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Friday, June 5, 2009


The Next stop was actually Texas, I just felt like using New Orleans as the title. I like the sound of the name New Orleans. Okay enough about the name, but just say it New Orleans, doesn't it sound nice (BSNC chill, enough about the name already).

We were going to stop at New Orleans (here I go again...lol), but we had no family members there. We or rather my brother and VSNC drove down to Texas. I really don’t know how long it took because I slept almost through out the trip. I guess the drugs they gave me after we left Mississippi was still having its effect on me.

We stopped at this eatery to eat something. The people there were so nice and they had this sing-song deep southern/country accent. I really liked their accent and they used endearments in whatever they say. Like hey sugar, can I get you and the cutie pie something to drink, hey pumpkin are you okay. I could listen to them all day. They were playing Don William’s “I Believe in you” in the background. It was just beautiful and serene. It brought back memories when my dad used to have record players or is it record changer, you know those records plate that’s looks like CD’s, but its bigger, the surface is black and it spins. The plates are kept inside this big thin envelope ( I know someone knows what I am talking about sha..lol). My dad used to like country music, we will just sit outside sometimes and listen to it while the sunsets. I could not believe they still have tunable record player.

We got to Texas at about 5:40pm. We turned on the radio and they were playing one of Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene”. Yes this is Texas for sure..lol, good old country music. Texas is a Big beautiful city; the building, the roads, the traffic was not too crazy. My brother said Texas is almost the size of Nigeria, is he for real….

My aunt stays in Houston or a town 5 minutes away from Houston. I got to meet another set of cousins for the first time. The next day we just cruised around Houston, but we didn’t go to far because my cousins where not really good with the roads. Everybody in the neighborhood seems to be Nigerian, and the bride to be (my neighbor and family friend from naija) lives 5 blocks away from them. The weather was soo hot; I was perspiring for the first time this year. It was like I was in naija again. I went for two BBQ that day in the neighborhood. As a result; I almost missed the traditional wedding.

The next day, we went for a wedding anniversary. There were a lot of old folks, boogying to some old school jams. It was fun; I was surprised I knew most of the songs. My cousins were not feeling it, so we had to leave early. When I was going to show them my running man move..lol. We got home and watched home videos for 6 straights hours, my aunt has this big Ghana-must-go bag filled with home videos.

The next day was the white wedding, or rather weddings. We realized that the two weddings we came for fell on the same day. My mum went for the other one and told us she will meet us later. I was really intrigued by this wedding because I have never been to a combination of a Muslim and Christian wedding. The Muslim part was kind of short while the Christian part took the rest of the day. It was a wonderful ceremony, a lot of drinks, dancing, foods, toasters here and there. I saw this guy reading a book and I was like this na scribbles people. Time to catch the bouquet, chics were almost fighting for that thing o. Two ladies fell down because of bouquet, no be me and una. There are a lot of Nigerians in Texas sha and people say Maryland is the head quarters for Nigerians.

All in all, it was a really nice road trip and now I am flu-free except for VSNC, she has a mild case of the winch flu. Now how did that happen….lol.

Have a wonderful weekend people.


Tinu said...


.. said...

Good to know you had alot of fun,and the Flu was cured...
Road Trips Sound really Cool...

Tinu said...

wooooooooohoooooooo!!!!off to read!

Tinu said...

I want to go on a road trip tooo!!!!i dnt even bother catching bouquet when i go for weddings bcos the way ladies fight to get it!you would think it was tyson beckford the bride threw!!!!glad u had fun btw!!!!!!!!
tezas sounds like a nice place!

chayomao said...

tell me i am third oh!

Miss Natural said...

Now how did VSNC get a case of winch flu lol, very mysterious :)
You had a really good time as in lots of good food, family and love. Texas is hot oh..no jokes man! never been to New Orleans but hear its a really fun place, apparently they have this red light district that is on point, in the words of my brother, 'so much sin concentrated in one place lol.

chayomao said...

i made third....

i do understand! the record player. my grandmother still has that thing in her house somewhere, i kid you not!
Texas will soon see my two legs! Next year lol.
sounds like good times!
come oh, how do they do Muslim and Christian wedding together? i havent seen this one before?

Send my Get well soon messade to VSNC!

Tairebabs said...

Reading this post and the last one made me long for a road trip. My dad used to have those old records too o! I actually thought it was called turn table, don't know why sha. I have never been to Christian and Muslem Wedding but I may be attending one soon.

I see you finally suceeded in passing on the...winch flu..lol

Sassy Trends said...

lol.. Tinu you and the this ur fiiiiirssst issue na wa o! I go soon try beat you to it sha...

Texas... good ol' texas
@BSNC, I sabi dat kain record plate jare, remembered my dad use to have one he so much adored back in the oldies days...lol

Besides, it is a good thing that naija's in diaspora still appreciates our forever-amusing home videos (so much for having a ghana-must-go loads of it...lol)
Me self no even get one back home..lol (no thanks to video rentals club)

Nice one sweets, and its a good thing your fluid has excused you to have a nice road trip...
Have fun gurl.. you need am jare...


AliceDCL said...

i really envy u, thank God u are better-after giving VSNC witch flu ur now saying u dnt no how it happened..
hope ur summer is going well.

AliceDCL said...

i really envy u, thank God u are better-after giving VSNC witch flu ur now saying u dnt no how it happened..
hope ur summer is going well.

Dante said...

lol..BSNC..You can yarn!!

This was fun..I know..I am going on a road trip myself....Lagos through Benin, Asaba, and Onitsha to Owerri..then Owerri to Port harcourt, then to benin from PH thru Patani to ore to Ibadan to Okene to Abuja. then Abuja to Kano/Kaduna to Zamfara...in 30 days..lol..I hope it is as much fun as yours...I recently bought a Garmin navi aid and installed the complete digital map of Nigeria with streets details..so I guess it will be fun..I am actually looking forward to the bananas in Benin..delicious!! lol

By the way wey the bread you buy for us from Texas?

African Weight Loss Diva said...

Lucky you. i need this kind of trip in my life right now

olusimeon said...

so you gave her the winch flu..eventually...?

Tigeress said...

if the babe getting married is nee Ishmail- then i know a few people who went for the wedding. :):)

Now i want to go on a road trip.

Anonymous said...

which one is texas is almost as big as naija?like really?does ur bro know our population in naija?na wa oh!!!anyway,i love houston,u didnt go to finger licking...ughh!!!so no new orleans?its fun there!im glad u didnt meet red necks,texas is a lovely state.

Adaeze said...

lol @ winch flu AGAIN
lol, really u need to explain to us what a record is? ur sure we know what it is? wow..
one has to be a new born not to know girl! lol

juiceegal said...

Ajala travel....lol
I love the southern accent,there is something about it,and Dolly parton,wow my dad made me love her cuz hez in love with her but he dsnt know it..lol
Fightin for bouquet again??? nawa o...pple must get married by force sha.

doll (retired blogger) said...

sounds like fun..
I need a road trip
Or any vac of any sort

*Diane* said...

lol at your winch flu..man i haven't been to a wedding in a loong time....someone needs to get married and invite me..lol

TDVA said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. i dont recall naija road trips being anything but annoying, bumpy and dusty o.

read from the beginning, loved it.

Mz. Eniola said...

hmmm i want to go on a road trip tew :( ehn sounds like so much fun..hmm im putting it on my thingz to do this year list :) U INSPIRED ME BSNC! **giggles** muslim nd christain wedding together?...for real..never seen dat ..aghh u enjoyed this ur trip oooo!!! ehrmm so wat did u bring bck? :)

Rebirth said...

so u came to Houston and didnt come and pay dues ehn???? yep Texas is actually bigger than Nigeria...its been proven...glad u liked it sha and true there r some neighbourhoods that have all nigerian..... we have overpopulated this state....

Anonymous said...

hmmm..explain how VSNC got that flu oh..you meanie, you!

Penelope...! said...

awww u gave vsnc the winsh flu...:(
ure havn fun oh...good for u

BSNC said...

@Tinu lol yes you are first. yaay.

@rose thanks, yea it was fun...

@tinu then go, its summer after all. You and this tyson beckford hmmm okay o. i ll leave at that. Thanks babe, yes Texas is it.

@chayoma yes you are third..lol

Your grandma has it wow. I know someone understand what i was trying to say..lol. Texas is lovely even though i didn't really go out as i wanted to and the weather is amazing.

I haven't seen one before too until last month, it was different and still nice.

lol i will, she is kimd of mad at me now..lol

@Miss Natural girl i was wondering about the same thing, hmmmm..lol. Yes it was a nice experience.

Red light district hmmm, you don't say. The guyz are going to have a filled day on that one, sin or no sin..lol

@tairebabs you know you can still go for a road trip if you want to. This is the season.

Your dad have them too, how cool. I don't know the name too, but at least you get what i was talking about..

Its really different, you will enjoy it.

Well she asked for it..lol

@Sassy trends your dad had them too. Ehen what are they even called sef.

It wasn't a small bag o, a big bag full of home video. I didn't even get to watch 1/8 of it..

Thanks babe i need am badly, but its bac to work now...

BSNC said...

@BBB me give who winch flu, i don't know what you are talking about o...lol.

Thanks so far so good. Hope yours is going well too

@Dante lol me and you who yarn pass..

Wow that is 10 states, see groove. I have been to 7 of the state you listed. I am sure it will be fun. Are you telling me about benin banana( you sure say dem no put something inside)..

which bread..lol. you go wait eh..

@African Weight Loss Diva i needed it too, so what is stopping you now...

@simeone lol i didn't o. i don't know what you guyz are talking about...

@tigeress No that wasn't it. The girl was a christian while the guy was the muslim.

lol you should..

@leggy lol nooo. i think he meant the size not the population..

No i didn't go to finger licking :(. No new orleans too. Texas is a lovely state indeed. I think i may just move there in the nearest future.

@Adaeze lol yes o, the flu is very stubborn. I explained, i think it s called Turn Table like tairebabs rightly said.

lol and here i was explaining again..

BSNC said...

@juicegal yes its like they sing when they talk. What is there not to love, she is an amazing singer. lol he doesn't know it and i guess you know...

lol my sista i tire too.

@doll yes it was, so take one and have fun while you are it.

@Diane lol its now my sistas winch flu. I have been invited to so many wedding. Its like its a wedding marathon this summer.

@TDVA it was fun. lol i know what you mean. awww thanks babe.

@Mz Eniola you should go my dear. Put it now now as i you reading this..lol.

who me..lol. i am glad i did :), so i guess i will reading about the road trip soon right?

It was cool, i enjoyed the wedding. i enjoyed the trip sha i would not lie. What did i bring for you. Er.. um.. so how is your summer.

@funms-the rebirth Oh dear. Don't tell me you stay in Houston, I had no idea o.

lol so i was right. Texas is the head quaters for Nigerians.

@Tay-mee i dunno, she got it from the sky..lol

Penelope me, how, when, where.. i don't know you are talking about. i think the clouds gave it to her.

thanks, I hope you feeling better now :)

thanks peeps

Omo Oba said...

Only you will get away with calling Texas Neworleans.

1 + The One said...

... New Orleans - I love the sound of the name as well:-)
I didn't know your roadtrip would be this fun/eventful (it sounds like something out of a movie, even with weddings thrown in for good measure).. I definitely ENVY youuu.. xx

Anonymous said...

bsnc you are really enjoying. Where is you next stop; las vegas, florida, miami, los angeles, california, new york, san francisco, utah.

Anonymous said...

seems like someone is having fun!!!enjoy o...

which one be winch flu again!lol

Shubby Doo said...

road trips with celebrations galore as pit stops...sounds like loads of fun

K said...

I always enjoy reading your stories. You are a trip.

aloted said...

i want to go on a road trip too :(

good to hear r better n i hope VSNC gets better soon

BSNC said...

@Omo Oba lol i didn't call Texas New Orleans o, i just said i like the name..

@1+ the One finaally someone who likes the name too ;)

Yes it was all that. lol i think i agree with you. I envy me too..lol. thanks

@anonymous lol i don't know o, until next year i guess.

@pink-satin lol it was fun while it lasted. winch flu is the flu one rude woman gave to me.

@shubby Doo yes it was pretty nice..

@K thanks :)

@aloted lol what is stopping you. Thanks, she is getting there.

thanks peeps ;)

Buttercup said...

Glad you had fun, sweetie. Yea, we had a record player too..the transformation of that to an ipod is just très amazing. Lol @ you thinking the guy reading a book was Scribbles. VSNC should get well soon o!

Fancy-Free said...

Wow, you are what they call Ajala travel. But its fun and I can see you enjoyed urself. And that yeye flu left too. Happy days.

justdoyin said...

u transfered the witch flu to VSNC? how not nice! lol...hope she feels berra now...n glad u had fun...

Anonymous said...

hmmm didnt know that they would have a christian/ muslim wedding. Assuming the husband is muslim, it usually takes on the hubby religion.

Well nice to know this cos the guy Im looking into is muslim. lol :P

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL, Houston get mad Naijas shaaa. Una waka o! Wowzers. Where to from Texas?
How long was this entire road trip again?

Yinkuslolo said...

u dey waka. that some real tour. gud u had fun eh. first time here. nice chocolatey bckgrnd

Anonymous said...

am so happy for you my dear the flu is gone

jolene, jolene, jolene, joleeeeeeneeee
am begging u pls dont take ma m.maan...

lol pardon my Dolly partonism u brought it on :)
so what movies did u watch


BSNC said...

@buttercup yes i did. wow you guyz had it too.
i thot it was scribs, then i remembered he is in jand. she is better now.thanks :)

@Fancy-free lol which one is ajala travel again.. yes i did, thanks ;)

@justdoyin lol well its not my fault, she asked for it. she is better now :)

@Oyin yes they do. lol um good luck with that..

@Original M lol yes we waka o. the trip is over. it took us 10 dayz, close to two weeks.

@yinku yes i did. thanks dear. welcome to blogsville ;)

@sweetness thanks ;). you know that song..lol. I saw the celebrity, Reloaded (again) and some other movies, i can't remember the names now.

thanks peeps