said...

Gosh i am sowry. i know there are a couple of errors, blame on this sleep oo..

@Mz Eniola wow babe congrats oh...lol :)

@trybes lol like i said he is not bad after all. Do you have a choice, i am going be seeing him ever weekend. which crush or thoughts, i don't know what you are talk about o *innocent look*

@temite that is the problem, i can't sleep :(.. help!

you kind of like him, that one is serious trouble cooking in the pot oh. I tire for pale, i don't even know who gave him my number..

@L-VII eh L nicer to him, hmmm i don't want someone to pour hot water on my body..

lol yes i know, the guy is hot too. God took his time to make this one oo..lol

@Ms dufa lol why wouldn't you blush when they said something good about you. Yes that's why i am asking people to check b'cos they were pretty accurate.

Boys must be boys, yes she will.
awww thanks e-hug, and have a lovely week..

@LVII lol i am with you on this one. i was suprised too.

@rene really i tire for the dude..
lol i can't believe you guyz are saying i should warm up to him. I don't want to start what i can't finish..

thanks people :)

BSNC said...

@sassy i thought he has given me my last chance before. lol why na i want to know what you think..

kai babe you are wicked oh, he will not find because if he doesn hmmmm.....

@rene wow you too. The site is really good then..

@downtheasile No you didn't. Hell to da no, i don't want anything to do with that man oo.

@Taiofierce lol he really needs to. i didn't think of it that way, babe you might just be right hmmm.

okay almost for you, so its not that accurate. Maybe they just guess right sometimes.

@leggy lol well its hard not to like him, but all i can say is there is a big BUT..

yes i saw it from tia's site, when i did the color genetics i had to share. It was on point for me..

thanks people ;)

BSNC said...

@sugarking lol how you take know, you dey my head....hissss..lol. na you sabi, don't know what you are talkin about..

@rayo yes he doesn't, but i am still keeping my eyes on him.

@the Girl with the Red hair i guess so, lol he even gave the red card( being my last chance and all) still he had to call me..

@Gee lol i didn't say it dropped.. almost. Well that his own style.

Gee when is this e-sermon now..

@sweetnothin abeg no jealous me oh. reggie makes me so uncomfortable. lol are you for real, no comment on that..

thanks people :)

Anonymous said...

Lol sorry about your sleep oh, I know just how you feel. I used to think I was insomniac at a point in time..lol

As for Mr Reggie I can't stand dodgy men like that either so I get you, just do your thing while he's around and talk to him normally :)

Original Mgbeke said...

Oh wow! Reggie don impress me small o...not bad at all. But as hin dey engaged, why hin dey ask for the digits na? LOL. This your job sounds like real fun...

miss.fab said...

Ha den den den you nicknamed him Reggie Bush?!?! And he's smart and has a nice body and funny tooooo??? Hmmm... This is how it starts o lol

Blessing said...

LOL @ Reggie Bush! Well at least he was good for something...i guess...sleepless nights??? aww..hope there won't be anymore of those!

chayomao said...

A Reggie Bush look-a-like? Abeg sign me up!
n u r acting funny! Hot bod,smart a** + funny.rn't the sirens going off in ur head? u know u like him, u know u like him, if i was u, i wld like him...lol
These part coming weeks are gonna be bright. I now know whose blog to stalk.lol.

P.S. did the sleepless nights start to occur when Mr. REGGIE moved in? it cld be a coincindonk!
i am just saying...

my drink and my two cents..

Nice Anon said...

You are already in love with him without knowing it.Sounds charming to say the least.

blackrubies said...

i dunno dis reggie bush seems so loveable +he is now hot again..hmmm
dnt give him ur number oh, hel 4rever disturb u (unless u want him 2 disturb u ;)

sorry about the hard time sleeping......

AliceDCL said...

did u know that orgasm are like sleeping tablets..
really seriously lol
dont ask how i knew

Anonymous said...

Eya my poor bsnc don't worry you will sleep eventually..

i am with chayoma. i think you like the guy
tells us the truth

Bubbles said...


Reggie seems cute-ishhh

Bibi said...

lmao!!! na wa sha! (singing) this na temptation, with a little confusion, infatuation ohhhhhhh. lol. Bsnc and Reggie, sitting on a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. need i go on? lol

Anonymous said...

This Reggie guy doesn't seem so bad... I hate taking pills too maybe you should read a boring book while on your bed ready to sleep that worked for me before

Sisem E. Naidem said...

Sooooo... How come I'm the only one not swooning over Reggie? Cos I think he deliberately set-up the whole towel/mag thing. Cheap trick...
OK, so he's sharp. Let me cut him some slack there.
I feel you on the lack-of-sleep thing. I suffer same.
Shun Pale. Simple. This Ibo man says so.
And as for your cousin finding the blog, I hope he never does. It isn't easy writing with someone looking over your shoulder.
But most of all, your funny narrative gave me several well-deserved laughs.
There... Let me go and try to catch some sleep...

bonnie said...

lol omg reggie bush is tooo fine. i was kind of happy when he and kim broke up..soo maybe i can get a chance finally lol.

hahah at pale...thats real wahala. goodluck babes!

that sight just told me my life story..how is that possible :s

Admin said...

lol,you appreciate Gods work in his body,thats nice

Enkay said...

Hmmm BSNC, it sure sounds like someone is warming up to Reggie Bush - no? lol!

Pale no be wahala at all. Your answer to him remains the same abi? No stress!

Tigeress said...

Dat na serious seduction and eye harassment. u fit sue? lol!! U see thats the problem with fine boys- they are so used to girl being all over them that they cant understand when one isnt. as na fine boy person won chop.

funny post. Keep us posted.

Geebee said...

Hmmmm, Reggie Bush's sure got some groupie love here. lol. Anyways that's what happens when you're wonderfully created . . . the fearfully created ones have a much more different song usually. lol

Good Naija Girl said...

This no sleep thing is serious...sorry to hear you're having trouble sleeping. Maybe if you do some exercise or something that physically exhausts you then you will be so tired that your body will go to sleep.

Ok, you have to help me understand men who are in committed relationships who still like to see how far they can get with a fine girl (we all know you are fine BSNC). I guess they just can't resist themselves!

Ebony~!* said...

hmmmm this reggie, are you sure he did not just make up the girlfriend thing? this one that he still wanted ur number....OMG i can imagine pales voice, igbooooooo!!!!looool

BSNC said...

@tay mee lol thank God i am better now.

yes thats exactly what i am trying to do.

@Original Mgbeke i tire for the guy o.. the job has its bad side too, its not all bread and butter o

@miss fab lol nothing is going to stop, abeg i ll pass..

@blessing lol i know right that was a relief. thanks babe i am better now

@chayoma hahahah chayoma no comment oo, i don't know what you are talking about.

hahah this babe you are not serious at all..

@nice anon hahah don't know what you are talking about too.

@blackrubbies i know, i wouldn't. thank, i finally slept ooo... phew

@BBB lol noted

thanks peeps

BSNC said...

@anonymous thanks i actually did. hmm i still don't know what you guy mean oh.

@bubbles yes he did, can you imagine that dodo man..

@bibi lol you are just a baboon, yeye girl..

@suru i eventually slept after a combination of different things..

@naughty eye lol don't mind pale and reggie. i finally slept oh yayyy. really hope my cousin doesn't find out about me blog.

@bonnie lol good luck with the real reggie. lol i don't know maybe they use magic..

thanks peeps

BSNC said...

@muyiwa yes ooh its is right to give God thanks and praise..

@enkay no ohh, that is NO..lol
yes he does, but dude has been calling my fun. wahala dey..

@tigeress i tire oo, so he is fine person no go hear word again..( he is fine sha...lol)
will do

@geebee lol nobody is giving him any groupie love. at least not me. I give God the glory :)

@GNG thanksi slept eventually, yyaay..

i guess you are right, me a fine girl... i try :)

@ebony lol he better not make it up. gosh he has been calling me every since...( like i said wahala dey)

thanks people ;)

Mz. Eniola said...

lol! BSNC!!!!! aghhhH!!ur cousin! **wink** lool! hee hee! hhmmm i think i kNw lol! :P hmmm u n reggie **wink** u can like to pass him to my side o! i want to see hez hot body sef lol! u have a CRUSH!!! LMAO! i sleep a lot too :( lol i dnt think anyone can pass me lol..i can sleep to save my life :) GET SUM reSt SweedY!!!!x see i didnt just shout o! lMAO! aghh u hurt my feeliNgs LMAO!

Roc said...


PS. Me I checked the link but I no understand wetin dey go on for there, biko..

iphyigbogurl said...

hmmm ok oh....reggie ..... like nice anon said..maybe u like him....lol

as for pale.....seriously sha..old men should leave babes alone..like its not even funny anymore.....also..pplease....get some sleep...dat ish will mess with ur head(lack of sleep that is)

p.s i just realised am awake at 4am and i'm telling someone to get some sleep..... kai!! my life.

nice read.

Anonymous said...

I HATE tablets of any sort..can't remember the last time I took a tablet..YUK!!! you couldn't force one down my throat lol...(it's all in the mind..thats why I don't get sick like that)

Me I don't sleep oh..but I wish you well...try going to bed at the same time everyday...should help!

Anonymous said...

looooooooooooooooool...LL Cool J lips licking cousin..lol...

I rush comment the first time, before I come forget wetin I wan type..but I just had to comment a second time lol....that guy is funaii!

Myne said...

I see someone falling in love..hehhehe

SHE said...

Me too, I see a budding romance. "A girl he's about to be engaged to..." Indeed!

Anonymous said...

just take it easy...I love lips too hun...

Bawo ni?

aloted said...

lesson for the day- thou shall not judge :)

i hope ur sleep comes back o...cuz i also hate when sleep disappears like that

Lady X said...

Please LL Cool J sounds very hot o! More gist about him PWEEEZZ!!!!

Buttercup said...

Well, what do you know..he looks like Reggie Bush and is an intellectual. 200brownie points for him! Dang, why is he engaged na? Omo, be careful o! Lol @ your cuz being a blogger..it would be interesting if he finds you..lol. Ah, Pale..lmao! I hope you get some sleep, hon..

BSNC said...

@Mz eniola lol which cousin, i dunno what you are talking bout oo..lol

eya am sowry, don't mean to hurt your feelings :)

@roc lol na wa, did you follow the instructions there.

@iphyigbogurl lol ehen you should be the one getting some sleep. i don't know what you and niceanon are talkin bout oo...

@nwanyi lol glad you came back. i have more gist for you guyz..

BSNC said...

@myne whiteman *looks back* ohh you mean me...lol

@she hahaha abeg oo. i don't know what you guyz mean o..lol

@oyin lol good to know. i am fine oo..

@aloted i know, yes it did. Thank goodness.

@lady X you asked for it, am going to give your more gist :)

@Buttercup lol i am glad he is engaged o, too much temptation.

i think my cousin is about to find out. i finally slept o :)

thanks people