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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Mississippi you know i never quite knew how to spell Mississippi, i didn't know it had alot of S's and P's. From Alabama, it took us about 4 hours to get to Mississippi or rather our destination in that area. I was suppose to drive, but since i still have the flu that was a no go area.

3 hours to the journey, my mum wanted to use the ladies and get something to drink. We stopped at this gas station( that was when i saw my first red neck). We entered the food mart.

Cashier: Did you miss your way( he gave us this uncomfortable stare like we were bag of worms).

Mum: No i just wanted to use the ladies and get something to drink.

Cashier: Are you sure you didn't miss your way. Its very strange that you people are in here.

Mum: I just told you we didn't miss our way. Please where is the bathroom.

Cashier: The bathroom is broke and we don't sell drinks.

Mum: I just saw a lady entering the bathroom( then dawned on my mum).

We smiled said our thank you and walked away. I was astonished, did you mean we still have people like this in this 21st century. He didn't even try to hide it, he made it crystal clear to us that we were not wanted in their vicinity. I have heard about red necks, maybe i have even come across some without my knowledge, but this was my first direct approach with one. Na wa o ,wonders they say sha never end. This one pass America wonder...

Mississippi is a village o. Some of the nigerian roads are even better sef, there were bumps and a couple of pot holes. The place was so dusty and i saw my first sand in Yankee( i never see sand since i enter this country o). I saw one or two cows( abi na malu malu) crossing the street. There were a couple of farms with corn. I was just waiting to see a woman roasting corn by the road side.

We got to my uncle's house an hour later. Nobody told us he lives in the forest. The sides and back of the house were covered with tress. You have to walk or drive at least two miles before you get to the next house. His house was huge and spectacular, but still why you go build house inside forest. He said it was cheap and the area was very peaceful although they have killed a couple of snakes here and there. Can you imagine my uncle telling us about snakes, i don't like snakes for anything . Go uncle, what a way to make someone at ease. My imagination was going wild, what else was inside this forest of a house. I was so uncomfortable. if i feel something close to my legs or neck, i let us a small scream. I was so jumpy, everybody was like bsnc you relax now. Abeg people tell me how can someone relax. I had this 15 year old(boy) cousin whom i have never met. Dude had a toy snake, he found it amusing to torment me with the stupid toy. First of all i had this flu that was killing me softly, i was still kind of sore from the wii game and now all i can see and think about was snakes.

My uncle, did i mention i have seen him only three times in my life. Well he is my dad's cousin, i suppose that still make him my uncle or is it my second uncle,I dunno jare. He told my cousin to quit fooling around, after all i was a guest and its not nice to treat a guest like that.( i was already aiming to give the yeye boy the flu). My uncle is a doctor, his wife is a pharmacist and his daughter( who i also met for the first time) is a surgeon. Okay why am i telling you this, well i guess they taught i was a lab experiment because these people were bombarding me with drugs. BSNC take this, no she should take this, that is not strong enough take this. After drinking about a hundred tablet(close to it sha), i was completely knocked out. I slept for 8 hours straight( i have been having sleepless night because of the so called winch flu) and it felt good.

I woke up at about 8:30, 9 pm. My nose wasn't so stuffy again, it was as if they remove the spell on me, i still had the flu, but not the winch flu. We were discussing how bad Mississippi looked and how some villages even looked better. My uncle's wife got angry and decided she wanted to take us to the city. She says she doesn't like it when people bad-mouths her state. We were not far from the truth now...lol.

The city abi na residential area turned out to be magnificent, they had alot of casinos. Since i have not been to Los Vegas and i have no idea if i will be going there anytime soon, i decided to take the opportunity and go to the casino. You know just to see what all the fuss is about.

The casino was breath taking, it is called HARD ROCK. They had all this costumes that rockers wore from the 80's and 90's . From Elvis to Madonna, from Bon Jovi to Elton John, 3 doors down... I played my first slot with 1 dollar and i won 9 dollars, the second slot i won 6 dollars and i decided to stop. The thing was addictive, but i wasn't going to let them suck me in. I saw this couple blow 300 dollars and they left there with nothing. I even managed to buy everybody drinks with the small money i won, at least i didn't leave there empty handed.

After that we went to this music concert which i didn't enjoy by the way because i had no idea who was singing or what they were saying. We left the concert and got something to eat and we chatted about everything and nothing in particular. We got home at about 3am. Mississippi wasn't so bad after all. It turned out alright. Next stop New Orleans or is it Texas.

PS: i took this trip last month, i am back home. I am feeling better now, no more winch flu again. Thanks for the concern ;)


Anonymous said...

i am first. yes first first first!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am really first. where is everybody.

~Sirius~ said...

1st!.....sorry Anon,

You have no identity..........

he he he

~Sirius~ said...


A village!!!!

With cows pot holes and snakes.....never!

I'll pass....

And as for that guy ...........*hiss at his skanky ass!


*BolanleAP* said...

BSNC..long time ooo, how you dey? good to hear you not sick any more. don't mind that foolish guy jare and your uncle and his house in the woods, like really?? i would have ben afraid though bu atleast you got rest.

Tigeress said...

I'm not happy i'm not first. Anonymous is now first :(:(:( lol!! Let me go and read.

Tigeress said...

I actually lived in Starkville Mississippi.
How wont u know how to spell it? Did u do primary school in Naija? There was this song/rhyme that we used to sing that spelt out Mississippi. lol!!

Nice posts btw. I'm thinking New Orleans next?

Na wa for that redneck o. Ur kinda people. I'm surprised he didnt call his fellow Arian brothers or KKK memember to lynch u guys.

juiceegal said...

Lol at sirius
BSNC na u dey enjoy o,criosly i feel like doin dis afta readin ur posts.
i rememba dat mississippi song in primary skul.
Dat redneck is sick o,can u imagine??
Seems like u had a lot of fun,i'm jealous

chayomao said...

ehh! Redneck ke? they publicity exist? oh!
I detest snakes anything but snakes oh!
Good to know you are better now!

Miss Natural said...

You had an adventure oh! that was like blatant racism...I would've thought the likelihood of that happening was very rare. lol at the snakes, and stuff...I would have been quite jumpy too. I found it quite hard to spell Mississippi,ok I had to use spell check so I guess I don't know how too lol.
A casino! that would have been fun, never been to one and you're smart seriously, after that win its tempting to try for more and more. Imagine those who blow like thousands for nothing! Plus you still have Texas and New Orleans...boy I want to go on a road trip too!!!

Blogoratti said...

That was some adventure you had eh? Well glad your flu disappeared in the end-as for those rednecks...SMH

BSNC said...

@anonymous lol yes you are first..

@sirius lol you are the first too i guess. It had its good side, maybe it was where i stayed.

@Abeni i used be saying that to you, longest time. i am fine o, how about you. Yes i had a chance to rest. I am not minding him oo.

@tigeress awww sory about that oo..lol.

You lived in mississippi wow, that is interesting. They didn't do that in my primary school o, or did they..lol

thanks. lol fear no let them now

@juicegal lol i kind of enjoyed it sha. ehen how come everybody remembered that song except me.

My sista i can't imagine i was there live and direct. lol don't be jealous your time will come soon.

@chayoma yes there do o. I am with you, i hate those creepy animals. thanks i am better.

@Miss Natural i thought so as well until it happened to us. Finally someone who agree with me on the Mississippi spelling..

yes my first casino, it was fun. It was very tempting o, but i know myself now. lol you will go if you really to..

thanks peeps

BSNC said...

@blogoratti yes it was. lol that is their own wahala o :)

miss.fab said...

Lol at Anonymous, sorry you have to join Blogger, hehe.

You won at the casino!!! That doesn't happen in real life! Congrats oh! We need to celebrate, lol.. Well I know it's only em $15 but it's still something ahahn

Anonymous said...

na wa oh..im so disappointed the so called 'free' america..anyway....if u go to texas enter houston and go to 'finger licking' and eat ur fill of nigerian food and watch nta..lol.nd if u go to neworleans,biko go to burborn street and see sodom and gomorrah..lol.ur having fun oh.

Feddie Girl said...

And I thought Owasso Oklahoma was as bad as it gets. Lol! Seriously? Snakes and cows?
I once saw goats tethered to a back yard somewhere in the country (that was Oolagah). Couldn't stop laughing.
Meanwhile, what was it with the guy at the Food Mart. You all should called the cops! Can you imagine?
You see, that's why I love Nigeria. In Lagos, even though my mom and I are white, no one would stop us from buying food and doing what we want. Actually, everyone was quite nice and respectful.
Mississippi sounds like a bummer! Thanks for alerting me. Now I know I shall always fly to New Orleans and never go on a road trip via that state. Ugghh!!!!

PS: Is there a prize for posting first or something? I'd like to know so I can get in the game. Lol!

AliceDCL said...


so annoying...
hate snakes also, in fact hate the thought of snakes..
sounds like u had a fabulous holiday... thank god the flu is gone...

Kitten said...

New Orleans rocks! You'll definitely enjoy that trip. That redneck, Omg. How unfortunate for him to be like that.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

r u serious?
what age is he from???
gosh! i cant shout

hws ur flu dear?
oh yeah Mississippi
i never spell that wtout spell check :)

BSNC said...

@miss fab lol it happened to me and it was as real as it gets. Thanks, but i spent the money on my fam.. sowry

@leggy babe it is not so free o. lol yes ma will do. lol yes i kind of had fun..

@JoanPeck lol yes i am very serious. It was not that serious that was why we left peacefully. Yea that is naija for you, you are white. I had no idea.

lol it wasn't that bad, maybe it was the place i went to.

Er.. i don't know about the prize thing..lol

@Optimistic A lol i know. Yes it was really nice. Yay i am happy too. thanks ;)

@Sexkitten i heard alot about the state too. yes very unfortunate. thanks..

@sweetness lol i am very serious, maybe he is still in 200BC. My flu is gone, thanks for the concern. lol i can spell it so well now.

thanks peeps

Tairebabs said...

lol@ this one pass America wonder... meanwhile, there are rednecks out there o. I haven't met any so far but on one episode of What Would You Do,,,which had to do with the way some people react to Moslems, I found out that there are still a bunch of ignorant people out there.

It sounds like you had a great time. I liked the way you won your money and quit! Smart thing to do o!

Anonymous said...

ummm, you people?? WTH

downtheaisle said...

red necks, na wa for them o, in this century.
lol @ seeing sand for the first time in yankee...

LusciousRon said...

A live red neck? He should be in a museum! Pele about the flu jare. It's the season.

So village dey obodo oyinbo? Haha! Na real America wonder. At least they have a city.

That your cousin is silly. I think I would have smacked him or something.

Fancy-Free said...

Funny that they think you are a lab test. I wonder what it'll be like living in a forect cos I love nature.

Dante said...

Snakes ke?
Are you saying there are still rednecks in America...ahn ahn!!!
But in all sha..you had fun..oh you won money at the slots huh..wey my share? keep am for me ooo...
i am eagerly waiting the next stop at New Orleans..lol

BSNC said...

@oyin i know, it is what it is..

@downtheaisle yes there are still around in this earth. lol its the truth now, i have not seen sand in yankee since.

@lusciousRon lol good one, he used be in the museum. thanks, but i am better now.

Yes village dey. America is not all heaven as they say.

I couldn't smack him, i was meeting him for the first time...

@Fancy free lol what ever they did worked. i love nature, but not the snake associated one.

@Dante yes snakes. yes that is exactly what i am saying.I spent the money there o. its all gone.

thanks peeps :)

SouLBoutiQue said...

Ah You are better than me I would have cursed that racist man out! I can't stand racist people. Anyway I don't know sha and Everytime I meet a racist white person or asian i act differently everytime! As per mississippi, i don't think i'll ever enter that state oh....watched too many civil rights movies for my liking....i.e. Rosewood! I am glad you're having fun and feeling better. lol and them "prescribing" all those tablets for you...something I would have done!

olusimeon said...

this was funny...esp,,the lab experiment bit..

Tinu said...

in the US of A!!potholes!!!my Gaaaard!!!lol
i wont have slept in that house if there was a snake there!!!!u wan kill me!!!
its soo sad that there are still so many people with that sort of mentality!!

BSNC said...

@SoulBoutique me curse him out, er that is not my town o. Anything can happen. The state is not that bad. I just happened to meet that mad man. Thanks, the almost over dose worked though..

@simeone lol thanks.

@Tinu yes in the U,S of A. anything and everything is possible. lol don't mind my cousin, he wanted to give me an early hypertension. Well that one na for their pocket...

thanks peeps

Cidersweet said...

Well, it's unfortunate that some people r still like that ( I dont believe they r really happy with themselves sha). It's their loss.

But please, what is "malu malu"? And BSNC, a "woman roasting corn"? :-) :-)
Cheers, and thank God for good health.

Anonymous said...

Babe you were ballin' oh..

and as for that hill billy thing, his head is not functioning quite right, he's a redneck and he actually has the nerve to discriminate..mumu oshi.

Nice Anon said...

Please let us thank God nothing else happened at the gas station or better yet you lot weren't bitten by these "here and there" snakes.

Anonymous said...

So glad you feel better hun... omg all those horror movies are set in the south. I no fit near that side. You ge liver sha... lol

BSNC said...

@cidersweet yes those peeps are still very much in existence. Their big loss.

lol Malu malu means cow, well the place looked so much like naija..lol.

Yes we give God the glory..

@Tay-mee lol me balling.. ok

Don't mind the mad man. lol@ mumu oshi. good one..

@Nice Anon yes we thank God o, that was why we left there quietly. I was so scared, thanks God no snake bites or anything like that.

@Miss lowlah thanks babe. lol the south is not that bad really..

thanks peeps :)

Penelope...! said...

awww ure so lucky...i still hav the flu n its destroying me mhnn...ive been bedridden for quite a yle nw...hiss
Sounds lik yur trip wasnt so bad afteral, u shud try texas tho. Houston is a rili nice place.

Rayo said...

wat kinda racist is that one, in this age nd tym...

Omo Oba said...

It is true when all the North Eastern folks swear by their hair that the South is "backward" - backward in their philosophy. It is ironic tho - that the South is the bible belt of the US, yet it harbors the most racist parts of the country.

BSNC said...

@penelope eya poor you. Hope you feel better. Yes i did and i enjoyed it. thanks babe..

@rayo i said the same thing too.

@Omo Oba yes it is and its really sad..

thanks peeps