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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This blogville citizens, you guyz are too much o. Thanks a lot for all the comments( I dey feel like a young alhaji because una dey burn my heart). I know.. I know I have not blogged in a while, its not my fault o, school and work palaver no let me see road.( thanks Abeni I am okay)..

As I am typing the post, my head is aching like crazy, but I said I must blog today and blog I will.. Work was okay this week, nothing special happened.. ohh yes something happened. Yours truly almost passed out or did I pass out.. I don’t know again jo. All I remembered was ,I was talking to Mr Sean( my patient) one minute and the next I could not hear what he was saying, I couldn’t see clearly. I had to excuse myself, it was kind of scary , I never faint before o. it was nothing major sha, everything happened within seconds. The guy was scared, he didn’t allow me do anything that day.. I felt bad. I told VSNC( my twin) what happened and the big mouth told my mum. My mum called me like every 20 minutes through out that day( who said vsnc message hisss). It wasn’t that serious now, but na wa o, a whole agbaya like me wan just faint like that..

I think Mr Sean and HGF( his girlfriend) are going through some minor problems.. hopefully they sort themselves out. All I did was play his game all day. Ehen before I forget Mr Sean has been staring at my boobies these dayz o. At first I thought it was nothing, but the guy will just stare at them continuously for minutes. I have to cross my arms on my chest constantly. I asked him once what he was doing, he said he was thinking about something( so na my boobies you dey use take dey think now abi). Abeg that one is his wahala, e go tire to look one day.

I just finished one hard exam today, but I know I did well(amen o). This chic just copied everything I wrote.. I looked at her, the chic looked back at me… straight in my eyes and continued what she was doing . see boldness to spy another person work.( I no just get power, make she copy jo)

Let me gist you guyz about Mercedes. We have 4 dogs in naija, but only one of them stands out( Mercedes). Mercedes is an Alsatian breed( our first dog), the finest dog in the bunch. Well when Mercedes was a puppy, my brothers used to give him brandy and beer( star, guilder, small stout). Everybody liked Mercedes, he was friendly, obedient and he knew several tricks until one fateful day.

I was playing chess outside with my cousin one afternoon, there was no light in the house( you know NEPA now) and it was kind of hot, so we decided to play the game outside and the weather not bad outside. Anyhow we were playing chess and I think Mercedes was out of his cage, running around the compound. My cousin called Mercedes a couple of times, he didn’t answer. My cousin walked towards Mercedes, he stopped shaking his tail.. looked at my cousin differently and chased my cousin around the house. I even left the chess board outside and ran inside the house. We were kind of surprised, Mercedes has never acted that way before.. We later found out that the alcohol my brothers gave him when he was puppy was affecting his brain. The vet said the dog has a minor mental problem( no mind the thief doctor, how dog take dey get mental problem again. ). My cousin said the dog was bi-polar… I have to agree with him

We observed Mercedes for a while and noticed if he starts acting funny and we ignored him, he comes back to his normal state or whatever that is.. Anyway there was the chief that comes to see my dad, with his agbada and walking stick. The guy liked Mercedes, he used to bring suya for the dog sef( you can imagine we never chop suya, na dog dem dey give suya chop hissss). The chief did not know that Mercedes has become bi-polar over night. Chief told us to let his friend out of the cage ( for some reason everybody forget to tell chief say our dog don dey kolo small small). He gave the dog the suya, Mercedes chop suya finish lick mouth, then he started acting funny again. All I saw was this big chief with his big belly bouncing everywhere, running inside the house, he left his walking stick outside and his agbada had several bite marks. The chief was shaking, sweating and cursing.. that was the last we saw of him. He never stepped foot in our house, my dad went to his house instead. He said Mercedes needs deliverance. The dog tormented a lot of people sha…

The recent one I heard yesterday was that my grandma( the one from my other post) is looking for someone to kill the dog, my brother said the dog tore one of her new wrappers.( and you know now, old women don’t joke with their wrappers).. she said is either someone kills the dog or she will do it herself. Mercedes don do pass himself..

Congratulations to Our very own Gee.. She is now a Bachelor holder ( it is not an easy something o) more grease to your elbows chica and good luck to those who have exams. God will see you through….

I was tagged by the beautiful bob ij on the crazy 8 meme.

8 Things I look forward to

1. Getting a Tylenol, motrin or panadol for this annoying headache
2. Finishing school
3. Going to Naija on December
4. Our summer road trip
5.Getting my buju banton CD from my cousin
6. Getting my next pay check 
7. Going to church this Sunday
8.Hanging out with my family

8 Things I did yesterday

1. Spoke to my brother from naija
2. Did a little work out
3. Ate a very delicious moin moin my mum cooked
4. Studied like crazy for my exams
5. Got another text message from my unknown admirer( I tire oo)
6.Went out with VSNC( my twin)
7.Did another meme( 100 truth). I was also tagged
8. Stalking people’s blog

8 Things I wish to do

1. Go back in time
2. Win the lottery
3.Get something for this headache
4.Go to Naija every month( yea right)
5. Sleep regularly
6.Exercise frequently..
7.Go to church every Sunday
8. See my family all at the same place

8 shows I watch

1. lie to me
2.one tree hill
3. house
4. half and hald
5. eve
6.ANTM ( my brother hates the show…lol)
7. American idol

8 Bloggers tagged
1. Bibi
2. Buttercup
4. Gee
5. L-VII
I need to tag some guyz now
6. scribbles
7. Roc
8. Dante

I need to take something for this headache o, seriously…..

Have a wonderful week people


Cappuccine Baby said...


Cappuccine Baby said...

Hmm, so this is how it feels like..no gift? no cool superpowers? :P

Cappuccine Baby said...

Hehehe copy ke, that girl isn't serious oooo :D Hope you did well dear! ;)

*BolanleAP* said...

AHHHH finally....I will manage with second place..atleast silver medal.

Hehehe you would have poked the girls eyes out! or infact bent and covered over your paper, you know how we used to do in primary school...later they will come and say you guys cooperated..schewzz rubbish and nonsense!

hahahahahahhaha at your dog, I don't mess with naija dogs..there are multiple polar, kai

*BolanleAP* said...

ewwoooo another Meme again! ok o will try my best and you stole like half of the ppl I know..hehehehe

Sweetnothin' said...

i beg so you dont go to church everyday...ok i leave that up to god. by teh way am 5th, if that counts for anything, like chocolate, maybe?.

so tell me about your twin...girl or boy. i hope its a boy. am waiting for the answer before i go to bed

Quaggar said...

Poor Mercedes...

lol @ coming to naija every mth. It'd probably lose its novelty then.

Dante said...


L-VII said...

Lol, your dog sounds like a proper ajegunle kinda dog...

No mind the man and his roving eyes, he fit look now, to touch na different matter..lol.

Good luck with the exams, keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Are you really a twin?


Tigeress said...

omd i was actually laughing out loud. this is so so funny. lmho!!

Saved Girl said...

cute tag!

BSNC said...

@cupuccine baby yay you are first...lol err my gift to you is God's blessings.. i tire for the chic o. i hope so too. thanks :)

@Abeni silver medal and God's favour.. lol haba abeni i dey primary one.. hmm that is true oo( God dey).

mercedes has serious issues.

lol don't worry you ll be okay

@sweetnothin lol yes o guilty as charge, but its because i work on sundays. i will go to church this sunday though.

your gift is God's blessings

lol sorry to burst your bubbles, its a girl who looks nothing like me. oya and sleep :)

@Quagger i hope my grandma forgives him.. lol i know, but that country is sweet oo. thanks for stopping by

@dante lol okay...

@L-VII lol thats mercedes for you.. abi he ll get tired.. awww thanks dear. yes i'm really a twin( we were born the same day and all that..lol)

@tigeress lol thats good.. laughter is medicine for the soul.. thanks :)

@saved girl thanks.

thanks peeps

Bibi said...

why are you acting surprised that mr sean is looking at your boobs? you know you are stacked now? lol. as for the meme thingy, meme don many full my head o! make i go start them now. *sigh*

JustDB said...

lol... guess being a wee bit paralyzed doesn't do anything to the mind.. maybe it sharpen it sef........ Do the church thing.. I finnd it therapeutic as a minimum.. lol

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL @ Mercedes.
What does the V in VSNC mean?

scribble,me.free said...

"This chic just copied everything I wrote.. I looked at her, the chic looked back at me… straight in my eyes and continued what she was doing"I like that chick

mizchif said...

You have come again with these ue funny stories. I can just picture the chief running from the yeye dog. After d dog don chop im suya finish. I don't blame him for never stepping foot in ur hse again!

Adaeze said...

lol @ the girl that copied u and mr Sean.
May I put my two cents in regarding the dog for whatever its worth? I guess it's too late for him now, butno dogs should ever be given any alcohol, especially as a puppy. It's not for them. Of course they'll get brain damage, just like a baby would if you fed them alcohol. Dogs are products of how they are treated...I know cuz I got my dog from nigeria and brought him here. He would have been a crazy, attacking violent dog if he remained there, but now he can do anything I tell him to do, he's cuddly and sweet to everyone. I know people might get mad at me for saying this but dogs are just like human beings when it comes to developing behaviors. To put it on the edge - if you feed a baby alcohol that baby aint gonna turn out normal. Or if you beat a boy repeatedly and abuse him, the boy is going to grow up being hostile. All those dogs that growl and bark and bite do so because they're afraid. Any dog raised right will NEVER touch anyone.
Any nigerian i meet here who meet my dog are always surprised when I say he's a Nigerian Hausa dog from Abuja, lol. They think a Nigerian dog could never be that well behaved. Thats just BS. Dogs are the same all around the world but if they are treated like shit they go nuts.
Don't get me wrong though I'm not saying any of you treated your dogs like shit I am just generally speaking of how i've seen other people treat theirs..Like there was a dog in the compound I lived in for a while that was run over by a car and beaten all the time and nobody cared. They even stumped a cigarette on the poor thing. That dog was violent towards everyone but with me it was all calm. For me I think the story about Mercedes is sad but what can one do now..Just no alcohol 4 the dogs ok pleeeeease i am an animal lover lol. I hope you dont take this in the wrong way though I just had to get it off my chest.
Hey BTW you fainting at work does not sound good at all..don't work too hard and take good care of yourself hun...

BSNC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BSNC said...

@bibi lol err i dunno oo. you better do the meme unless....lol

@justDB lol sharpen it how.. to dey look person boobs. I must go the sunday, come rain come tornado.. Really i would have love to go every sunday, but i work most times...

@Original Mgbeke don't mind the yeye dog jo.. Vanilla because is she is light skinned

@scribbles lol why wouldn't you like her....

BSNC said...

@mizchiff lol that was the painful part, ate the chief suya and still chased him. it only happened once now...

@adaeze lol wow you really love dogs. I get what you are saying. I told my brothers not to give the dog alcohol, but as one of the youngest in the house.. nobody listens to me. I guess they just did it for fun, but it affected the dog later unfortunately. For that reason they didn't give alcohol to the other 3 dogs. You don't have to tell me, i know you are an animal lover..lol

I didn't faint, it almost happened though. thanks dearie will do..

Spesh said...

Chica,still cant comment on your blog from ma phone......
Really sorry about the headache,hope you finally got something for it......
What a list you got..

juiceegal said...

Ur dog is one krazy dog mehn....dint kno alchol had later effects,thot it was usually immediate nd al.

NaijaScorpio said...

LOL.... i wan die for laugh. Mecedes, kai! I don't think ur dog is bipolar, at least not with the true meaning of bipolar. That dog needs plenty of exercise. Do they walk him or is he just caged up all day?

doll (retired blogger) said...

KMAO@ bi-polar

Giagerry said...

feeling special, feeling special...
Thankx hunnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!lol
so u want me to go nd do this meme ehn?
ok o...but first u have to bribe me with that moin moin o...its been a while!
I even need to just learn how to make it sef.
I want a dog too!

Cidersweet said...

Ach! The chief must have felt really slighted. "Mmmercedes!! You have bitten the agbada of the one who fed you! Chai!"

I hear that drinking a lot of water helps with headaches. (You myt be dehydrated). Get well soon!

Roc said...

Hmmmm... A chic that can play chess and has a chest worth staring at...


I never was a dog person.. Dem too dey get kolo for head..

So does this chic spying you get to sit besides you for every exam?? Or was this just a one-off?

BSNC said...

@My world sorry o, i thinks its working now. thanks dear, i did. that headache was something else oo. thanks

@juicegal lol i thought so myself. i hope my grandma forgives mercedes

@sting er the dog walks enough at night now.. i think he has a little problem sha

@doll lol seriously oo

@Gee you are nore than welcome dear. you know you are special now..

okay i ll UPS the moin moin ASAP.. its not that hard to make. what type of dog?

thanks peeps

BSNC said...

@cidersweet lol i know right.. don't mind him jo

thats what my mum said, but i have been drinking alot of fluid( not water though). thanks i think i am getting there

@Roc lol chei roc see where you pass go. thanks i guess

i love dogs o, but mercedes is too crazy..

Come to think of it, i don't think i have seen her in that class before sef..

thanks peeps

Yankeenaijababe said...

Epele my sister o, I hate having headache. Have you taken anything to feel better. The girl spying your school work na wa o. I see that happen all the time in my class.lol

Ur tag list is tight. ..wish we could both win the lottery and go to some paradise island. I don tire o jare.lol

jhazmyn said...

LMAO @ that chick, is she nigerian, cos na d kain thing wey naija pesin fit do

@ Mercedes, mayb the dog has become a social drinker o, and its brain touche wen the alcohol level reduces, hav u tried givin her just a sip wen she begins to act up? it just might work

Blogoratti said...

Oh my, you nearly fainted?
Take things easy you hear....and all the best with your exams!!

P.s:Who will save Mercedes now!!

Feddie Girl said...

Lol! @ Mercedes' behavior. Hope the Chief is able to "Forgive and Forget". It wasn't the poor dog's fault. Lol!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, oh...2bad abt d dog...ours just got fat n lazy over d yrs...we loved her but had 2let her go...

na wah 4 mr sean oh...he's thinking abt his pbs with hgf by staring @ ur boobs? lol.

all d best with ur exams n going 2 Church...sorry abt d headache...do take a rest, u'll be fine.

BSNC said...

@YNB yea i took something. thanks.. i tire for the girl o and she was soo bold. i know abi... amen oo. anything can happen, you never know

@jhazmyn lol no o she be akata.. lol social drinker ke.. no they only gave the dog alcohol when he was a puppy..

@blogoratti yes o. i tre for myself. i will. thanks..

lol i dunno oo

@JoanPeck lol he never forgave the dog oo.lol i know right

@justdoyin lol how did she get fat and lazy..

i tire for the man o. if the answer is on my boobs he will tell me( yeye man..lol)

thanks alot dear, i will try to..

thanks peeps

Anonymous said...

'the dog is bi polar' lol
Hope u get beta soon

seye said...



Wait, for Abia, they sell dog meat o

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, where do i start, where do i end? Mr Sean is thinking...of course he is...lol
The girl who is copying; I hope she doesnt copy your name too. Have seen that happen

@seye....they sell it in calabar, not abia...i think

Anonymous said...

lmao Mercedes sounds just like my dog in Naij, I hate that dog ehn and it is always tormenting people that come over. One time I forgot he was out of his cage when a workman came and he attacked the poor old man, see how this man was crying ehn. I was just laughing. Now workmen are scared of coming to our house. I will probably be the one to kill the dog though..lol

Hope you got something for your headache..

BSNC said...

@ttlolla yes he is, thanks babe i am getting there

@seye lol thanks i try small small. abia ke, i thought it was somewhere else

@naijagirl lol anywhere. lol thinking of in that dierction..

Thats her own wahala o. i thought so too calabar abi

@Tay-mee lol really.. eya i can imagine. lol he was crying.. don't kill the dog o, maybe he is bi-polar too.. thanks i did :)

thanks peeps

Mz. Eniola said...

BSNC!!! i chocked on my food oo! loooool...bi polar dog! loool..poor grandma!loool! ha ha! omg!i can only imagine d chief running for his life.im sure he lost sum of hez belly fat.

Luscious LU said...

Babe,good to have you back a little. Please,slow down o,we don't need you fainting and all.

Let Mr sean stare now,as long as that's all he does sha.

Poor grandma,make una let that dog go o before he attack una.

You for close your work well before they'll notice and call you both for cheating,hope it never happens to you sha. VSNC was only lookin out for you nah,i so love twins and pray to have two cute boys(amen o)

Ok,now my comment don turn to post but then your posts are always long though interesting to read always.

Take good care of you and try to catch some rest pls. Tanx for your advice on my issue!

Smaragd said...


u know, dogs just do crazy stuff! since my friend's pup that i used to take for walks o, grew and almost bit me, i have startde avoiding other people's dogs like crazy!

and i've been curious about this Mr. Sean, i'm not surprised he's attracted to u (dont tell me otherwise jo, using ur boobs to think ko...lol), u work with hime evryday right? what exactly is his condition?

p.s., thank God u are fine, but u should still get a check-up hon, headache, black-out... just to be sure there's nothing wrong ok? abi na baby?

Smaragd said...

uh oh! where is my long things comment now? mcheew @ blogger! i can't fit to write it again mehn.

downtheaisle said...

u n all dis ur posts, i can't help laughing. lol @ the big chief episode. and dis Mr sean... wat's wit d staring at ur boobs?

*Diane* said...

Hilarious!!! i think my cousins used to have a bipolar dog. Scarred one of my sister for life, she's now afraid of dogs.

Good Naija Girl said...

I love your grandma's spunk! lol at old women and their wrappers...you know how to make me laugh!

Jo, tell Chief that if he sends me some suya I promise not to chew on his walking stick. Abegi, help me tell him o!

BSNC said...

@Mr Eniola lol eya sory... don't choke oo. he sure did, the guy was angry sha..

@Luscious Lu thanks i ll try to.. the guy tire me o. i just allowed her to copy.. don't mind my sis.

Amen oo. God will bless you with twins..(we be wahala sha)

lol aww thanks i try small... thanks i will. you are welcome..

@smaragd lol eya sorry. some dogs are really nice sha.

er he has a girlfriend o, so he better remove his eyes. he is paralysed from neck down

imao abeg oo.. no be baby oo at all. i will, thanks dear.

@downtheaisle lol yea we never saw chief again. i tire for Mr Sean oo..

@diane lol eya your poor sis.. dogs are good oo. just that some are really strange

@GNG lol yea thats my grandma. am glad i make you laugh :)

i have not seen him in a while o. i ll try and deliver the msg..lol

thanks peeps

Omo Oba said...

lol! girl, u and ur stories ehn, u will not kill me. all the best on those finals. How are u feeling now? u shd check out your dizziness and headaches. You might be low on iron or sth.

Isabella said...

Eh yaaah so u too was dizzy ? you didn't inform me ...hope your well now ?

babe no one was looking at your A cup ok ? lol ....

BSNC said...

@omo Oba lol no i will not kill you.. thanks alot..

yea i checked it out, they said i needed to take things easy. thanks :)

@Ms Flyhigh i thought i told you.. yea i am better

lol er.. did you say A cup. if you only knew..lol

thanks peeps

Anonymous said...

...should i get you something for your headache?

Smaragd said...

eeya, poor man.

errr, if he's paralysed from the neck down, babes please let him look o, after all his "kini" *coughs* is also err... affected abi? so he cannot do anything to u na.

CaramelD said...

Who told me to read your blog at work?

Started laughing out loud because of the Mercedes story !!!

BSNC said...

@rethots lol yea please do. thanks..

@smaragd lol yes he can look o, but he looks at it too muc jo. he can't do anything true and his er cough cough is still working oo..

@Caramel D lol i dunno oo. abeg its allowed to have a good laff. thanks :)

thanks peeps

Cidersweet said...

Hey, thank you for your encouraging words. God bless you!

And Super Nanny is enlightening, I dont know if they still show it tho.

Buttercup said...

lmaoooooooooooo u no go kill me oooo! hahahahaha!

nawa for mr sean o..naughty naughty..

lol @ mercedes' story..its no funny but it is..lmao..

kai, u too tagged me..ok o..

Buttercup said...

p.s. sowee bout the fainting incident o....fainting is quite scary, i tell u..

BSNC said...

@cidersweet you are more than welcome.. thanks

@buttercup lol no i no fit naow. don't the man jo. you are funny oo, its not funny its lmao...lol.

yes i tagged you oo. yea it is. thanks dear :)