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Monday, April 6, 2009


hey everybody. hope everybody is fine. i am glad you guyz liked the joke, i think i will make it a regular thing. you guyz know its monday, so i have to blog about work

Work was kind of different this week(is it not always). As i stepped into Mr Sean(my patient). i heard him say is that BSNC, like who would it be before. he knows i work during the weekend. Anyways i entered his room and was about to say my hellos

BSNC: Mr Sean how are..

Mr Sean: hey sweetie i have been waiting for this weekend all week( wait did this guy just say sweetie)

BSNC: i don't understand. why have you been...( he never lets me finish my sentence)

Mr Sean: i just brought this new game dear and nobody has been able to play it with me

BSNC: ohh i see( i still no understand all this endearment o)

Mr Sean: can you just hook up the game. i want us to play it now

BSNC: you are sure. you don't want to do anything first( i was happy o. another game playing day, but you know now. i can't just show it like that)

Mr Sean: yes dear.. Ms BSNC i am sure( i thought he forgot my name)

We have been playing the game for 5 hours( i managed to feed and clean him up within this time). The door bells rings, yea most of you can guess who it was( who else will it be)HGF.. Mr Sean's girlfriend. i opened the door and let her in

HGF: hey baby, how are you doing today

BSNC: i am fine thank you( baby, hm mm i don't understand this people today o)

HGF: how are you doing?. how was your weekend. Is this a new scrub. it looks good on you. where is Mr Sean

BSNC: em er he is inside( i couldn't answer her questions. i was still surprised)

She went to his room. they talked for about 30 minutes. she told me to continue the game i was playing.

BSNC: for real. you know i could do something else

HGF: its okay. when you play the game it makes him happy and that makes him happy. i could help you with something if you want.

i was like okay where is the camera. am i been punk'd. The lady was full of surprises today. i sha continued playing the game, less than an hour the door bell rings again. i opened the door and who was on the other side.. none other than LL cool j- lip licking-intense eye staring cousin(Mr Sean's cousin). we said our hellos and he went to Mr Sean's room

We are all in the room and am still playing the game since that's all Mr Sean wants me to do( lol... lucky me i know). Mr Sean was telling his cousin how good i was witht the game

Cousin: she is cute, she cooks and clean and she plays PS3.. Can you marry me

BSNC: err let me think about it... NO

Cousin: and she is funny too. okay if she is that good as you claim. am going to play the Mortal Kombat game with her

BSNC: i don't really know how to play that game..( yea rite. i used to play that game with my brothers when we had SEGA, not even play station sef and one of my brothers have all the moves in one note book like that.( you know the forward forward X something like that), so i can play pretty well).

We played the game, i beat him the first couple of rounds and he claims he made me win. he got serious and still i won..lol

BSNC: in your face( i don't know why i said that.. i was so happy i won)

Cousin: and what a face. A chic who beats me in a game, now you have to marry me.

HGF was even happy for me. she was like yayy girl power and she Hi5 me. the cousin was like okay she is kind of good i give it to her. Mr Sean told me to get him another game from his storage him at the basement. It was getting late and i don't really like going there when its dark. His cousin told me he would go with me if i don't mind. Although me and his cousin are not on the same page, i had no choice but to let him come with me. at least i kind of know him and that place is kind of scary)

We were looking for the game downstairs and this guy was trying to get fresh with me. i tried to ignore him, but the guy no gree o. i just left him there, went back to Mr Sean's apartment and him i didn't find the game. The cousin came back two minutes later telling Mr Sean i didn't look for the game and he wanted us to check at another corner of the room because he is sure he saw it there( if he knows its there, why does he need me now. see me see wahala). i just stood there, quietly looking at his cousin. i know i wasn't going anywhere.

After arguing for like 7 minutes with Mr Sean. HGF finally said she will go with Mr Sean's cousin. The guy looked at me, smiled and walked away with HGF. HGF told me i could leave early because she will be there for a while. While i was leaving, the cousin told me to think of his proposal. like that's what i would do all week.

My work was wonderful this week. i think its going to be a good month. i am keeping my fingers crossed because i don't want to work on my birthday. i will hear from my colleague today, she says she might work for me that day..

Have a wonderful week. palm Sunday, good Friday and Easter...


Roc said...

Lol @ Forward forward X...
Girllll Mortal Kombat?!
See what growing up with boys does to a young woman? lol

Roc said...

Try not to fall too much into the lovey dovey vibes they're giving you..

I guess I'm just paranoid sha..

And what's up with Mr LL? Was he licking his own lips or trying to lick your lips thinking say na im own?!

Nice Anon said...

lol@ licking his own lips. lol

Blogoratti said...


Repressed One said...

lol@ "where's the camera" It's good they are all being nice but like Roc said sha be careful of these people...

eek@ MR LL, he sounds creepy.

You have a lovely week too dear.

Blogoratti said...

Keep your fingers crossed*
Happy birthday in advance!!

Black Berry said...


BSNC said...

@RocNaija lol yea i know. i could still remember some moves. i feel you, am still keeping my eyes on them.

hahaha roc na wa for you. see where you think go.. don't mind the cousin jo

@Nice Anon lol yea. thanks for stopping by

@blogoratti yes i am. thanks

@Repressed One yes i am still suprised. yes he is kind of. thanks i wish you the same

@Black Berry thanks for stopping by

L-VII said...

Chai, this na the kind work i fit do. Just to play game all day? ehn now, I fit play PS2/3 well well. I still say be careful, the HGF could be setting up, how she just got so nice all of a sudden.

juiceegal said...

Hmmmmmn dat cousin sef.....watch ur bak sha nd b careful,cz dis 1 dt hez gettin fresh wit u on day 1......lol nd happy bday in advance

~Sirius~ said...

HA! MK vs DC.....
I was watching while the Mister played it last night........It's been AGES- it was SEGA the last time i did a fwd fwd x.

Funny I actually prefer it to Street Fighter IV: DON'T CRUCIFY ME OH!...lol

I kept on smiling through out- hearing all them character spit their special moves.

*ok less about my drifing self.............Pretty odd, all the niceties.
And Damn! that Cousin of his- Typical male...............*hiss!

Good Naija Girl said...

Well we shouldn't be surprised they love you...you are a Nigerian chick aren't you? :)

Happy almost birthday! God will continue to bless you!

Tari. N said...

First of all, arent you lucky??? you go to work and play games allll day!!! I wish i had a job like that..

Now does HGF visit Sean during the week or does she only come during the weekend cos she knows you'll be there..i wonder o..lol

And that Lip licking LL wannabe..whats his own sef..tell him to chill jo..

Mr Sean and all his endearments..He definitely is 'liking' you oh.. hmmmmm...Try not to smile at him too much..Guys read too much meaning into all these things..lol

Later Sweetie!!!

BSNC said...

@L-V11 lol yes i know. i'm thanking my lucky stars. i know rite.. thanks

@juicegal yea i know, hopefully he gets off my back soon. thanks

@sirius wow so you are good too. i wish i could play with you, lets see how good you really are. yea i know really odd. lol don't mind him jo.

@GNG yes i am , but they were not this nice at first.. thanks. amen and amen. i wish you the same

Afrobabe said...

I agree with roc...dont get too relaxed...

Adaeze said...

I love your stories. What kinda place do you really work? I first thought it was a nursing home for old people but PS3? Can't be lol
im a queen in PS3 too :-P Beat them!
I hope you get your B-day off. Have a wonderful week.

BSNC said...

@fashinga yes i am. i really don't know. i hear you o.. thanks for the advise

@afrobabe yea i won't.. thanks

@adaze no its not a nursing home, its an agency i work with one person and the guy is kind of young( late 20's or ealry 30's)

really thats good to know. thanks you too

bob-ij said...

I love mortal Kombat...now you've reminded me...I will force "someone to buy it" Have a fun week!


Cidersweet said...

Yah, was wondering where you worked too.
Nice reading your posts.
Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

see, I knew my prayers were working.
lol, LL cool lips trying to get down? .....dont know why they alwys think thats the qualification for marriage "you cook? you clean? damn girl, you wanna get married?"...they might as well add "you make babies"

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL. Ok HGF must be bipolar or something.
This your job sounds like fun o, playing games, getting toasted. Na the life be that! Heheheehehe

Kenn-Knotty said...

Kombat all of them at once...But tread them with caution bc you never can tell where your bread would be buttered.

Buttercup said...

do u have the best job on earth or what???

lol @ hgf calling u baby..wassup with that?

ohh i miss playing mortal kombat!

so, uh, can i be ur chief bridemaid? hehe!

Buttercup said...


BSNC said...

@bob ij lol yes i forgot i much i liked it too. have a lovely week too

@cidersweet yea i work at an agency. thanks. i wish you the same

@naijagirl yes its really working. hahahaha you are so funny, yet so right

@original mgbeke lol i hope she is not. lol yea i know, but it happens once in a while sha..

@kenn-knotty yea i know thanks for the advise.

thanks peeps

BSNC said...

@buttercup lol maybe. i really don't get her, but am happy she is nice to me. yea i forgot how muc o like the game. lol err NO...

*BolanleAP* said...

hmnn BSNC this lady has come again, abeg oo..it sounds almost like a nigerian movie..she will soon come and pull one fast one on you, trying to deceive you with her Hi5's and hey baby's..hehehe or maybe she's really trying to be nice who knows!

Happy Birthday in hadvance!

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

Yeah definately keep your fingers crossed with the boss& co!
Feel you on playing old school Mortal Kombat sha. Those were the days of Nintendo 64 and SEGA...lol
Happy Birthday in advance....

SouLBoutiQue said...

You will have a good week at work don't worry. and man this post was funny! let me guess Mr. Sean and his family are african american abi? i could just picture the whole post sef, lmao! BSNC is a haute chic oh!

LusciousRon said...

Lady if I didn't already love my job, I would envy you! Have a fabulous Easter break too. I can't wait for that break.

CaramelD said...

I can actually picture them in my mind as I read your work stories. The licky licky lips cousin reminds me of someone I used to know [shudder] Keep a wary eye on them (hmmm)no shaking!

CaramelD said...

PS Happy Easter too!

BSNC said...

@abeni lol@sounds like a nigerian movie. yea who knows she may actually be nice or trying to play a fast one..

@NigerianDramaQueen yes i will, thanks. yes those where the days. although i have forgotten some moves.. thanks

@LusciousRon lol yea i know, but my job is not always this nice.. i wish you the same

@CaramelD i know. i hear you loud and clear. thanks

thanks peeps

Sweetnothin' said...

Video game at work?. Now am jealous but am glad you had a great day. Enjoy your easter and bon b'day ( see i was trying to write that in french but i think i will need some more training):)

Tigeress said...

sounds much better than ur first couple of days. :) Be careful with this cousin of his- u know these Westerners can be.

BSNC said...

@sweetnothin lol thanks. i still understand what you mean though..lol. i wish you the same. happy easter

@tigeress yes i know. thanks for the advise :)

Stesha said...

Funny thing!

Hugs and Mocha,