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Monday, June 15, 2009

vitamins or VITAMINS...

Hello beautiful people. Hope your month has been great, Happy HALF year and happy birthday to the June babies including my lovely baby brother, chai that boy don big o, meaning I am getting wiser...

Mr. Sean is one funny dude I tell you. For those of you who don't know, Mr. Sean is my patient. He is paralyzed from neck down ( I know, I know.. how sad, tell me about it. I thank God for my life everyday), so he is totally dependent on me. Did I mention he has two girlfriends.. Okay oo

Mr. Sean takes a lot of drugs everyday (pain killers, sleeping pills, laxative, vitamins). I noticed he took his vitamins once in a while. On this fateful day, Mr. Sean sent me to the CVS pharmacy to pick up his vitamins. I got there, it took a while for them to verify and give me the drug, but they eventually gave the drugs to me. I am not a nosy person, but I was curious (plus make I no go give person poison drink). Why were they asking me all those questions?
I got into the car, took out the medicine bottle from the bag and what did your girl see V.I.A.G.R.A. I did a double take, via.. what now. Yes VIVA VIAGRA (like they say in the ad..lol). Viagra, so this is what he calls his vitamins. Hmmm Interesting.

It all came to me in a flash. Anytime HGF( one of his babe) comes around, he tells me to give him his vitamin. I noticed his bed got broken on several occasion over the past few month. He always has a new catheter (the thing he used to urinate) whenever HGF sleeps over. I might be putting too much into it, but in this case I am 93.5% sure that one plus one is definately 2.

I remember my first day of work. I was cleaning him up and he had an erection, I was shocked, but he told me he had no idea because he doesn’t feel anything down there. So if he doesn’t feel anything down there and I am pretty sure they do the deed. Then how…. Or who….. but he.. Okay I don tire to analyze this thing. What do you guyz think?

Mr. Sean left his bed for the first time in 6 months. Guess who convinced him to go out, yes you guessed right moi( I am proud of myself o, I did good). I didn’t even worry him; I just mentioned it to him on several occasions that he needs to go out once in a while. He told me he wanted to go for his relative's graduation . I was so happy for him, but who send me message. This guy weighs over 300 pounds and his is 6”4, it took me 2 hours to transfer him from the bed to the wheel chair. I didn’t lift him by myself if that is what you are thinking lol.(unless you make I die.). They have this thing called Hoyer lift that they used to lift patient, but its my first time using it and I was kind of scared. I was like if the man fall now, it will not be funny o. I will just fall with him too.

We got to the venue late, the place was full, but you know they always have an available spot for people with disability, so we had a good spot. I never knew high school graduation was a big deal here. abi no be the same high school I finish. It was really nice sha, he saw his relative, they hugged each other for what seemed like forever. She was crying, he was almost in tears, everybody was crying, except me of course ( wetin bring that one now) .

On our way back to his apartment, there was this other guy on the metro bus with his patient. He had a combination of British and Jamaican accent. I was like you have a wonderful accent. The way the guy looked at me ehn, you will think I said you mouth smells like goat shit. He was like okay, I didn’t know some people where compliment-phobic( only in bsnc dictionary..lol) as in people don’t like compliments.. abi was I wrong.

Mr. Sean thanked me through out that day, but he said he is going to leave his bed again till 2011...lol. Well his cousin( yes that cousin, the one on my case) is doing a BBQ part and he thinks I can convince Mr. Sean to come out again. Lets see how that goes. Yesterday i was done for the day and Mr. Sean goes bsnc can i have my vitamins and i was like will HGF be coming over today. He was like how do you know. I told him i was pyschi..lol. Yes you can have your vitamins alright...lol

Hope you guyz are good.


BSNC said...

who is going to be first and the award goes to ............

"drum rolls"

Anonymous said...

Meeeeeeeeeee i am first again. I am first. I do not care what you people say. I am first.

BSNC said...

lol yes your are.. Congrats ;)

Anonymous said...

Are you serious lol. Mr.Sean's vitamin is that... hahahahaha, but how does he do it if he can't feel anything.

Tigeress said...

why am i not first? we shld make a rule where anonymous commenters can not claim 1st spots. SO yes, i'm FIRST!!!! hehehe

let me go read.

Tigeress said...

Nice one BSNC- I'm proud of u. It was nice of u to take him to the grad. But how come the daughter doesnt come and visit?

Na for his vitamins sha. he had better becareful. But how he come get gf cos he obviously can rub them up. even if his thing is standing- they have to do all the humping. me shaking images out of my head. lol

Miss Natural said...

That's so true...how come his daughter doesnt visit? awwwwwww no wonder mr sean likes u, and his cuz...u have a great personality. sooo how badly paralyzed is he then and for how long?
So i guess ur 1 +1 is two even though i dnt understand the equation lol. viagra lol,wow, hw old is mr sean anyway?

Anonymous said...

he sounds like a really nice guy...awww.so ur a nurse?one more thing i know about you.lmao.its real cool that u cld convince him to go!!ah...i thank God oh!!

1 + The One said...

We've missed Mr Sean!!
Hmmm, vitamins, nice euphemism hehe

Bombchell said...

WOW good gosh @ vitamins. LOL I was expecting a healthy post lol.

2 girlfriends cha. wow.

*Diane* said...

lol!! hilarious! must be a playa of sorts if he doesn't even leave the house and has 2 girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

paralyzed from neck down--eya!!


Vitamins are good lol
Nice post. Holla

doll (retired blogger) said...

viagra...vitamins...same difference...

How did he get paralyzed? accident?? i find myself curious

juiceegal said...

Hmmmmmmmm so mr sean does not miss out on his bed action.Maybe his vitamin is "vitamin S"......lol
Twas so sweet of u to take him to his daughter's grad.But rily y dsnt she visit him??
You're really brave u know...i dnt handle sick pple well.

Anonymous said...

Ah.. na wa o... na different types of paralysis dey now....................

Anonymous said...

lol..ah yes now allow the poor man o jare, he just wants to have his fun oh..lol..

Its nice that you toook him out though..

Good Naija Girl said...

I already knew you were nice but this confirms it. That's lovely that you were able to convince Mr. Sean to go to his daughter's graduation, and it's sweet how you were trying to defend him not shaking hands to people. You're a good pesin.

I'm sure your job has some challenges at times but you always manage to find the humour in the situation and that makes your blog so entertaining to read.

L-VII said...

Glad to see you are back in your routine again.. Lol, your patient na super hero...


archiwiz said...

Its great that you were able to get him to his daughter's graduation. Getting out is good for him.

But really, na wa oh... Viagra? Why???

Tinu said...

awww Bsnc ur soo sweet!!!
viagra???na wa o!

NaijaBabe said...

As a bad guy. Hmm who needs a dulled spirit?

As for taking him to the grad, that was do nice of u

Sulihp said...

hahahahahaha....ah bsnc u ehn! viagra ke? well, to each his own:)

as for that guy u met on the bus, abeg let him go and jump inside the nearest lagoon..scheww..maybe he's insecure about his accent and has now become a cynic.

Sulihp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Repressed One said...

Aww that was very nice of you...bless your heart...

okay now LMAOOOO...r u kidding me? "vitamins" ke?? lol...me too im wondering as u're wondering oh...how can he? with paralysis? lol

I had wondered how someone that is paralyzed from neck down has 2 gfs...There must be something else sha...over 300lbs too? Mr. Sean is a G oh.

Viagra kwa?? LWKMD!!!

BSNC said...

@anonymous i was wondering the same thing too.

@tigeress haha okay you are first too. Thanks i was happy to help. His baby mama can't stand him, so she never allows the daughter to see him.

i am with you, i remove that image from my head too.

@Miss Natural he has problems with the mother, so she keeps the daughter away from him. lol i guess i do :D.

he is paralysed from his neck down, so he can't feel or move anything down there. He has been paralysed for almost 9 years i think.

lol one plus one is two. he is in his mid or late 30's.

@leggy he is a really nice guy. I am a nursing assistant, soon to be a nurse. lol yea right. I was suprised, i didn't know he will agree. Yes we God the glory..

@1 + the one lol you have.. how nice. lol i know right.

@Bombchell lol well that is what he calls vitamins. Yes i know a big wow.

@Diane he is not a playa, he is just a very nice person with a good heart..

Anonymous said...

Vitamin V!! lol.. just an innocent question: Is "down there" connected to the brain or spine in anyway? If it isn't then that explains a lot of things.. if it is, then Vitamin V must be such a powerful supplement!! LOL

We're good. Trust you and yours are doing gr8 too. Good piece BSNC.

BSNC said...

@Pink satin i know its sad, but i he is kind of used to it now. Yes viagra oo.

@The sexy picutes are talking, yes if you mean the real one..lol. Thanks for stopping by. i will

@doll lol same difference um.. okay.

He said he just came back from a party, he was on his way home and one drunk driver hit him on his rears. It affected his brain and spinal cord and the rest as we know is history.

@juiceegal lol i guess you can say that. i was glad i did even though my back almost killed me in the process. He has issues with his baby mama, so she prevents the daughter from seeing him. Thanks i try, well it takes a little getting used to..

@JustDB yes o, na so we see am.

@Tay-mee lol i didn't say anything now, its allowed jo..

I am glad i did :)

@GNG awww that is a lovely thing to say( blushes).. Well it was kind of sad because everybody wanted to shake him, but they had no idea of his illness. Thanks :)

Yes it is, that was really nice of you. I really appreciate it :D

BSNC said...

@L-V11 yea am soo back, thanks. I guess he is Mr.sean V the super hero..lol

@archiwiz yes it is very good for him, he really enjoyed it and he was glad to see his baby girl.

lol are you asking me, i dunno oo

@tinu awwww thanks :). Na really wa my sista..

@Naijababe lol he is not dulling at all. yea thanks..

@Suliph lol abi everybody for themself.

Insecure about his accent. I was tripping for that accent o, for real. well that is his own sha.

um... i am confused o, was the second comment meant for me.

@Repressed one Amen, bless yours too. Ehen because really i don't understand the philosophical concept of the matter.

The guy is not slacking at all, he is a very nice guy though and i think he is pepper rested. lol yes viagra

@ochuko lol innocent, but a very good question. I really don't know. hahaha yes you right, a powerful suppliment indeed, but he once told me he couldn't feel anything down there.

Yes we are, thanks Ochuko :D

thanks peeps :) ;) :)

chayomao said...

Vitamins = Viagra.
u learn something new everyday

Maiya said...

Aww that's so nice, taking Mr Sean out and all. At least he does fine in the bedroom. As for British Jamaican, I'm a sucker for accents as well, too bad he was so rude.
PS-His daughter no fit visit?

Isabella said...

awww BSNC you too sweeet Oh!!!

I trust you , your the best one could have as an advisor and as a care worker!!!

hope your good hun

Sir Scribbles said...

loved d post o! lol. Mr sean is cracking me up sef. just goes to show dat anyone can get some nookie if they believe lol.

Dante said...

Na wah...2 girlfriends?
How does he manage to do that?
haaa Vitamins gives him wings..lol
I think he is a nice dude.. I like the fact that he has a positive spirit..
BSNC.. You did very well..I thin he needs more of those kinda trips..
Good post..very good post.

miss.fab said...

Lollllll! Ahahn... playa playa! Nothing do him jare, lol

And you know his cousin only wanted an excuse for you to come. In fact go and bring back gist, lol

BSNC said...

@chayoma lol yes we do..

@Maiya thanks :D.. lol um.. i guess so. I know, i was kind of shocked though.
Yes he has issues with his daughter's mum, so she keep her daughter away..

@FlyHigh lol thanks, aww thanks thats a nice thing to say :).
Yes i am good, hope you are good too.

@Sir Scribbles II thanks glad you liked it. lol i guess you are right.. thanks for stopping by..

@Dante lol you are asking the wrong person. lol it gives him wings alright..

Yes he is a very nice man. thanks i hope he he goes out more often too. Thanks :D

@miss fab lol abi. he is not dulling at all. Um... i don't know about that, lets see how it goes. lol you too like gist :)

thanks peeps :) :)

Rebirth said...

awww, how kind of u.... good job on getting him to go for the grad.... he will bever forget that act.... wow, im really happy u did that.....

Sassy Trends said...

Clap for yourself baby gurl,
waoh! Na you biko o. good job you've done for your patient and really that is the essence of living - making great impact in other people's lives.

About his viagra?
werrin concern you self, at least e get people wey dey satisfy his em..em...lol
Dem no dey use that kain thing play o, so just leave Mr. Sean make e enjoy abeg.

Enjoyed this gurl, kept reading allover..


Adaeze said...

Man whats up with all these commenters? I come here 14 hours later and its already full. U are popular!
Anyways, i think its normal for paralyzed people to have sex 2, naturally they need their viagra, lol. But I dont need to be picturing that i beg...
does the 2 girlfriends know of each other?

Roc said...

Like Adaeze said you're TOOOOO popular!!!! No space for Roc again.. whosai!!

I like Mr Sean.. He's a PIMP!!

Glad he got a bit of fresh air and didn't sit in watching you thrash baddies on the PS3.. :D

AliceDCL said...

hmm so vitamins=viagar...lol

proud that u got him outta bed its a great achievement...
how come u werent crying am a big crybaby i am sure i would have been soaked it tears at the end...

get him out for the BBQ i know u can do it.....

Sisem E. Naidem said...

I can't even begin to talk about this guy and his vitamins... What!!!! Guess he's devised another way of bringing the sunshine into his life.
Guess the part I like? Your brother grows older, you grow wiser... LOL...

Sweetnothin' said...

drumroll for me !!...I'm numero 43, lol.

if viagra = vitamin, then whoever made viagra need to make an equivalent for women cos i need some vitamins ASAP

CaramelD said...

I'm glad he left his house for a bit! Probably just takes the viagra for his girl's benefit.....

Lady said...

buhjahhahahh!!! wow....WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!! buhahahahahahah!!!!!!!!...OMG...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! but how???????? THATS IS THE QUESTION!!

Anonymous said...

Tatafo!!!!!!! lol. Na wa for you sha! Them send you make you go pick up medicine, you come dey read viagra. Why he nor send u for condom join? Abi HGF dey bring that one? Hehehehehe. But I still talk am, na tatafo do you. But I still love you sha. lol

Anonymous said...

Sorry jare, na me put the anonymous comment just now. My fone button dey misbehave. lol. BIBI

*BolanleAP* said...

girlieee..when did he get a second girlfriend?? did i miss that post and how is he getting an erection?..plus i guess d man needs to enjoy life abi...good job on getting him to get out of bed! you go girl :)..o and thanks for the birthday wish ;)

~Sirius~ said...

Viagra viatamins.........lol
I can imagine the flood of emotions at that graduation.......

As for the double accent guy........*hisss.

BSNC said...

@funms thanks :D.. i hope he does o cos my back almost break in the process...

@sassy trends kpa kpa kpakpakpa myself..lol. yea i kind of did right :)..

him em em what, finish am now.. i no touch am o. i free am like dbanj say feli.. don't touch it.

thanks glad you liked it..

@adaeze lol who me popular ke, er.. we give God the glory :D. if you say so, i no tell you to picture am o.. Yea the other one knows about the main chic, but the main chic(hgf) don't know about the other chic..

@Roc lol na so, i be ant for where you dey now. Of course you will like him now.. ohh that is what you call fresh air. hmmm ok o.

@BBB lol in this case vitamins equals viagra or you can call it vitamin V..

Thanks, glad i helped him. Why will i cry, ok i was close to sha, but no tears oo. I hope i can, i was lucky the first time.

BSNC said...

@Naughty eyes yes i guess vitamin V is good for his health..lol

lol no be like i talk now. Glad you noticed.

@sweetnothin lol abeg clap for yourself you try.. lol you need some vitamin V or just vitamins..

@CaramelD i am glad too. yea i think so too.

@lady koko lol my sista i no no book o.

@Bibi lol see your big head like tatafo. if na poison dey there nko. i was checking for his own safety.. haba.

@abeni lol yes you missed the post. lol are you asking me, i no no book o. Abi he he should enjoy. lol thanks and you know you are welcome :)

@Sirius more like vitamin V. yes it was wonderful. lol that is his own cup of tea..

thanks peeps

Anonymous said...

hey I am proud of what has happened...but I think that he merely just got an erection from the thoughts of you touching it....although he couldnt feel.

Enkay said...

Yup, they're his VITAMINS alright!! lol!

I'm also wondering why his daughter hasn't seen him in 3 years if they miss each other so much?

cerberus said...

Your karma points just went up. Muy Bueno

Anonymous said...

Oh my God - you are sweet!and I still dont get the paralysis viagra thingie. and two girlfriends!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha thanks a lot. now, I will have to verify that all my vitamins are the right V's.

Tracey Ellle said...

bless ur heart hunni...thanks 4 stoppin by d blog


Bia, BSNC, what kind of 'wash rub down' are you giving this man sotey im come get *ahem* 'long ting'?


Beyond said...

ha.....my 1+1= the man is still doing the dondondon......but like they say, body no be wood.....lol

erection ke?.....abeg take am easy b4 the man go talk say him wan make u be girlfriend no3

HRM said...

hahahahaha...the vitamins na VITAMINS??

BSNC i don milz you sha ooo!

Miss Enigma said...

Lol...this is hilaxx!!! No wonder Solomonsydelle told me to be careful wiv my driving instructor (Full story on my last post Naughty Thoughts)

Dude isn't letting paralysis get in the way of his fun...lol

BSNC said...

@oyin well you maybe right, but me i dunno oo.

@enkay lol nothing like vitamin V. He daughter's mum has a problem with him, so she keep her away from the father..

@cerebus lol thanks..

@temite thanks i try, i am with you on that. i don't know how he does it. lol.. yes two babes, dude is not dulling himself.

@naijagirl lol as long as you don't have vitamin V, you are good to go.

@tracy ellle bless yours too and thanks for stopping by.

@Solomosdyelle lol i no do anything thing, I am innocent of the allegations o.

@Beyond lol true story, body no be wood. Me no 3 ah. i no want o, i dash you.

@HRM lol Vitamin V. milz you too, hope you are good.

@Undercover07 lol yes i read, abeg no mind the agbaya jare..

dude must enjoy himself na, by any means possible.

thanks peeps :) :)


had to come back and read this....lol!

Lady X said...

You're a really kind person.Anyone ever tell you that?

Beulah! said...

Oh Gawd!, Na wa for this Mr Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....old habits die hard!!..lol.

Nice one girl,i've missed reading ur posts...thank God im back

Anonymous said...

even tho i am number 66 i must say this
anonymous u CANNOT be 1st so having said that, i take ma gracious position as number 65 :) lol

awww BSNC u r a good person

lol Viagra?? great
he must love this his gf so much ohhh
to keep doing it evn wen he feels nthn... it must be true luff

lol i kinda noticed that some ppl say accent as a bad thing
u kno like... He's got an 'accent' ie he speaks english in this strange way n am like wth? (my adaptation 4 wtf lol) ohhh well maybe he thot u wer being sarcastic or maybe hes just compliment phobic as u said

nyway hu cares? we love BSNC!!!

Anonymous said...

lol bsnc you will not kill us with your stories. I have been laffing since morning. what a way to start my day

Cidersweet said...

You are "furrrsst" on your blog too? lol.
That was really nice and helpful of you to encourage him to get up.
Have yourself a good, relaxing weekend ko.

seye said...

As i promised.

Wait, Mr Sean still...????????????????????????????????????????

Btw: Mr. Sean's story generates 68comments! That's news o

Ola Dipo said...

lkwmd!!! chei, na wa for you o! you are the funniest blogger i have seen in a long time sha! lol. but your mr sean sef nor try at all. nor be only vitamins. he for specify join. maybe he for say give me vitamin v. at least he for nor be big lie. lol

BSNC said...

@solomosydelle lol glad you did :)

@lady x awww thanks, please tell that to my brothers o..

@beulah lol i guess so. welcome back, its been a while..

@sweetness lol 65th yayyyy. aww thanks. I don't know if he feel anything o. lol he is compliment phobic jo. awwww luff ya too.

@anonymous thanks, glad you liked it that much.

@cidersweet lol am ot first oo. thanks, have a splendid weekend too.

@seye lol finally.. still what, i dunno what you are talkin bout o. lol he is a interesting person.

@plussize Goddess awwww thats sweet of you to say :) :)

lol abi you are right you know.

thanks peeps :) :)

scarletboy said...

even in his state he still wants his "vitamins" that guy seriously needs some jesus LOL
neway a spring bed is in order or what do you think?

Anonymous said...

bsnc come and update na. lemme shout be first again

wink wink

Anonymous said...

this ur mr sean will not kill person oh...vitamins indeed! lol...twas really nice of u 2 take him 2 his daughter's grad...keep it up girl...

Emilia said...

Am loving this place I like your point of veiw...My frist time here

Anonymous said...

lolllllll... wow you're something special sha. If you go to that bbq, watch out for ll cool j cousin...

miz-cynic said...

u no want make bros too enjoy???! abeg o he needs his VVITAMINS.lol

Penelope...! said...

ahhh dis mr sean is a bad guy!! "smh"
Vitamins kor.
Keep convincin him to go out more often tho. ould b gud for him

Mz. Eniola said...

im goin to be stalking u now! ahn ahn! how i take reach 78?????????/ ahn ahn! i dey vex oo! LMAO! @ Mr.sean LMAO! "vitamins" hahahahah! i need to meet him! hed be a character! lool! pple dat are compliment Phobic annoy me o! hiss! liek cnt u smile even if it is fake eh!

BSNC said...

@scarlet boy lol he already has jesus. i no no book o...lol

@anonymous lol i just updated.

@justdoyin lol he has no idea i know its vitamin V.. thanks i will try..

@emilia thanks alot and thanks for stopping by.

@Miss lowlah awww thanks. lol i sure will....

@miz-cynic lol make im dey carry dey go. i am not stopping him o.

@penelope lol not only a bad guy, he is a pimp..lol. i will try..

@Mz. Eniola lol i dunno oo. Abeg no vex, coolo coolo coolo temper(like lagbaja will say)

lol he is a character, you sure you want to me him. make im no come toast you join. lol i tire for the guy jare..

thanks peeps :):)

Tairebabs said...

vitamins indeed..hahaha....I hate that viva viagra ad...the way they sing it! Most people with accents don't like being told they have accents because most times they don't even know they have one. Others (like moi..lol) are just sick of hearing "nice accent".

Beulah said...

I'm commenting almost 3years after the post and I'm happily First from behind:) Mr Sean na action man, no dulling o! lol
just stumbled to your blog yesterday and I'm hooked! off to read more!!